Mental Fascination

Many of you on here are interested in using magick to attract a lover or to seduce someone particular. I’ve recently left a relationship but during my time in this relationship I’ve learned a lot about psychic seduction and mental fascination (manipulation of the minds of others via magickal technique). Vampirism is the first method one can use to seduce a target. One should leave the body via soul travel and locate their target as their target is sleeping. Take your target’s energy (a small amount) and as you are projecting, bite their neck with your astral fangs. This act marks them and links you to them. Next, visualize an action or thought you wish them to perform or think and push it’s energy into their head through the Ajna chakra or third eye.

The next method I will be discussing is solo sex magick. I won’t be going into sex magick with a partner, as all of my attempts at it have failed. I simply can’t focus on magick when I’m having sex. Anyhow, this method is extremely simple. Fix a situation that you want to happen in your mind and visualize it as a cloud of energy floating just above your head. Begin to masturbate. As you are pleasing yourself, visualize the cloud glowing, being fed with the lust energy. Visualize the cloud growing larger as you do this. Just as you are approaching orgasm, visualize the cloud beginning to spin and glow even brighter. As you cum, see the cloud exploding and the energy shooting in all directions. This technique can be used to control behavior at a distance and can be used to bring about the sort of situations that you want to occur with a target. It can also be used to send lust energy to a target but it’s applications are broad and sex magick is very simple and powerful. This technique comes from EA’s video on the subject which I’ll post below along with more source information.

This next technique is used when you are in physical proximity with your target. The most powerful tool you have here are your eyes. Have you ever been with someone and a mere gaze had the power to level you or cause you to do anything they wanted? This power can be trained. It involves something called mental fascination. Anyways, what you must do is gaze at your target and see their aura. Visualize your intention as a ball of energy contained within your eyes. Visualize your eyes as glowing with the energy of your intention. Visualize this energy leaving you and being inserted into the aura of the target. Very simple isn’t it? Another method is to simply gaze at your target’s head if you cannot see their eyes or gaze into their eyes if you can, and say in your mind your command with great power and authority and visualize them doing said action. For example if you wanted someone to look at you, gaze at their head and say in your mind “See me now” and visualize them turning and looking at you. The more you do this sort of thing, the more you will see results. The next stage of mastering this skill is to involve emotions. The feel of these emotions begins with you and this technique can be done with or without the presence of the target. Simply visualize your target feeling a certain way in first person. Visualize yourself from their point of view, strongly feeling the emotion that you want them to. If you want them to do a certain thing, visualize yourself in their perspective doing that thing and feeling the way you want them to as they do it.

Most of these techniques are very simple and any magician can perform them with practice. The techniques taught within psychic vampirism are very useful in this field and can be used to great effect. Why do you think vampires in movies can hypnotize with a mere gaze? Approach these methods with the spirit of play and experimentation. See what you can do and how far you can push it. These techniques will greatly increase your skill in spells as well. Any magician worth his or her black salt will be able to see ways they can tweak these methods to his or her choosing and create new methods of influencing. I want this thread to act as a sort of place to publish my results and learned techniques with this because I feel like this skill is extremely useful in life.