Perfect Eternal Possession

What is perfect eternal possession ?.

Now as we know there are five stages of possession there is also a stage in possession called ’ Perfect Eternal Possession '. There is a rare stage of possession and it requires a whole lot of work. This is basically when you have a spirit / entity that you are extremely close to and this being is inside of you forever basically.

Now this shouldn’t be done just for fun or for the sake of it, on the contrary i would say the closest spirit your with should be implemented in this, for example.

  • Your Godform.

  • Your Spirit Lover

  • Your spirit guide

  • Your Patron or Matron deity.

These are some examples of the types of spirits that i would suggest in doing this with, i will WARN YOU, only do this with a spirit that you know you want within you forever, because when you enter this stage of possession it is permanent.

This is a merger the individual and the spirit become one literally, lets say you do it with Lilith, then realize that you will take on her attributes, think about all the spirits qualities do you want that type of essence in your psyche will it benefit you, have you worked with the spirit for years and will you continue to do so.

When i did this with Lucifer i worked with Lucifer for 10 years prior to doing this, i even found out he was my Godform through a whole lot of work that i will post below.

Why did i do perfect eternal possession with my Godform ?.

I took the Godform stage and went deep into it like no other individual I’ve seen i came to understand our Godform is another version of us, that are both us and external at the exact same time.

Our Godform’s are waiting for us to merge with them so that’s what i did i merged with Lucifer, then i deepened the merger to the extent of perfect eternal possession and spirit merger.

I cannot stress enough that you need to really think about this, meditate on it, because this isn’t a joke, and i honestly can’t see this type of act being undone.

What is it like to be perfectly eternally possessed ?.

It has it’s pros and it has its cons, for example when i used to do drugs Lucifer kicked my ass and made me quit, if i now go and reach for some drugs two things can happen, either he’ll torment me to teach me a lesson for taking that substance or he could take control of my body without me allowing him and make me throw that substance away.

All i have to do these days is drop my mind tune inward and in literally a second Lucifer will be talking to me, while i’m walking or while i’m doing something mundane, he is constantly present.

I literally get asked for advice and sometimes, i’ll start giving advice then afterwards i’ll be like WTF, from realizing how wise, intelligent and profound it really is, then Lucifer will just laugh, so it’s hard discerning the difference between your actions and the actions of the spirit.

I even feel the power of both me and Lucifer flowing through me, bare in mind this isn’t a buffet you can’t pick and choose what aspect’s of the spirit you want, you either go big or go home.

I literally have both the light bringer and illuminated Lucifer within me, but i also have his dark infernal chaotic essence within me, i have his good and bad aspects, i can’t choose, just like a partner you must accept them for both their perfections and imperfections.

I know this sounds crazy but to be completely honest on how it feels, i am Conner but i am Lucifer, i know that sounds a bit egotistical but its the truth, no point in sugar coating it.
I am literally two forces, two beings, two intellects merged into one organism.

How did i achieve this ?.

It wasn’t easy at all, it took years of preparatory immersion into Lucifer, i learn’t all his forms and all his names. I learn’t what other cultures he’s infiltrated and what masks he’s worn.

I worked with all his masks, i came to understand all Lucifer’s aspects as.

  • God Of Aquarian Magick

  • Lord Of The Trident

  • The Light Bringer.

  • The Black Dragon.

  • Bringer Of Fire.

  • Lord Of The Air.

  • Emperor Of The Infernal Empire.

  • Embodiment Of True Light.

  • Embodiment Of True Darkness.

  • The Morning Star.

  • The Evening Star.

Above are just a few of his aspects i then had to work with his other mask.

  • Prometheus: the Bringer of Fire

  • Melek Taus: the Peacock Angel

  • Attar: the Son of the Dawn

  • Shemyaza: the Serpent Angel

  • Samael: the Prince of Darkness

  • Lucifuge Rofocale: the Lord of the Night

  • Lugh: the Shining One

  • Shiva: the Lord of the Trident

  • Azazel: the Lord of Transgression

  • Pan: the Horned One

  • Janus: the Keeper of the Gates

  • Loki: The Chaotic One

These are just some examples of the masks I’ve worked with that Lucifer has taken over the span of interacting with humanity.

Once doing all this i had to work with every aspect and mask and form of Lucifer by invoking, evoking and getting possessed by each one. I would then move on to Lucifer himself which is the combination of all his mask and forms into one entity.

I had basically a workout plan almost :joy:, it went like this.

  1. Get a Ram Skull Vessel prepare it for Lucifer.

  2. Next dedicate a whole Altar to Lucifer.

  3. Next summon the blanket manifestation of Lucifer then infuse that on to the Altar.

  4. Next summon Lucifer to a physical manifestation and anchor nd house him into the Ram Skull as a vessel.

  5. Next give blood to the vessel.

  6. Next give a offering of food and wine to the altar.

  7. Next draw energetic sigil all over the altar and open them.

  8. Next perform a litany of Lucifer.

  9. Next vibrate all Lucifer’s names as a act of dedication and as a act to increase the manifestation of Lucifer.

  10. When leaving the altar leave incense and a candle burning witha offering.

  11. Play a audio recording of Lucifer’s enn and music.

  12. Pray everyday to Lucifer.

  13. Communicate with Lucifer through repeating his enn and rosuing him in the vessel.

  14. Meditate on Lucifer and continue on prayer, dedication and offering and learning from Lucifer.

Sounds a lot right ? … I did all that in one week and i would repeat the process over and over. I even had my apprentice going to the altar giving offerings and giving prayer to Lucifer to aid me in my endeavors.

