My Experience With The Ascended Master Jesus

My Experience With The Ascended Master Jesus.

I’ve seen a few posts on here recently about Jesus and many questions about him here is my experience.

This may come as a shock to many of you but ah yeah I worked with Jesus. I know a black magician normally working with death, destruction, darkness and demonic forces worked with Jesus.

Of course I did, you can never truly ascend until you walk all the paths, both darkness and light must be embraced.

So here’s how it all started.

I started working through evocation heavily in order to master it for six months.
I was evoking demons, angels, elementals, planetary spirits, gods and goddesses.

I started then working with ascended masters, I wanted to work with one which wasn’t worked with that much in the LHP, a misunderstood one.

So I heard EA Koetting talking about Jesus being a Ascended Master, so I planned out the evocation.

Evocation Set Up.

I consecrated some light water, which is basically a bottle of water which has been blessed by angelic light. Infused with the tree of life energies and left to charge in the sunlight.

Next I performed a banishing and exorcism in my temple, once it was a clean slate.

I sprinkled the light water in the area, charging the temple with the powers of light and angelic forces.

I started performing circumambulation clockwise, whilst reciting the summoning of all magickal powers incantation.

Next I used a manifestation base of frankincense and sandalwood resin. Didn’t use any sigil at all nor any symbol.

I recovered the incantation I used from notes below.

" Jesus, ascended master hear my call see my signs and do not forsake me.
Jesus, healer and saviour I summon you forth to appear before, Jesus he who was the god man, meaning man turned god, descend from the plane of soul and light come, Jesus come, Jesus come, Jesus Come, Manifest before me In a beholdable form and speak to me in a discernable voice ".

His form rose in the incense smoke.
Unlike the description the JCI attribute to him, he appeared as a dark olive light skinned man.
Wearing garments which were made of white fire, his eyes were totally white. He had a very long beard too, with the holes in his hands being present, holding a scepter.

I was blown away by the form he took and I asked if I he would tell me his true nature, beyond what literature says about him.

He laughed and in a calming voice gave me gnosis of who he was and I was shocked to say the least.

He told me indeed he was a real man, however he had children and a wife. He also said that he did indeed get crucified not in the way or for the reason many believe.

One thing he said blew me away, he isn’t just ascended master who had legions of angels under his belt.

He is actually a solar deity, when he ascended after death. He became not just a ascended master, after being a magician and healer.
The miracles he performed weren’t as crazy as many would have you to believe in the Bible.

Jesus explained he isn’t against demons either, he just basically doesn’t vibrate with their frequency.

I remember one thing he said to me

" I am the human personification of the sun, for the solar embodiment is known by man as the saviour, this is why I am known as the saviour my son ".

So he isn’t the son of God, returning to battle Satan or Lucifer. He was a healer and magician and actually believe it or not a rebel of his time.
He is a angelic solar ascended master of light, he then took his hand and blessed me with a cross.

He said
" Be you the cross, the formation of flesh and spirit, for that is the nature of this sign, be you the crossroads ".

Inhaled that power given to me by the ascended master, as he departed he left a angel there for me as a familiar. Do to my bidding I sent him out on a task and he completed it, then I went back to my good old darkness where the demons awaited me.



real interesting i aslo heard that the real yewoeh that he is very differed from the evil guy againest demons that we are think
its said that he is a nice divination,love god


Wow. Now if only most Christians would read and understand this.


Huh. I might just have to start working with him.


Or at least talk to him


Perhaps I should invoke Yahweh, answer some questions for me that Raphael has not told me
Raphael told me “You are beyond understanding of what Yahweh is”


Since I am starting my workings with Archangel Raphael (along with my workings with many other deities I hold close to my Heart). I may have to encounter Jesus some day. I saw an image of him when I was younger and if he’s not the jerk he’s made out to be I’ll probably give him a shot but only in the far future.


I recall a YouTuber who works closely with Loki actually met the Christian God (I’m gonna assume that Jehovah) and said that he’s a nice guy and very misunderstood.


How do you make sure he is not an impostor?


So, this Jesus who is an ascended master is the same Jesus to whom people pray and are fed with the energy of the people?

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Well the Jesus most people pray to is in fact Cesare Borgia. Regardless I think that Jesus is a thoughtform.

Ascended Master Jesus seems really cool.


I had my suspicions of the lies being reinforced but this just proved it. I tend to be someone who summons and is summoned without ritual so it gets weird but since i opened myself to learning of these amazing entities Jesus also appeared to me many times. Its amazing that you took the step to learn of him in that way so i personally thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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Wow thanks for sharing this man .
Now I can Respect Ascended Master Jesus .
And the cross !!!
I’ve been craving to know more about the cross …
Thanks for that gnosis

Ok i did that… Sorry

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No problem. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Like Jesus of Tiphareth not Nazareth. I could work with that.Always been a Sun lover.

Ascended master jesus came into life after theosophists started writing about him! Actual Jesus was a top level magician and sorcerer who transformed his body into light and ascended to one of the heavens after being given this power from celestials


Mind drop a little source to read into further ?

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Next time you see him, tell him to drop me a line, or a reason why Im not visited, either in dream or reality.

Im sure he has a perfectly good reason and I am to blame for it, afterall I am useless.