Astral Projection/looking for parasites

How did you start to develop an astral sense?
How was the first time like?
How long did it take?

Most important… how did you protect youself until you could not know for sure/see with your own “astral eyes” there was something attacking you in the astral (like a obessor/parasite)?

I was reading a topic here and this I’m quoting felt really like what’s happening to me. But how can I know for sure? Do you guys get out of the physical body and can really SEE the parasites?

Everything looks like a human, insect or animal to me. I assume it’s how my brain interprets things because I’ve rarely seen anything that looks like a monster or demon or anything even scary to view.

Like the thing I freak out when I see it in the astral is scorpions. They are like huge, big as my head kinda things- but they look and feel real and will attack me.

I’ve see shadows jump to life, or come out of the ground when working with Hecate, but overall the experiences I’ve had in other planes are almost just like real life ones, except I don’t know anyone and magic works a bit more literally than I expect it to.

I found things don’t just appear out of thing air because I said they should- for one you have to understand how to will it, which is basically think it into existence, but for two in my little world it has to make sense.

Like I can’t snap my fingers and make pizza out of thin air, unless I’m aiming it at a plate or an oven. If I aim it at a plate I get a pizza crust, aim it an oven and I get whole cooked pizza.

So idk. I encounter as many animals as people, some of both of these have attacked me and I’ve absorbed them, others things apparently on my side have stepped in front of me and kicked the offenders ass, but I’ve never encountered what I would expect to see from reading others peoples encounters on the topic.

I think imagination comes into how things appear, also how we expect them to appear and without being able to make pictures in my mind- I can’t out of body imagine in pictures either, so I think I’m operating minus the filter of the visual imagination, it I can’t actually be sure.

Even my cartoon looking servitors don’t appear like that when I am out, or dreaming- they look like animals or people. I don’t get it because other people see the image I intend for them to, but I don’t, at least not out of body. I do here if I am given images, but not every spirit gives me images to view, and I assumed their appearance to me here would match the other planes, but eh not for me.

I had a local crow appear to me as a human in my dreams once , and that doesn’t make sense to me either, because surely a talking bird wouldn’t have been to weird for my brain.

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For me actually here in the forum is a first hearing there are such beings in the astral. I never knew there were so many differents form of animals in the astral. I sure would be scared of a huge scorpion. I would’ve expect ghosts, people that died in terrible ways and are in scary forms now, things like that. But never animals lol

So, we really, really do create reality? “If you can think you can achieve it” is not just a saying of law of attraction people? We can SEE it while in the astral?

Is it true that doing magick in astral in more potent and faster? Did you experience it

So, you’ve seen your guides or any entities you might ask for protection while on 3d? Have you ever seen any parasite leeching on you?

Do the sygils of the servitors we activate are within our aura? They appear in the astral with us?

Well, you’ve mentioned being with Hekate… they are her animals after all. It might be a situation linked to her somehow.

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Well, I’m a failure at remembering I want to do magic for real life while out of body. I remember I want to see how it works and learn how to use it and I’m fcking fascinated by what happened when I call on the elements…

And so I forget to ever actually do anything for real life other than ask questions about what I should do in situations.

It’s like it completely leaves my mind that I can affect the here from there.

I’ve even been introduced to real people. I’ve got a cat that swears it’s a gift from aliens and that it’s weird to talk to people because people don’t usually talk to cats… and it doesn’t seem possible so I always tell people I dream these things, because somehow people expect weird shit to happen in dreams, but not the astral…

I’ve not had one try to absorb me or suck at my energy by I’ve been assaulted many times. Many times before I knew what projection was too, when I thought it was dreams, but now I think hmm.

Some of those nightmares where I had to gut someone to escape sure were real feeling and an awful lot like how I’ve been attacked while out of body.

I’ve seen gun like things, knifes and other weird shit like that.

I’ve only seen sigils a few times, and it was sigils someone else was activating and I had no idea. It was like I was watching their ritual take place… I. The sky, they were casting them in the sky… bring pink things.

I was trying to sleep, and found myself being rescued then tagging along, and I was scared, but they are real magicians so… who knows.

It was when I was still learning how to get out of body. Since then I’ve one of my servitors introduce me to two different people that really exist while out of body, but since I don’t actually know those people, I can’t confirm it.

But I didn’t have intentions of meeting anyone, and was introduced as Keteriya Black to them, so idk.

The astral is something I find endlessly fascinating and impossible to confirm until something I learned there happens here, and that sometimes happens but not as much it happens with dreams.

Hi Keteriya, can I contact you on Instagram for an inquire regarding Servitors.??

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Yepper :slight_smile:

I wonder the same. I don’t yet have the skill of astral travel, but I’ve had some dreams that have my quite suspicious of whether they were dreams.
Had a string of them for several nights about eight years back- something I couldn’t see latched onto me from behind in a horrendously strong bear hug and repeatedly ramming something into my side (felt like getting repeatedly punched), all the while whispering stuff I couldn’t make out in my ear.
I wasn’t a practitioner back then, but there was some seriously weird shit going on in my domicile at the time so I had suspicions it may not be a dream.

A couple of weeks ago the same thing started up again. The first time I mentally elbowed it in the face, woke up and did some precautionary banishing. Thought it was probably a dream though.
Happened again the next night, so in the dream I collected myself and said to it “Dude, do you really want me to have to call Michael?” and everything just stopped and I woke up. Hasn’t re-occurred.

What caused these to stand out to me from most dreams was the sheer physical intensity of them. The physical feeling was so much more vivid than I usually experience in dreams, plus there was an extreme sense of fear that is not usually characteristic of me…like really intense… heart rate took a long time to normalise after waking.
So I do wonder if something had slipped around my various countermeasures and was messing with me.
Or it could have just been some messed up but very intense dreams.

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For me I think discerning the difference between a dream a projection is hard. Some of that is my habits… I’ll lay down to project, but I’ll be so tired it’s stupid, even feel myself leave…

Then I’ll just hang out thinking I’m watching a dream, or I’ll forget my mission or otherwise actually fall asleep…

It baffles me, how I can be aware and suddenly loose awareness like halfway through- but then I do think my habits play into it, and inconsistency of those doesn’t help.

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