Now doing that intense working, was nothing really, i ended up having a lot of poltergeist activity as you could imagine, the corner of that room was next to my bed so i was always exposed to Lucifer which is the idea. Needless to say his presence was anchored, stabilized and empowered to such a huge degree.

I then would do a lot of different rites with Lucifer, like internal alchemy, meditation and kunda yoga using Lucifer energy, possession, invocation, evocation, envocation, soul travel, luciferian energy work, reciting litanies of Lucifer, working with the planets and elements associated with Lucifer.

I even repeated the merging rite twice, then once i was totally prepared, i performed possession after possession, merging after merging. I did this without exorcism, without grounding, without banishing and without cleansing as i was instructed.

I then did loads of other crazy shit, then through this process BOOM, Lucifer fully and completely possessed and merged with me. However i still meditate in front of his sigil and vessel i still give offerings, i still do rituals and mantra’s with Lucifer, to deepen the connection.


My life hasn’t been the same since, there are countless benefits to this depending on the spirit, i must tell you that words cannot describe, how it feels.

This takes years of dedication, focus, time, willpower, strength and endurance, please don’t jump into this it isn’t a ritual you can do over night, it is a process even Ea Koetting states that perfect possession is rare, and in some cases he warns against it.

So do i, because the spirit must mean something to you, you must learn and study and evoke, and invoke etc, that spirit. Don’t just rush into it and take your time you’ll find the spirit right for you.

This has hardly been heard and i know of only another individual who has done this, this is something many groups saw to be impossible and many believe to be possible but don’t know where to start hopefully, this helps you a bit.

I cannot give specific rites for you to do because it’s depending on the spirit you pick, you and that spirit will work together and it will take time but in the end you will become one, just like us.

Hope this helps you all.


L - Conner Kendall



Thanks for sharing friend.

Its like a marruag of male / female your permanantly becoming androgynous?


I have a question. I am a beginner, have been for about a year now because I don’t take meditating all that often too seriously. I am loyal to Lucifer, Satan, and Lilith. I just evocated Lucifer into my room and he appeared all black, like a shadow spirit. I asked him to show me his insignia that I would recognize and he showed me and he stood six or seven feet tall (I was sitting) and he looked down at me and I caught a glimpse of piercing red eyes. I asked him if he was trying to scare me and he laughed and went from black to a bright orange, fiery type of silhouette. We talked and I asked him about possession. I wanted to have him combine his essence with me and we be one and I will get a tattoo of his sigil to boost his power and it will prove our pact. He didn’t speak much about it almost like he was thinking about it and I wanted to know , what do I need for a possession ritual and why did he appear as two different energies? (Black vs orange)

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Sorry it took me so long but I made it!

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Very enlightening

Nice work,
and much of it feels similar to some of the work i’m processing myself.

Such as this:

But for the sake of sticking to your Topic,
i’d have a personal question there:

I couldn’t find much on Lugh so far,
even tho i know he’s been worshipped in Ireland.

Lugh resonates with me for a long time now,
and when i expierienced a merge between me and Lucifer,
i didn’t think much of it,
since quickly after that,
i found a picture of him being merged witrh one of my formes:

Which i would consider a merge between Lucifer and Anubis,
and probably having a strong Melek Taus aspect.

Now Lugh,
for me, seems more like this:

But it somehow doesn’t match up.
The emotional pattern is way to full of sorrow and loss,
and sadness.

Lugh, to me always seemed to be associated with happiness,
and laughter.

Maybe you can help me understand that better.

Thank you in advance.




Ok, i understand better.

This sounds a lot like a full Deep Trance Identification ritual in NLP, with a more permanent type of perceptual position shift.

I also have a spirit i’ve been told has been sending me avatars, and i’ve done the same type of background work with her that you have with Lucifer.

However, i’ve put off any and all possession type rituals because i don’t want to let just anyone into my head.

I only want to let ONE spirit in at first, and maybe only one at all.

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I will check my n o res when I get home and type up what I find of our experience. We have including him in one of the solstice celebrations we were doing.
He was light essence as far as I recall. But not like Lucifer

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I reset my wand first. I must be protected even by those who are spontaneously healed by Ashala but have not forgotten.

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Well damn. I still not found it.!

This may take awhile I’ll look through more of the my stuff after Mondays ritual

You make this sound so much more complex than it is. Pick a spirit you like and have it eat you. You will form a third greater than the sum of its parts.

How do I know this? Im about 3 years into mine (it is still not complete but at this point not a week can pass that im not suprised by my new skills). I call it a “self possession” or a “merge”.

Also the warnings are real. Dont do this if you arent prepared to die. You must die before you can transform to being something greater. It takes (at least by my methods) a large toll on the body and mind of the magician. Ive seen it fail in countless people unaware of what is happening to them, and ive been warned death of the body is a strong possibility. You basically destroy yourself and then rebuild from nothing. Some people can not handle that they are nothing.


I made the mistake of taking drugs after I became perfectly possessed by him as well, do you know if drinking some alcohol is alright with him? Don’t want to make another mistake

You should read Conner’s history with him and how he got over addiction. I wouldn’t advise drugs or alcohol. With him. I have a completely different relationship with him. I have slipped and drank too Much and didn’t even get the buzz just the hangover the next day.

If you fully merged with him how can you distinct between what is your will and his?

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