I saw snakes in my dream last night

Hi i think Lilith wants me to do something because I saw snakes in my dreams last night and i looked it up about that.

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Dreams are often random subconscious unfiltered. Once is a coincidence three times is a pattern. Have you had this dream before?

Have you tried to contact Lilith recently? If so reach out with your astral senses and have that conversation .

I am not sure if Lilith is traditionally associated with snakes or if that is simply Abrahamic mythology, you may want to do some research on this

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In my UPG, her and her Twin are associated with snakes and serpents in general.

As for OP, I do agree, have you connected with her recently? It may be her, however, if you haven’t connected to her and don’t have a strong intuitive push towards it being her, it may not

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I have not for awhile but i guess i need to.

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As others have said I recommend communicating with lilth. However it depends how do the snakes act? Are they aggressive? It’s hard to tell without details. But as a general rule be very vigilant and look and notice every detail. Are they calm? Do they seem hungry? Etc

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They hiss and looked at me but did not do anything.

Snakes usually represent a Warning :warning:since Satan is the serpent/ the dragon. & you need to pay attention to what color the snake is in the dream, it’s Size & what it’s doing.it usually indicates trouble, conflict coming or a sickness or whatever, maybe from a person,or from the mouth of a person, since snakes danger & poison are from their mouth.

The hissing is definitely threatening. There was a guy who said many years ago right before Christmas his wife started getting bad pain & was getting worse & when they went to the man’s fathers house he pulled him aside & said he had a strange dream that his son’s wife was opening up a gift on Christmas & a huge snake came out & bit her on the neck! & said she is gonna get sick on Christmas Day & they were right & she had to be in the hospital for some days :flushed: