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Hi everyone i did a lot of love spells with different entities unfortunatly all of them failed and i didnt get any result idk why im socially active person and im respected by others everyone tell me that im very polite but even with the help of magic i still cant find a partner what do you guys recommand me to do i got really close to get into relation with someone but something very unusual happened and she cut her relation with everyone idk what should any suggestion on how to solve this problem with magic?

Try a divination and look for some other cause if it’s not you?

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My senses are not strong doing 30 min meditation per day very little progress

I had success with spirits alot but in love spell case i didnt got any result

You can try using a pendulum. There are a few posts here with information about how to use one.

Once you figure out what is (possibly) blocking your work or preventing it from manifesting, choose a spirit to attack the issue and give them enough time to do what is asked. You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and you may not be giving your spells enough time to manifest. Choosing a ton of spirits is already showing you have no faith in the work.


Sure thanks i will

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I believe its bcz of my ugly face which turn people off someone told me maybe its bcz of your personality i told him im not a creep or a rude person i can easy talk with women and girls but they still prefer good looking tall men over me the last time that i tried the girl was completely happy around me but something unusual happened and she cut of with all of the classmates

I didnt choose alot of spirits for one task in the short period of time my last spell went pretty well but suddenly everything changed but your right about faith i didnt have a complete faith in them

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t put yourself down, just amplify your good qualities with glamour magick. Below is a good thread outlining the basic definition.

You can also try an attraction spell vs a love spell so you’re attracting someone who sees inner beauty & personality instead of focusing on looks. I was never one to focus solely on looks. I’m married now, but eons ago when I was dating, if the guy had a nice personality, took care of himself and wasn’t an ass in general, his looks grew on me.


Thanks i also did both attraction spell and beauty spell about the last part i agree but in the modern age there are less people like i dont want to go off topic but social media is ruining dating culture


Honestly mate, you sound like either an incel…or at the very least, a blackpiller that watches way too much blackpill/incel content. It’s one or the other.

Here’s my guess as to what’s going on here…just based on my interactions with other blackpillers. First, folks in this community are really good at front-running you with answers to deflect questions that they know are coming. I don’t get the sense from your posting history that you are that experienced with magick…so quite frankly I don’t believe you’ve had “a lot” of success with spirits but love magick just so happens to be the one area where none of it works. Blackpillers have this way of acting like they are so ugly that nothing in heaven or earth will be able to get them laid, due to a few millimeters of bone in their face…and they take advantage of the fact that they are anonymous on the internet to basically give all the right answers to questions since they cannot be independently verified. My guess is, perhaps you may have had some successes here and there, but you’ve had some failures outside of love magick as well. I’ve been following this community for a while, and the funny thing I noticed is the shift from the general complaints about women not selecting them, to the hyper-fixation on the face. This shift came about because blackpillers started getting annoyed that people were giving them practical advice that could actually work, so there was a gradual shift towards focusing on the face, because you can’t give advice on how to fix a bad face outside of surgery…and that’s the space blackpillers like to occupy…maximal doomerism and hopelessness…but i digress.

I’m also going to take a stab in the dark and guess that @QueenMustang read you right when she said you’re using too many spirits, and your response to her confirms it for me. There isn’t an inherent problem with using multiple spirits on a particular goal. The issue is that typically when its done by inexperienced practitioners, its done because they have such little faith in magick and their ability to perform it, they logic to themselves that in order to increase the likelihood of success, I’ll just summon half the astral realm to my particular task. This usually comes from a lack of faith in any one spirit to be able to do the job…which is what you admitted:

So here’s my advice. Take all of the incel/blackpill content that you are consuming and delete it/unsubscribe from it. Yes that includes FaceandLMS, w/e the new website is, Wheat Waffles, Incel TV, Tails, or whoever the new kid on the block is these days (I can barely keep track) You may not know this, but the success/failure of magick highly depends on your mentality towards magick and the situation itself. If you go into it mentally thinking that “its over” as blackpillers like to say, then you will fail the operation before it even begins. There is nothing uniquely ugly about you that no spirit in the astral realm can get you a girlfriend. This is some tough love but you need to get over yourself a bit and stop thinking that you are so uniquely special in terms of your perceived ugliness. Lets take the user @Werb421 for example. The dude is middle aged, but is still banging 19 year olds with the help of spirits like Asmodeus. Any blackpiller reading his stats would say its over, and that no 19 y/o in her prime would give him the time of day. Asmoday begs to differ apparently. Even if you don’t believe “its over” for you… I sense that your blackpill-like beliefs supersedes your belief in magick, so even though you clearly believe in both, one will always override the other, and that’s a problem. Success in love magick will come to you once you get to a point mentally, that your belief in magick supersedes your blackpill beliefs…but you aren’t there yet mentally. You need to work on that. My BALG Repository of Success Stories might be a good place to start to help you gain confidence in magicks ability to fix any persons situation no matter how dire.

