Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Hello anyone.

It has been a problem for me for long time to act on my will. It feels like I’m bound (victim of binding spell). Can someone here do divination to see if it’s the case?


Hello fellow BALG-ers,

Can anyone do a reading on why my clairaudience is not ‘tuned’ so that I can hear spirits when evoked?

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I pulled a card for you and got Foundation. This is an Earth element card.

I believe this is saying the ground on which the things your will is focused on is not stable.

You have to build a firmer foundation for your desires. Look into the history, the past that feeds into your desires and why you want things, and then look at things that eat away at destroy foundations and undermine your inner strength.

I might add, as a qigong person here, Water is the element that turns Earth into sloppy mud that flows and conforms to other’s patterns… look for wateriness that could be undermining and washing away your resolve. Water is an advantageous and very strong energy but you don’t want too much.


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So I pulled you a card, and I get Luna. The Moon. Basically, “it’s complicated”.

Luna is linked to time and tides, so there’s an element of “not now, now yet”, but also “casts a shadow of confusion, depth and illusion” over the reading. There’s more to the story.

I’m taking that to say, "one card isn’t going to cut it"… they want to talk, so let’s pull … I’m getting popouts so I’ll run with it:

What does @SEEKING_HELP need to do to become clairaudient?

Death. (As in, Ending.)
Creator of Time. This means incubation. A card that says deep and powerful forces are at work, creating a new path of fate.
Grindstone. Lots of hard work. A very practical card.

Basically, put to rest your ideas that this was going to be cheap, quick or easy, you know what to do and are already doing it, now comes the grind of daily practice to incubate and develop your ability. It’s already there in embryo form and you must diligently nurture it.


It was very well defined and the reading was done very efficiently considering the time I asked my question. That brought some clarity to me.

I’m still lost as to the duration needed of practicing. I’ve been trying on and off for two months now.

I wonder can I ask the question of: “How many time is left until my clairaudience is tuned so that I may hear spirits?”

The above question is not only in regards to yourself, Mulberry, but anybody that wish answer. Saying that because I dont want to irritate yourself being that you’ve already done a reading for me.


This is one of these things than can bee weeks for some people and years for others, and cards are bad at numbers. I have heard that just trying to get it faster, and focusing on the distance to go rather then the experience itself, makes it take even longer.

Having said that, I feel like you don’t have to go the whole way to full clairs before you get intuitive info on your own status that tells you this… Robert Bruce teaches Kundalini is a way that’s intense but gets you there in three days: it’s three days of water fasting and many hours of sustained meditation after you warmed up for a week with his exercises, but if you can do that it should open up your mind to intuition and info you want.

And then you come back down again, and have to do it again, and again, and every time it gets better and stronger and it starts to stay raised. That’s probably a good year of sustained intense work. Now factor that over what you spend, plus the idea that without the sustained building over several hours you relax back from a small raised energy to a tiny raised energy every day, and you see why it takes so long.

It’s not even a marathon: it’s a 100 mile ultramarathon: don’t look at the finish line, find other ways to communicate like trusting your clairsentience and remote viewing, and then it’s one more mile, one more mile, for on average, so they say, a decade. That’s where I’m at too, and I’ve been a slow runner who took a whole lot of detours and rest stops :smiley:


I’d like to request help with physical healing. I’m currently in the middle of stem cell/membrane being placed in my wound to speed up with the healing. This is my 8th week and for some reason this week there was no progress. I have asked Pachdiel (a healing Angel) for assistance and even tho the wound didn’t progress this week, other health issues I had improved.
I’d appreciate any help.
The wound is on my coccyx.
Many blessings to you all.


I’d like to help with separation spells
(not reconciliation)
And with Job finding.

MY QUESTION IS… If a spell requires the purchase of some materials, like candles, oils, etc… Is it wrong to ask the petitioner to collaborate with that, or does that comes from the helpers’ pocket?

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This is a request thread for free work, so any materials used are on a volunteer basis. Many of us only use materials when we performs rituals for others, (I sure don’t waste candles for me :rofl::blush::woman_shrugging:) many of us won’t work with any tools and many of us won’t work without their favorite type of candle, so it’s entirely up to whoever decides to work for you and what they decide to.

You make a request and someone else if they feel they can meet it does the working.

That’s it, your worry about cost should only be in regards to what it is costing you to post a picture of a ritual you did for someone else.

Balgers aren’t allowed to advertise their businesses and this has nothing to do with balg owners so it’s all free and voluntary both ways.

There is no guarantee whoever chooses your request , if anyone does, that they will even use materials of any sort, they could (theoretically) very well explain how they dropped into a deep trance, traveled down a hole in the ground and then shoved a daisy in your spiritual heart…or they may use materials or do rituals you’d never heard of as many of us do our own work.

They only have to describe what they did or post images of the ritual of understand, so I don’t think there’s even any guarantee of what materials will be used, I know mine differ every time I do something.

So don’t worry about it, it’s non factor as if someone can’t afford to light candles for you, they shouldn’t do it :slight_smile:

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@SEEKING_HELP I’m sorry but the rules at the top of this thread ask that we make only one Request per person. I have removed your 2nd request for now.

@DarkestKnight, you own this thread, so it’s your rule… if you have a different take or choose to make an exception don’t mind me :slight_smile:


.oooook thanks for clarifying. In my case I’m not advertising anything since I do not make a living out of performing magick for others and I do not intend to.

Having said that…

If anyone needs a separation spell or find a job, I’m willing to help. Here to help

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I understand the concern, and I thank you for considering helping!.. it’s not wrong, but it’s against the rules: ALL work done through the public forum on BALG must be absolutely FREE, free.

Not even payment in kind such as reviews/testimonials is allowed, and we do not provide reviews, although feedback is appreciated for those publicly practicing to help us improve, it is optional.

When you see a request that you would like to practice on, feel free to pick it up and work it. :smiley:


It’s generally easier imop, to watch the thread or track it (down at the bottom there are several options) some people will take a look and see you are offering and others will just hit reply and never see that’s been help offered :slight_smile:

As a side note @DruzyBB I see your request, I can do a ritual for you soon, my schedules full for today. :slight_smile:

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Yeeeah I got that part clear. Thank you for taking time to elaborate more.

Alright, this past wasn’t clear yet

Thanks :+1:


Welcome back @spiritseeker. Before asking for members to do magick for you, please follow the rules of this forum and properly introduce yourself here..

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Can someone do a money spell for me

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Hello. Any medium/clairvoyant or anyone with any kind of ability can help to identify a hex and what I could do to remove it please?

Only thing I know for sure is who did it.

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I’m so desperately need some help to break a curse please somone help me it’s trying to kill me please

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Hey there, @Shay_Avnaim Before you make any more posts, please properly introduce yourself as you were asked to do once already. It is a rule of this forum and required. **CLICK here and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick.

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