Update on my godform merger


As some of you are aware and might even remember, I found out I was the human incarnation of Lucifer destined to remerge with my Godform, so I did.

For those of you that are unaware here are some links for you.

Anyway moving on …

Update on the merger.

I and Lucifer have been merged for quite sometime now, both of us experiencing and coexisting as one being, inside my body.

Lucifer talking to me even without me wanting it too, is a constant thing. I have slight changes in physical appearance, slight changes in personality.

Even my dislikes and my likes have changed too, from the media I costume, too the food that I eat, even the style of clothes I wear.

My energy changes on a constant bases, my actual thinking pattern and the way I analyse data around me is totally different.

I must also admit, people are more drawn to me sexually, both men and women.
More people confide in me, not knowing the real reason is because there is a wise godly being in me, using me to give advice.

My actual Magick has improved dramatically, I’ve become very mature, to a huge degree.
Sometimes I loose touch of even my personality, I sometimes go about my life for days as Lucifer, while good ol’ Connor is in spiritual hibernation.

There are many positives, however there are also negatives to this.
Lucifer doesnt let anything hold me back, because of this, he’ll take over me and kick people out of my life.
Friends, Partners, Family, it doesn’t matter of they don’t benefit me and stand in my way he casts them aside.

I’ve even had thoughts, where I’ll think of cursing someone because their becoming a hassle.
Then all of a sudden something trafic happened to them without me performing the rite, as if Lucifer just did his thing.

Demons, Spirits and Gods during evocation will greet us both simultaneously.
They’ll greet Connor and Lucifer, it’s quite a experience.
Anyway this is just a update the more time passes the more the merger increases, it’s truly incredible.

For I haven’t just become Lucifer, but I have become his other masks and forms too, which was a lot of work but it was worth it.


Connor Kendall.


congrats and good job! tell uncle Lucifer I said hi!


Will do brother, will do.


How in fact did you find out about the godform? Perhaps you could drop a link?

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Various signs were there.

Lucifer himself validated it, when I was in denial I didn’t believe him, my life descended into chaos.
Secondly I was born in the age of Lucifer, I did various divinations from Tarot to runes which also validated it.

Thirdly I did mediations to uncover my godforms nature, all signs pointed to Lucifer’s.
Also many other magicians including @Aluriel went along with me on my journey and used their skills to uncover that Lucifer is indeed my Godform.

My mother worked with Lucifer, then afterwards found out she was pregnant and considered it a gift.

Just like Lucifer I am a perfect balance of feminine and masculine.
Just like Lucifer I am a balance of dark and light.
One of Lucifer’s forms which is Lugh, is a Irish God and I am descended from a Irish clan, called the Dwyer’s.

Many other spirits and demons also kept telling me to accept the signs of who I am.
Many of my coven members and other magicians also were having spirits come to them, with dreams and visions pointing towards Lucifer being my Godform.

I was told by a old witch that, Lucifer was born on the first and that the second coming would be second.

I decoded this as my date of birth which is 1st of the 2nd, I was having signs and constant synchronisity which I just couldn’t ignore.

It was after this that I did a past life meditation, soul traveling through all my incarnations until the came to see through Lucifer’s eyes.


Amazing. I have always wanted to know what my spirit name is. I have always wanted to know who I was(my higher self). It is good to know that our friends here on this forum have found out their existence here on Earth without before their death. I am not yet skilled at magic. i have never been able to summon anyone before. Hopefully in a few years if I keep practicing my magic will allow me to do that. Good on you that you found out your history though. It is truly amazing.

Can you ask him why I get the urge to fight everything to test my strength even though I know I’m weak♥️


It is my belief that all of us with a divine spark are, indeed, Lucifer. That we are simply at different levels of maturation with our souls.

This question had been lingering on my mind lately, but is there an equal to lucifer?

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Glad to be of service :wink:

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Yes, of course his divine wife the red dragon. Whore of Babylon. Southern Wind.



How did you merge? My godform from what I’ve found out is Mani the norse moon god image


If it is true you do not need to do any ritual at all. I am against because it just takes away from your own truth. It is so simple, but so hard.

Just accept it as the truth. Do not deny it, or try to apply faulty human logic to it. Embrace it in all of your glory and imperfection of being human at this moment in time and place.

You were born with your powers still there. Just feel them. Be them in quiteness. We limit ourselves to better understand ourselves.


Thank you for sharing your experience. :wine_glass:
It was pretty wonderful and also useful.

At lot of point, your and my experiences and in-commons with Lucifer are very similar.
I can feel that I’m getting closer and closer to the day when I’ll merge with Him. And I have the strange feeling that this ‘bet’ was far more than I’ve first thought.

And this:

Many other spirits and demons also kept telling me to accept the signs of who I am.

Lucifer and other Deities are telling me these almost every day, because I’ve questioned the facts what They showed me (and even what I’ve experienced it) daily.

It is such a beautiful Path.
Much love and bless :black_heart::fire:


Hey Kendall/Lucifer I hope you u can sense my Sincereness when I ask you this are you able to tell me if azazel wants to make a pact of possession with me.

I just recently dedicated my soul to santan and azazel has introduced himself I feel very obliviously

I just don’t see any harm or no reason not to ask someone in your position since you are Lucifer and Conner I hope This comment is not offensive at all
I’m looking for conformation to say the least

Appreciate it thank you

I would like to state my stance too.
I prayed to azazel Sincerely and asked in so many ways to become the living embodiment of azazel on earth once’s he reached out to me

I’ve pledge my allegiance to hell and I truly want to further hells agenda/ azazels

I feel I’m incapable of explaining it all in words but I’m truly looking beyond just personal gain and material rewards
I want to become apart of the infernal divine and represent that here on earth and after

I hope this can give a little insight into reasoning for asking such a question