Nwed help asap

Demons are gjveing me painful visions i want to banish these visions but i dont know how i asked them wont stop, commanded nothing, threat nothing, Angels and Jahweh cant help cuz i asked to block them.
Demons said that they are giveing me wrath and rage beacuse i wanted it and they will not stop the process they said and ye maybe its true that they said they will attack someone close to me in visions but they wont stop i wanted rage cuz i was like a too soft but what the fuck why this. Beacuse of these pricks i drinked nytol and kill myself, ou and they are playing that theh are showing what ghosts do they are breaking one mental barier and posseses cuz i wanted to practice necromancy and i wondered how is is it like tk have a parasites cuz never had.
And well 3 months i live in suicidical wrath and depression i asked nothing they wont stop i said this is my fucking mind and you need to listen to me tryed before prayer to jehowah and it helped but a little. Who will pay for my pain them ? How hahahaha oh sorry not being soft is a price so then massive cock to ass demon who is doing it to me i want vengance on but idk how i could
I want to banish these visions and no they are not parasites.

Remember it ? He had visions etc me too with jahweh but it was all false.
Jahweh created earth demons angels are takeing little out energy so they should listen.
I was promised that they will bring to me a woman false promise i have a horrible visions
Ane dont tell me beacuse i wanted so i dont want it and what price to be confident and what i hate them, they are disgusting and then what we should live with each other like nothing happened no i still will hate them i want vengance on demons
No they are not parasites i think some will say they are parasites ouu beacuse demony are so good right ?
No they gived me third eye closed it but i see some things, hearing skill, touching and when i wanted to collect safe some money then these fuckers sended me a debt collector on 213 pounds 2 days after when i was doing overtimes
Second when i was starting collectong money to get bigger house and i was i depression WHO WILL PAY me for this pain ? Nobody they will say well u have wrath put this wrath deep in your fucking ass now cuz i hate u demon i could say it

No demons are not good i said i wont wrath they are doing it still they are false and lieing
If u are new commer and want to work with demons then go back where u came from dont fucking even try they will destory your life mental health.
I cant contact angels cuz i asked them to block angels and keep them away i asked Paimon, Satan of course satan dont give a fuck when his demons are giveing me pain dont care
And where is this ascent where is building up
I have already 3 packs of benadryle ready to swallow i dont know how long i cant stand

Dont work with them dont praise them dont give them offerings just be.

I thought of contact shadow people cuz they are in the middle but if i will finish my life then im affraid of the shadow plane after life.

Fuck demonsđź–• i can say it cuz i will die soon for real

Here are your false gods demons that will fuck up you like they did to me pain they are giveing so easly why the fuck we need to wait for months for something good then ? And pain comes so fast ? Its not fair how many of us had to sacrefice somethimes a lot to have a little

Even in case you already tried a counter request, ask or command to unblock Jahweh and the angels, stating that your goals changed and you aren’t interested in the previous ones anymore.
Give each demons a license to depart then use the sounds “Shhhhhh” which has a banishing effect, and “iiiii” (as in “spinning”) for disrupting energetical patterns on you. Essentially, use a cumulative approach, including LBRP (or also the GBRP) and the incantation against possible curses “Senapos terfita estamos perfiter notarin”.
Then, further solutions may be possible and even in case of Jahweh and the angels not being unblocked, there would be the heavenly powers of other religions.

Which “demons” specifically?

Sounds like classic parasites. They drain you, damage you and don’t deliver on the promises because they can’t , you’re food to them. Don’t ask them to leave, attack them with fire and attempt to kill them.

Also Benadryl can bring on nasty hallucinations if you take more than like 3 pills, take 9 and you’ll be full on psychotic for hours, take 20+ and you’re dead (not kidding it’s poisonous), the highest record for taking Benadryl and surviving is like 27 pills… it’s a baaad way to go like the worst trip imaginable as you are plunged into a nightmare. 5 to 9 pills is the dose for most people deliberately tripping on Benadryl (though nobody recommends it and people do it once or twice out of curiosity and stop) so make sure that’s not what you’re doing. Benadryl is to be used with care especially as a mage that has already attracted astral nasties.

Stop the Benadryl and see if you feel better. If you’re taking it for histamine reactions stop eating whatever is making you react. It’s not a pain killer, it’s an antihistamine that crosses the blood brain barrier and fucks with your brain.

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They are goetic demons Belial, Vepar, Lilith

Only Vepar is Goetic. Belial is a god and Lilith is the personification Lilim/Lilitu or basically the one blamed for miscarriages, wet dreams and cot death by people without the medical knowledge to udnerstad them any other way.

So if you are getting the basics off, and you say "i want to banish these visions but i dont know " I have to ask what you do for spiritual hygiene to make sure you avoid impostors and parasites? Did you verify the identities of these entities when they came?

These are major problems for people nearly every time they jump in and start calling entities without any kinds of assurance or protection.

Here is a getting started with magick guide. You’ll want to get your spiritual hygiene sorted out, and start work on developing your astral senses, then when you can know you have a decent chance at avoiding impostors and parasites only then start calling entities.

Never start a thing you can’t finish if there’s a problem, you have to have the safety taken care of first.

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I always summon the spirits through Raziel as he always connects to the correct spirit

the thought process is muddy as hell to me, lay of the drug and perform a couple of banishings(first?)

Do you have instruction(s) for this? Sounds good

I posted what I do here:

and more ideas here:

Or search at top right for “tutorial parasite” and add keywords to refine it to look for something more specific.