Does Lilith ever give up on you

Does Lilith ever give up on trying to help you. Does Lilith keep on trying to help you no matter the reason. How does that work. I am curious about that. Does Lilith keeps working with you. Lilith keeps helping with any problems or anything.


When you don’t listen, repeat the same mistakes and are not grateful, Lilith might step back and watch yourself getting fucked by life. That’s not abandoning tho. She’ll come back when you have learned.

She won’t abandon you unless you want her to or you do a major mistake like betraying her.



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She has shown me the true meaning of patience. Took me many years of fearing her and being disrespectful towards her before I came around. Now I have her altar in my bedroom. She knows the deeper reasons people act the way they do. Much of what we think is of consequence is of no consequence at all to these spirits. They are powerful allies and teachers. Lilith will not leave you. Not in my opinion anyway. Shes been tolerant as hell with me. I do make an effort to better myself eveyday though. So your relationship must either improve or it will stagnate and suffer. Her influence will be more apparent the more you connect with her.


I thunk my relationship has to improve with her thats my problem thanks.

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I think i will stick with Lilith because she doesn’t take a year life from you like other demons would. I rather be more free like Lilith and happy not have a year taking from me that sounds pretty bad.

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This is so true!!! Dont forget she will smack you arond a lil too lol

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Lilith never gave me a chance she always repels me, Naamah on the other hand…

She will and thats ok.

I think it largely depends on if you give up on yourself. A spirit can only help you as far as your willing to accept help or even to help yourself. If your not willing to do the work then I could see her taking a step back.