Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Hello everyone! With incense, the daily pronunciation of Anne Demon. I can’t contact: Lucifer, Bune, Mammon, clouneck, Moloch, Baal. Sigils on the body, meditation, sigils with blood, candles with demonic sigils, anointing candles with blood, incense. That’s not how it works. Perhaps, if you want, contact one of the demons described for me to draw attention to me. The task for me is to get the devotion of the dark forces. And get their daily support in business/finance/work! Become a devotee.
thx :money_mouth_face::imp:

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Why do you say this part? Is it because you can’t communicate with them or haven’t noticed them or something else?

Are your senses developed? I’ve found if I do work and put in the intent, even before I could sense spirits or get any kinds of clear communication the spirits could indeed still hear me, and I got results.

Can you clarify this statement, this sounds like you want them devoted to you, rather than you devoted them? Or something of mutual devotion, like you might have in a really good relationship?

If this is the case, even if for some reason you can’t do anything but look at their sigil on this forum on your phone, you should do this yourself.

A place of devotion in either case is going to come from a strong bond, a sense of trust, knowing each other etc.

I hear people develop this with entities but I have not. I have a few that I like a lot and several that seem to favor me, but short of my servitors and hga I don’t have any entity that I know without a doubt will be 100% forthcoming with me.

Too often I’ve experienced the well if you want to this you need to recognize the dangers, need to be to help yourself, need to be able in my own right,.

Because of this I’ve had times where I swore something was going on and the entities I called did not do anything to help, let me go through things because they thought I need to and times where it seemed like no matter how hard I called they weren’t coming.

So I’m not entirely sure what you are looking to gain, but some people do claim to have this type of relationship with entities. I do think it’s something that is going to be a long term endeavor on your part however and not something someone else needs to do for you.


Do you drink coffee? Like at all? I ask because I’ve found it makes a really powerful cleansing bath and it’s pretty easy to disguise what you’re doing with it.

I’ll brew a pot and just take a cup with me into the bathroom and when my bath is ready I’ll dump it in.

I’ve had people say they didn’t drink coffee or they couldn’t do that because it was weird or they didn’t have a bath tub.

This can be negated by purchasing a cup at the local conscience store, dumping it over your head in the shower or using a spritz bottle.

The idea is to imagine the coffee is actually cleansing your aura and energetic bodies while you bathe or when you spray it all over. Pretty much the same as most cleansing baths.

If you can visualize great, if you can’t you can probably imagine it in some other way, like I use words, I tell myself what the actions are doing to direct the energy, but all of your senses are valid for imagination to help direct your intent and basically cause the bad shit to flow off of you.

You can use salt baths, same premise but you should be aware and stay hydrated as salt baths can dehydrate you.

I don’t recommend doing it only once, it sounds like you have an ongoing problem, everything from your mind to your emotions need a little help, so I’d try to do a round of it and then do it once in awhile as maintenance.

Like most people like numbers of 7,9, 13 days. I know you said you were broke, so that might not be realistic, even for something for a coffee bath so you might need or even want to get creative and do a different type each day.

I have a tendency to do this, instead of being the same. The same exact bath will build up a strong intent towards what you’re getting rid of, but mixing it up adds other herbs and elements to help and that energies can be drawn upon.

Like garlic, sage, salt, and coffee come to mind for protection. Each is very different so their energies and how they work could be a little different.

Bay, Basil, and Sage come to mind for banishing.

Lavender, clove and oregano are antiseptic.

I do make baths with a mixture of herbs, I find them more pleasant to my nose and mind. I also use entirely teas and kitchen herbs. I struggle to use enough of any to be worth bulk buying except for clove so it just makes the most economical sense to pull them from my kitchen as needed.

You could and maybe should also do a cord cutting and learn some sort of banishing with protection built into it to help protect your mind and energy from incoming mail thoughts and intent.

I like the circle banishing by Woodcroft and the Sword Banishing by Brand.

Otherwise honestly I think when you are being attacked the best thing we can do is empower ourselves.

If you are sick and weak and get punched in the stomach by a body builder, you may die or rupture organs or at the very least be in a lot of pain.

If you are fit and healthy and work out so your muscles are strong, even if you’re not also a body builder, that same punch isn’t going to be as bad. Your muscle will help deflect it and protect your organs.

If you are a huge assed body builder getting punched by a huge assed body builder, well. That’s just not really anything anyone would worry about it, right?

So shoot to become stronger than the body builder, so that when someone is throwing a punch your direction, it doesn’t really matter. Let them break their knuckles on your abs of steel, ya know?

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Can anybody help me with a reading please? If it’s not a lot . And thank you very much.

@S_T_N Please read the OP. No PM’s.

Oh sorry my bad.

This is still the correct place for requests. Please read the OP, no PMs.

I’m sorry but we really don’t encourage you to attract scammers by asking for PMs at all. BALG is open to the entire web and you are inviting random to join just to try to scam you. Your post has been edited to remove the request to PM, please don’t do that on BALG.

Feel free to look at people’s profiles and PM them if they offer services there, that way you will have their post history and some idea of skill level.

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I am only seeing this now. I don’t know why I didn’t get the notifications sooner. Thank you for these great suggestions. I am a tea person but I do have a lot of coffee at home! I will definitely try this. Thank you!

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Dear Ladys and Gentlemans of BALG .

Some of you know me some of you are new here.

I had for a short period of time an idea in me that i should use my channel capabilitys as a service for ONE PERSON only as of now.

I want to see if my stuff works for my Client be it personal, ascension,Alchemy, Spirit contact, if it helps or if it is potent so i see on wich level i am.

And where i must work on myself in that regards if innefective.

So if you are interested in Alchemy and Infernal power ,please consider this offering.


I may need your help with an entity like that! Sounds very fitting!!!


For you the rite shall be peformed around 4 seperate days each day one time at the end of the last day give your blood on the channeled sigil and hide than somewhere save.If you have the feeling the alchemy is done either still have it or burn it but the burn or destroy part is optional youll only do it if it is accurate for you.

○Perire te Sargatanas excelsi!1time
○Voco te Sargatanas excelsi!6times
○Liftoach Pandemonium Demonicum et Germinet Sargatanas Excelsi!13times
State 5times:
Sargatanas i (Magical Name)call you forth ,that thou transmogrifys my being, and so trough your alchemy and that with mine my sexual Attraction and Charisma heightens exponentionally to attract the opposite sex and also any woman that i find desirable finds me sexually desirable, permanently!
○Invoco Res Extensa Sargatanas!7times

//Take a glas milk in your right hand envision around it and in its molecules a black flame for the purpose of absorption//

Put it near your mouth and recite the alchemycal mantras!

//Let the energy absorb//

than exclaim

○Salvete Sargatanas excelsi!6times
○Salvete me (Magical Name)5 times

Drink it, offer a dragonsblood incense in his name(Or you can also do it before the rite starts).
You can include his sigil in this rite for presence and at the last operation day of the whole process give your sexual fluids besides your blood on it.

:vampire:t2: LUX :snake: ANGUIS :bat:


Has requested it and this working is dedicated now to the public for infernal use!


Have fun!:love_you_gesture::zap::fire::heart_on_fire: