My Godform - Lucifer's Journey

A few years back i did heavy workings with Lucifer, Lucifer was very pushy trying to get me to a sort of realization, which i didn’t understand when i did understand i suffered and suffered and entered the dark night of my soul again for a third time.

I was looking into Godform’s what they are how they work, the mechanics, how to find one’s godform and how to merge with your godform.

I worked with Thoth, Azazel, Odin, Lucifer, Shiva etc, they taught me everything, how to find your godform, how to connect with it and how to then eternally merge with it.

I came to the understanding that my Godform was Lucifer, i however didn’t ant to believe this because i didn’t believe i was worthy enough, i believed it could have been my ego …

Lucifer turned my life upside down until i accepted he was my Godform, so i did Tarot readings, Rune Readings and it all checked out i then went into heavy research, to understand the signs that lucifer was my godform.

  1. I am Aquarius - The Age Of Lucifer was also being called the age of Aquarius.

  2. Lucifer himself told me he was my Godform

  3. A Luciferian said " I feel as if Lucifer sometimes talks through you to guide me ".

  4. Both rune readings and tarot readings checked out too

  5. When me and @Aluriel used to video call eachother, we came up with a experiment i channeled Lucifer and told him show us a sign that he was indeed my godform.

The camera acted weird i had red all around me that Aluriel could see attach to my face and morph my appearance to change into Lucifers face.

  1. Lucifer fucked my life up and repaired as soon as i accepted what was so obvious.

  2. I then had to look deeper i contacted My Ancestors and My Guides they all agreed, but i was still Naive and didn’t want to believe it.

  3. Lucifer then started massive poltergeist activity because i wasn’t working on my Godform.

  4. Lucifer then started entering my dreams showing me revelations

  5. Then My Spiritual father Pherishel ’ The Crooked Man ’ gave me big synchronicity

    i asked how was able to defy my will he said

" Binding me is like binding the name of God in chains ", Then @Lady_Eva pointed out this was from the translation of the Universal circle which also states " The house is with Samael ", the one form of Lucifer, this was given to me by my own spiritual father i explained this to Lady Eva and about Lucifer being my godform as she said she didn’t believe it to be just coincidence.

So what did i do next ?

Well i summoned Lucifer and said " I accept you as my godform what’s next ".

He told em now we must merge and be one for eternity, so i and Lucifer created a potent Merging ritual, i stood in Lucifer’s circle, then i summoned 11 gnostic forms and masks of lucifer.

  • Pan

  • Prometheus

  • Samael

  • Melek Taus

  • Azazel

  • Shiva

  • Janus

  • Attar

  • Shemyaza

  • Lugh

  • Lucifuge Rofacle

The 11 beings stood around me as solid as i was and in front of me was Lucifer.

I got possessed and merged with 11 of masks my body was breaking i felt like i was about to explode, this was too much i had 11 beings insdie me then my astral form would change for example …

My astral form shifted into a horned being then i said " I accept i am Pan the horned one ".

I did this with all 11 beings then Lucifer fully possessed me complete perfect possession, i then used the incantation of spiritual merging, i cannot describe the feeling of how i felt it’s like being in your mothers womb again and reborn over and over and high speed.

I blacked out, when i woke my body was in severe pain, but i rose and felt more empowered and more ME, i’ll never forget that ritual, even @Einar02 was there to watch over the proceedings.

So that’s my Godform experience.


Conner Kendall.


Wow… it seems to me that you’re walking through the “eating of the gods” that was spoken about for a couple of Pharoahs in ancient Egypt, but not as a common part of even royal coffin texts.

There’s not a lot of literature on this, and because you have no lore laid down to follow, no human mentors, it’s not been easy for you at all, you’ve not had any framework or any kind of peer support as such, except us nutters when you found us. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Btw I’m only sharing the historical thing because I know some people are going to be reading this and going “yeah right dude” but it is a FACT that culture understood, and drafted pathworkings for the few individuals called to it.)

The Cannibal Hymn to Pharaoh Unis.

Cool! :+1:


Damn interesting concept …

Definitely wasn’t easy and had to do it all alone but thanks haha …

Was well worth it


So glad you shared this ! Inspires me to share my journeys with my godform too. We have been on a lot of wild adventures haven’t we brother ? With wilder ones to come :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s amazing and this inspires me so much! It’s great to know that your godform is Lucifer and I work with him!

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Can you @C.Kendall or @Lady_Eva explain what it means that Lucifer is your Godform? I was in understanding that your Godform Is yourself and that you can ascend to be a God? When I read this I understand that you can merge with a divine being like Lucifer or other beings. Maybe I misinterpreted. I would like to know more :slight_smile:

Congrats by the way, seems like a very powerful ritual.


In simplification;
Your godform is your essence as a full being. When you’re on earth you’re the small part of it, the consciousness that merges with physical body. (your “full” godform resides in the spirit world) When you die your spirit (this part of your godform) comes back to it and merges. And over, and over - it means your godform is a group of your reincarnated selves and at the same time it is all of them as one being. Of course, it is not only your selves/spirits but also it is something more - it can merge with other spirits, elements, aspects etc.

You can merge with external beings that may or may not be a part of you. But what Kendall did, was that he have merged with being that he was really all this time (his godform) but he did it consciously. It was more like he have returned home, his real potential (part of godform to godform)
I think this is it, but that’s my limited understanding.

At the beginning I didn’t believe that people’s godforms can be such a powerful beings or “incarnated gods”. I was very skeptical that these beings would have some important reasons to incarnate on earth. But my recent experiences have demolished this view.

People often don’t know how great power they’re hiding within themselves.
Regardless of whether they can be these “known deities” on earth or not. The potential is unlimited.


Thank you @Sha for the explanation I understand it now :slight_smile:

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Hey @C.Kendall, I wonder if I may share a curiosity that your posts have brought to light again for me,
Firstly, congratulations, your magickal achievements continue to blow me away , motivate me and stir jealously at the same time! Lol jk.
But as my new lifestyle is progressing daily , epiphanies and obstructions at varying degrees are adding up , usually to be overcome through persistence and dedication. …
But I wonder if I could request your insight regarding a repeatedly channelled piece of information I continue to recieve , and have recieved multiple times during intense workings of mine.
Without pontificating, numerous occasions while working with the Demonic kings, void meditation, and both accidentally raising kundalini, and intended ignition of kunda, I have channeled " come home to us", or “remember who you truly are” or “Wake up!”, return to us" …".return to your family"… all the while the energy I could feel was an emmensely fAmiliar and comfortable and home like sensation,
My initial understanding was that i was connecting and in harmony with the current I work with, but something deep down has motivated me to ask for your opinions. …May I PM you briefly regarding one or two topics if it is not too much of a burden bro?
I am currently working through the full mastery series I bought In july and would appreciate your words and opinions beyond measure.

Thank you for sharing another killer thread , your works are increasingly admired And any personal interaction would be recieved with much gratitude.

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This is amazing. You could be in a similar situation to him. If they are telling you to remember who you really are, then why don’t they just tell you?

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I think it may have something to do with either overcoming a blockage that was either placed there by something or maybe the requirements to remember are to actively integrate or discover concioussness on my own?
Dunno dude, it was driving me nuts for a while, and then I began to convince myself that it was my ego, inner thoughts that may be repeating nyself, but during meditations o. It, have unlocked memories of long b4 my magickal and spiritual path began of crazy drug hallucinations in my early 20z’s of the same type of " beings"( at the time I did not know Angel demon or planetary spirit, I just remember being increasingly scared from an intense bad psychedelic trip…to sudden voices , strong voices telling me to remember, “go fourth on the path , to discover your heritage of divinity” or something like that.
At first I thought I finnaly broke my brain…untill kundalini, and deep meditations have revealed many similar notions…as I work through the omnipotence video coarse from balg , I think I may structure in my questions regarding this topic, especially after reading @C.Kendall’s posts regarding it…I do not plan to jump into anything right away, as C said, it’s an incredibly important decision that should not be taken lightly at all. But I most definitely will not let the notion fall to the backburner of my mind. Man strait up, I say this alot and i hope I don’t sound like a kissass but Kendall is responsible for soo much influence in terms of motivation for my magickal lifestyle. …his posts/exercise not only inspired me to begin practise upon the left hand path, but his meditation of Lucifer was one of the first successful operation I experienced once I made that conscious decision. …thank you C.

You as well @political_taco , thanks for making me thin kore about it and brainstorm into my past and present.



Hopefully you will find out soon. Do a ritual and call a demon for help. I would ask for help to you , but I have never been able to communicate with any spirit as of yet. Hopefully you find out soon though. May @C.Kendall would be able to ask Lucifer to help you.


Thanks homie, I work closely with Lucifer as well, but like I said as of lately my attention has been on the videos that will enable me to achieve differential recognition between my inner thoughts and when spirits speak through one’s inner voice. I practise daily, and even though obstacles appear often, I have a conviction that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing, and I am where I need to be , learning what I need to learn…and in time all will reveal itsslf.

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Hello Rory and Conner. I just wanted to tell my friends on this forum(you guys) that I have done my first ritual for Lucifer. It was actually one that @C.Kendall posted. I wanted to thank you guys for teaching me much about magic through your posts. I hope that Lucifer accepts my rituals and wants to have the relationship with me. According to Conner he was there because I put my blood and fluid on his sigil. Thank you for your teachings too. Hopefully if Lucifer accepts the pact he will contact me through my dreams. Hopefully he will help me raise my astral senses. I am very excited to work with Lucifer. The problem is that I have no way of knowing if he wishes to have a relationship with me. Can you please tell me how to find out. I know you guys have told me that you have worked closely with Lucifer. I just want any information you can give me.

I want to thank you guys again. And Rory hopefully you find your reality and find out what your channellings were telling you.


Hey bro, I will PM you today, I’m on my days off from work , so I will be able to reply in detail my opinion on how to help ya best.
Hang tight, keep up your great attitude, and trust yourself / Lucifer . Once you realize how simple some forms of communications are , you will be smiling at your own verified GNOSIS!
Talk to ya soon homie!

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Hi, good night, I only want to comment something very briefly but direct,my godform is Shiva, nevertheless I don’t identify myself with Lucifer, bone with any other being that you mention and I found your story very
fascinating. Don’t know if it’s possible but I think its plausible. Greetings @C.Kendall

Welcome to the forum @luis.gao. Please make an introductory post in our New Magician and Introduction section and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a requirement on this forum.

Greetings Conner. I would very much like to start working with Lucifer and have something of an evocation planned out that involves a blood offering (mine) in the form of his sigil on a piece of blank parchment torn from a Christian bible, in order to make that happen. Obviously as a best case scenario, this being appears before me and we discuss a potential contract, etc. Do you have any advice for me? I feel like something is missing

The vividness of your experiences, and how u articulate them never fail to leave me in awe. The masks fascinate me as well and so are the masks like different personas of Lucifer, or are they existent alongside the main entity Lucifer?