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Hello. My name is Andy. I’m completely new to all of this. I want to learn as much as I can about everything. I want to learn how to have good luck, how to get money, how to be adored, and I want to do magic and talk to spirits. Maybe black magic. Any tips will help, as stated before, I want to learn as much as I can. Please and thank you.

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So far it seems that all of the rituals on here require you to pay, I’ve yet to find instructions on how to do anything myself.


Welcome to the forum. The Become a Living God forum can be an excellent resource for talking to peers who are also actively experimenting. The more specific your questions are, the more responses you will get. If you want feedback from people, try starting a thread with a specific question like “how do I see and hear spirits?” or “how do I learn to concentrate?”

If you are looking for a free resource to begin learning magick from scratch, you can try Josephine Mcarthy’s website That site is designed to provide a beginner with all the foundations they need to start experimenting.

Understand that magick is a practice that requires discipline and commitment, it will take time to master. But it is worth the effort.

The most important tip I would give anyone about magick is that it has to be based on a foundation of self mastery. You should know your mind really well, integrate your shadow. To some extent you should be able to control your thoughts and balance your emotions. The core skills of magick come down to a few basic attributes - clear attention, strong intention, powerful emotion, and positive expectations. These may seem like ordinary variables, not supernatural, but they are the foundation of effective practice.

I have a YouTube channel where I teach about magick and the philosophy of the Left Hand Path. Here is a video that covers some of the same themes I was talking about above and more: - YouTube

Good luck on your journey!


All the information on this forum is free. I’m not sure where you are looking, but there is nothing to pay here, and there is plenty of instructions on how to do things.


Thank you so much! I will be sure to check out the provided link along with your YouTube!

It seems I was not on the forum! My apologies. I was on a page where I was directed from the BALG site itself. Not the forum.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I have several threads you might find useful.

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hey! It’s a self promotion thread! SWEET! Don’t mind if I do. :smirk:

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