Message for the Homeless and Poor

Whether you are homeless and poor for whatever reasons, economic, “act of God”, a bad situation etc. The following demonic Kings have given me messages to share with you.

They say that I have no master. I master myself. The homeless and impoverished of society are looked at as nothing. They must stand up and be their own masters instead of feeding on the scraps that fall from their government’s table. While welfare and food stamps help, they are a crutch. Take your pain and misery and create your kingdom. Your empire. Learn from the streets. See what the hip-hop was? Now, it is an empire! Ask and meditate on me. I will help you.

King Paimon:
You are Kings and Queens of this planet. The entire planet is your kingdom, your home. So how are you Homeless? Do not let this trick, this illusion fool you. Call on me. I will show you how to see past the lies to the truth. I will guide you to the seats of influence and power.

They see us as evil. They are uncomfortable in our presence. Yet they look to us for true power. In many ways, the downtrodden and the Demonic realms are the same. You are not Homeless. Welcome home.

Goddess Astaroth:
Just as those of a certain religion have tried to abandon me and hide me I still survive. That song, “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor is about me. Survival is a feminine principle. Those who must make it from day to day with very little or absolutely nothing will be the true rulers of the Earth. They try to deny you your humanity, your power. They use you then they treat you like garbage. I will help you survive. Keep moving. Adapt to your surroundings. Learn quickly. Trust your instincts. Do not become complacent or stagnant. Stagnation is death. Movement is life.

Papa Legba:
I am the remover of obstacles. I bring your prayers to the realm of the spirits and the ancestors. I am in charge of the gateway between the realms, the Crossroads. Find my veve and meditate on me. I hear you. The ancestors hear you.

This is all I have so far. It is up to you, the readers to confirm if these messages really did come from these beings.


Awesome. Inspiration.


I lost my job and couldnt pay the bills so I was homeless and pregnant just a year ago. It was a humbling experience and I learned a lot from it.

I was continuosly and completely blessed because I never lost faith in the gods that were guiding me and protecting me and my child the entire time. I never went hungry or without shelter. People would just hand me money and food without even knowing i was homeless.

After my son was born a organization paid for my rent for three months until i was healed enough to put my son in daycare and go to work. A great job that i love fell in my lap and i am still there today.

And i never asked or begged for money, was never a freeloader, im not an immigrant, never ended up where i was because of drugs or alcoholism.

So yes those messages from the op i can personally attest they are all true :slight_smile:



There are alot of homeless who arr worthless but there are alot who have been betrayed by the government they fought to defend


Being poor and/or homeless is a circumstance, hopefully a temporary one. It doesn’t define a person’s integrity or character. Also, generalizations such as this one doesn’t help anyone and makes one appear juvenile IMO.


Wait I’m not trying to be an ass but how do homeless people have internet access?


College library


Ah ok lol. I was just wondering

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I’ve been homeless, It is not a good place to be energetically and physically. The energy of the situation is depressing and negating, and for some, it sucks the life right out of them. Thanks to the spirits, especially Belial, and Paimon, and help from members of this forum, I manged to pull myself out of it. Thanks for the messages @CyberLord They are motivating and inspirational.



There is the library system. Also, some of them have personal wireless devices. If you look around in certain areas you will notice that they all are not just merely useless scrubs. Some of them are well dressed and even high-tech (it was a joke made by one man that there is a new class of homeless people, the high-tech ones). I’ve even heard of some being in that situation whom had wellpaying jobs and advanced college degrees.

I took a tour, and found out that they have government centres to help people, such as something called “Work Source” which have computers to use for looking for jobs or brushing up your resume, as well as onsite people to help with resume tips or whatever.

But anyway, a final comment on the Homeless & Poor. I do not know whether to hate those at the top that enable it, or those below who continue to enable the problem. Within the past 10 years I have seen a massive decline and an increased population of the Homeless. It used to be an invisible problem that was easily remedied and my city by my standards used to be really cool and fun. But now I ask “Where did most of the hot girls go?” So its a problem that affects all levels it seems. An example:

So around 10 years ago I was shopping in this outdoor store for a Backpack for my outdoor hiking activities. It was a $500 Dollar Black Watersealed Arcturix 3-day extended backpack. Anyway, I used it for other things like shopping around town. I owned a $1500 custom carbon fibre framed Road Bike (very very light weight) where I would Coast down the hill into Downtown for shopping which I used the backpack for. Back then 10 years ago, I had people that made compliments on my bag asking where I was traveling from… I was the only one from what I could see going around town that visibly ever sported a big bag like that. Fast foreward 10 years later. This is very common I see alot of street people with similar backpacks (a much less expensive version). Anytime someone is wearing something like that I will hear richer upper middle class tourists (and some locals) make comments about them which I will not go into. This up to and includes even if someone is wearing normal smaller backpacks.

So my opinion and outlook on all this is that the entire situation has degraded and really sucks. Not just the individuals, but the very Social Spirit Mind & Attitude of even the people who are not homeless is disgusting and sucks. So who do I hate more? The ones up top who enable it… the Social Ignorants whom are brainwashed to verbally or otherwise bash the heads of the Homeless, or the Homeless who have given up and even feed into it?


This thread is NOT a referendum on whether people approve of the OP or people in his situation. Please keep comments strictly on-topic to work for those in dire financial situations, and not some bizarre parody of extreme (and technically inaccurate) beliefs all round, resulting in direct personal insults from all sides.

If you see something on this forum you disapprove of, flag it if you think it breaks forum rules then go do something more constructive, don’t try to wage warfare with insults, because exchanges like that will ALWAYS be removed so as to 1. not reward derailment, and 2. prevent the culture of the forum turning into flaming and childishness.

Don’t like people who are broke?

Hello, I'm E.A Koetting.

I want to personally thank you for coming to my Youtube channel. I strive to craft enlightening videos that can help you to experience Magick Ascent.

E.A. is my pen name, so just call me, Eric.

My life fits a classic archetype of transformation. I was adopted and abused in a foster home as a child, turned to serious crime as a teenager, and ended up homeless, literally sleeping in an abandoned graveyard in my early 20s.

I discovered black magick, and began fearlessly evoking demons to aid my escape from hell.

Please keep this on topic from now onwards.


This thread is somewhat related, linking it because it might be of interest:



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All the Universities in the DC area have key card access mainly to lock out homeless visitors. This includes their university libraries or media facilities (i.e. the Gelardin Media Center at Georgetown University).

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Really? Did not know that. What a shame.:pensive:

Public libraries also give free internet (on a timer). Getting a library card is free as well.


Absolutely loved this.


Best bit of this post is Belial acting like he’s down with the kids - “the hip-hop.”

Dad-dancing demon confirmed! :laughing:


I know, right? I thought it was wrong but a voice in my mind said keep it. I see Belial has a sense of humor too.


I just asked Belial about this. There were a few “racist” assholes who happened to be White that he didn’t like. He thought it would be funny to let loose Blacks upon them, and then change their spiritual dna into that of a Black person to turn the tables =)