Problem with incubus

how to get rid of incubus ?
I have had it for 4 years,I don’t know if it is incubus or parasitic entity .
I have sexual dream every day in that dream, I still want sex ,and I do things I don’t want to do
I also had dreams about a wedding, a ring etc…
I also told him that I don’t want him and that I want him out of my life,but he ignores that
I tried different methods of protection its not working ,I also tried sigil Raziel against spiritual harassment ,it worked for me for 1 day ,I just don’t know what to do
I am at work all day from Monday to Friday I have little energy there ,he also takes it from me every day,no Demon or Deity wants to help me with this I tried it,I can’t tell my family, they would think I’m crazy
I don’t even know the name of the incubus I heard some names -Uzamyl,Maskarels …
and I have none of that ,it just takes my energy also blocks my magic
what should I do?, someone advise please
I’m 24 years old, I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life

Have you tried any banishing methods? Have you tried directly removing it and shoving it out of your fields or even attacking it to hurt it and make it want to leave?

So you tried it and it worked at first, and you kept using it and it stopped working?

Have you tried telling the entity it does not have permission and asking it to go away?

More ideas:

  1. yes a tried banishing methods and attack but it only got worse

  2. yes it worked for 1 day ,and even though I continued to use it ,it meant nothing to him

  3. yes because I always see him when he comes
    I told him :
    “go away, I won’t give you my energy”
    “I do not want you in my life”

I even threatened to tell his boss ,and he answered me :
“tell him calmly”

Ok great. What did you do ans what were the results. What did you feel and sense when you did them?

Don’t listen to a word it says, tese things lie and thier words are worthless. It might not even have a boss. If you think it has a boss that can deal with it, make no threats, do not posture and not follow through, just do it. Contact that boss today and tell it firmly it is violating universal law by persisting uninvited and it must be gone or you will kill it. It’s trespassing on your territory, attacking you, so now you have that right in self defence.

You asking it nicely to go was you being nice. You didn’t have to be You might not have known you didn’t have to be, but now you do.

And you can kill the boss if you want to as well. Humans have far more power than they realise. YOU create your universe, not them. You don’t have to make a place for them to exist in it.

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1 .
black candles, written on what I want to banish, anoint with banishing oil

  • banishing incense +LBRP with athame

cleanse incense + cleanse bath withth essencial oils + sea salt

protection mojo bags ,white candle anoint fire wall of protection oil ,cotton ball with this oil in bags
sigil Raziel, protection stone obsidian,amethyst,quartz clear,black tourmaline,
Sun energy,white light meitation
this all worked 1-3 days
feeling positive free energy

is it possible to kill him?
if I knew how to do it, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second

This is a good sign. It may be a case of whittling it down until it gives up. You could be closer than you think. I’ve had parasites that took months to remove, and each attack pushed it a bit further away. So I would keep going with this.

Be aware that it may try to hide to avoid being banished, it’s annoying but just keep going :slight_smile:

Death isn’t a real thing, but you can make it so he might as well be dead as far as you’re concerned.
Visualise it in front f you and attack it with any weapon you like.

I like to burn them with fire, I talked about it here.



Did you try binding? Ask Tzapkiel to bind it

Thank you :yellow_heart:,I will look at the links to the sites

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no i didn’t try it bind, who is Tzapkiel ?

Tzapkiel is the Archangel of Binah


so far it seems to be working


Try using Damon brand Master protection ritual. It is 30 day ritual but i am sure to great extent it will be helpful. I had stubborn demon back then who was attacking me in dreams and i used all i could it lessened the attack but the demon was still there.

Once i started Damon ritual within 3 days the guy was gone. For me it was not parasite but an actual entity, even on your issue i believe that is an actual entity. Apart from other rituals use Damon ritual too.

thank you,I’ll look at the book where can i buy it

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You can try Remove entity and attachment ritual from Angelic Protection Magick, I use it daily and it is effective.

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thank you,I’ll look at the book too

Just send it to me. I have entities around/in me that it can play with, as it wishes. .
To entity, Come in

he is no longer with me

Do you know what happened to him?

I don’t know, and I don’t care much