How do I make contact with Dantalion/Amon/Sitri?

I need help. I want to contact Dantalion/Amon/Sitri! The thing is I am not sure how. could anyone please help me explain, could we go through it together?


Hi Mulberry I am thanking you. I have no asked for spell just…advice on how to understand the book. I wish to try tonight. Can I post my experiences someplace?

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Alrighty, now we have a nice clean space to discuss, what book are you working with?

Honestly as a new mage, I suggest using this tutorial below, and simply using plain, beginner friendly sigil magick.

Try this:

  1. Cleanse your energy and your room. I like Robert Bruce’s way, or smudging.
  2. Get into a mild trance.
  3. Draw the sigil of [insert entity name here] on paper. Open it according the these instruction, which you have been given more than once before, so I know you know this. How To Start Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want - Become A Living God
  4. Make your request of Bune with the sigil open
  5. Fold the sigil and place it, still open, hidden in a book and forget about it.
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with sitri. I would say start with simple things > create a playlist of seductive love songs , overtly sexual .
Start by accepting deep truths about yourself and ask him to take away all masks that you wear Infront of others and yourself .
What are your passions or hobbies ? Involve him in them, ask him to fill you with his passion. Dedicate that to him thereafter. If you’re dating or looking to date, put yourself out there and ask sitri to help you find accepting and loving people. Ask him for guidance when you feel at your rock bottom. He uplifts his followers when they are down and don’t know how to get up. Set an altar to him, small or big. If you can’t no biggie. Im just giving out suggestions! Create your own prayer to them!! I have and mine works so beautifully for the aspects im praying to him for to implant in my life . Give him offerings of sexual fluids or blood (optional ) never need to do that. It’s for me sacred to connect with lustful spirits like this . Lust is power and ive come to see that through sitri. All in all these are simple everyday things to connect you to sitri at the least .

I have several books. Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking, The miracle of new avatar power, Demons of magick…words of power/greater words of power.

I can’t see or hear demons so I don’t know if they want to help me/what they want…How soon I will get my wish

Hi, thank you for your advice.
There is one person in particular…I do not wish for meeting of random people. I want what I want! As soon as possible, too…

Go with Duke Zepar then. You can do similar things I mentioned about connecting with sitri with them as well. I strongly believe they are the one for the job< They bring in people fast. If done correctly!

One particular person!

  • And correctly…All I can think of, is trying to open the sigil. follow the pathworking instructions again, maybe the very complicated rituals in the book demons of magick

I was just thinking about something. Late last night I have tried this (not the demons of magick book yet) but Goetia pathworking and sigil of Dantallion, Amon, and Agaras I have asked for sign.
Earlier this morning I saw worms on the sidewalk (weird maybe but it’s been very cold and it’s the first time! I put them in a safe place! Worms are my fave animals! this person and I…Adopted worms on a string together, he is the fahter (And yes we are young) but could this be a sign?

I am going to try that tonight, thank you.

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what kind of progress is there?

On not seeing and hearing the spirits, E. A. Koetting once talked about that. For example it’s possible to use one of these incantations

Or just address a request to an appropriate entity. But you may also have a daily meditative and/or ritual routine, incorporating visualization; this helps with clairvoyance.
For clairaudience, especially after having “opened” a sigil (by gazing at it) if you ask a question to the spirit you’ll have thoughts, perhaps notice some external event etc., that’s the answer and, by keeping practicing, your perception of the answers will improve.

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Well I do own a copy of the book demons of magick. I want to attempt the ritual, in seriousness and for real. But I have tried something else last night. Instead of the whole song and dance, I tried it simple: to begin with.
I drew sigils with a sharpie on a post it and talked to them, as if they were there. I told them who I was. What I needed. Somewhere on a different forum I read, they appreciate an offering (even before a working).
So I gave my blood, smeared on the drawn sigil and an offering of a drink. I’m not a born medium (my other friend ‘Jim’, can see and hear them. He told me just like 2 days ago that they visited him. They talked about me to him - also other things of course.
The reason I can’t make contact yet is because it’s too soon. I’m not ready and need more time (according to them) but yes they are willing to work with me. I believe Jim (I never asked him to talk to them on my behalf!) They know me, are aware of me, and likely know what I want. Now, it’s up to me. I may focus less on seeing them ultimately it’s up to them. Even Jim said, when he saw one…it changed him. and I bet he was scared.
They are aware of me and hear me/are not opposed to working with me. I said I’m not a medium, but I’m intuitive. I can’t focus that or control it. If you asked me, how do the demons feel about you and your requests: I’d say the first thought that pops up is: they are slightly amused by me. They are not unwilling! I know this could be a coincidence but I asked just late last night…If they hear me, accept my request…send me worms. Yes, actual worms. They have a special meaning to me. It’s very cold here and it’s been a looong time since I’ve seen any. So I went to the store this morning and guess. Worms. (I picked up each and every one from the sidewalk or street and put them in a safe place)
So I want to double my efforts. They don’t work instantaneously…This is also…sort of a test for me to see if I can do it. I do want my desired outcome very much. But working with them, will be the ultimate test.
Patience is…ugh. Nothing else happens, may keep a journal to write about my journey wiht demons.

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In my case, the INTENT is everything
Just get that part right;)

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Good tip! in the end, that is what powers the whole thing, without a strong will for this to work, why try? :slight_smile:
The thing is to kinda let go of wanting to see results.

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There was a guy that was very rude to me for months.
One night I don’t remember what he said something and I just got mad and whispered “Glasya Labolas teach him a lesson”
With strong intend, almost as an command with a respect since I read that Glasya can be dangerous especially in traffic…
I said it with intent, no mantras or circles and no ritual

A day or two later he had a car crash, he survived but for some reason after that he’s nice to me


wow that sure is powerful. Did you already have a connection with Glasya Labolas before you asked him for his help, or you just called on him when your emotion got to that point?
I’m hearing many different things. That they’re more willing to help if you have an altar, leave offerings, it certianly won’t hurt, so I’ve been doing that.

(I’m glad the guy lived and boy did he learn his lesson huh)

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Hmm not directly, somebody from this forum did a ritaul for me with Glasya Labolas for something completely diffrent. I would read about him as I do about other spirits.

And how do you feel? Do what resonates with you.
Some stuff I found here just wouldn’t work for me no matter how much work I put in but some times I just calm down, focuse and “freestyle” (meaning concentrate on the spirit, speak from the heart and say what I need). Mostly I feel something and get the results sometimes it just doesen’t work.
It’s that authority and respect that I lack sometimes.