Second bit of advice is to tone down on your use of every spirit in the astral realm related to love magick. Pick one spirit and actually develop a relationship with that one spirit…whether it be Asmodeus, or Sargatanas, or any other spirit in this field that resonates with you. The mentality of, “Okay since my problem is super special, I’ll need five spirits to do the job of one to overcome it” is logic that doesn’t work in magick when it comes from a place of doubt. Build an altar to the spirit if you must in order to solidify your connection. Do as much research on the spirit that you can, starting with the experiences from people here on the forum. Once you gain that faith and confidence in the spirit, then start asking it for specific things to improve your love life.

Now, I’ll just take you at your word that you are a socially active person, even though nine times out of ten, folks who think as you do (ie. blackpillers), are extremely reclusive and live on the internet…but I’ll just add that sometimes changing your location (what blackpillers call geomaxxing) helps immensely. There is a certain truth about the difficulty of dating for men in countries like the USA/Canada/UK. If you date in these countries as a male, its like picking up a new video game and playing it on hard mode for the first play through. Its a silly way to go about it, unless you just like the challenge. Travelling elsewhere, even if its for a few days, can help to lower the difficulty mode of this game, and give you that confidence needed to start playing the dating game on harder difficulty levels. Fundamentally, women are the same everywhere, but cultural/economic differences between countries provides idiosyncrasies within the dating culture that can be exploited, especially by westerners. I will sometimes come across these incel/blackpill types who complain about how hard dating is, just to find out that they live in a city like Los Angeles. So not only does this person live in one of the hardest countries to date in as a guy…they live in one of the hardest cities in the hardest country’s to date in as a guy. Its a bit asinine. Travel. See whats out there. If you marry this practical advice with the magickal advice I’ve given you, your dating life will be better than 99% of men on this planet.


Thanks for the time you put to write all of this yes i follow some blackpill youtube content but no im not an incel bcz i dont think its over that is why im still trying thanks for the response you helped me alot.
You are right i had some success in the magic and also some failures about my look im getting bald.
About my mentality your completely right rejections destroyed my confidence and i had a terrible mother and bcz of her im taking antipsychotic ( For paranoid delustions like having obssesive thoughts that women are going to beat me like my mother ) which make dating for me alot harder even if i wad 10/10 guy i still would struggle to date someone.
I know there are lot of threads about love demons but i really have trust in you i read many of your posts and i like your point of view my question is which demon do you recommand for love ( Not lust ).
And there is a thread about powerful layered live spell and there are many entities involve in it can i use that if yes there is an entity called Ladilok can i use simple evocation or i need to buy ea book called kingdom of flame to evoke her.
Thanks for the replay im really glad that your helping me.

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Well its good to hear that you at least acknowledge you have a problem with your engagement in these blackpill philosophies. That’s really the first step. When i talk to blackpillers, they will often argue that the value of the blackpill is that it informs men that “its not your fault”…and that realization frees you from feeling bad over your situation. But when I look at blackpillers, it seems like the blackpill makes them more miserable, angry and depressed. When I find out that something is not my fault, that typically frees me of any guilt or negative feelings over the situation…and I’m able to move on. But “moving on” in this community is viewed as “coping.” Its a crabs in the bucket mentality. This is why I stress the need for you to unplug from this stuff, because it will wreck any hope you have of finding success with magick in this area.

Now as to the spirit to go with…I would prefer you picked one for yourself that resonated with you. All I’ll say is avoid ladilok. Not that Ladilok is bad…but given the place mentally that you are coming from, I really don’t think Ladilok is a good fit for you given her description and the experience other users have had with her. Sargatanas seems to be an entity a lot of folks on here have had success with. There is a master thread here where people have shared their experiences with Sargatanas that you may want to check out. I haven’t used him myself but its a good place to start. You may also want to look into doing some self healing rituals with a spirit like Glas’yos from EA’s book of Azazel. Its a spirit that specializes in healing folks of depression, anxiety and pretty much any psychological issue a person may have. It sounds like you could definitely use some of that.


Thanks i will start working with Sargatanas the another problem that i have is i forgot the person face but i go into same university as her and i know her name is it ok or it require that i remember her face too.

I’ve been bald for more than a decade, mate. So let me give you a little bit of insider info: is not an issue unless you make it an issue. Stand tall and let your scalp shine. Don’t give a fuck and nobody will. Also, with your head shaven you’ll look more like a shark and that’s fucking awesome. So do not worry and enjoy awesomeness. And lift. And grow a beard.

If what you wanted is not just sex, but to be loved, then the spirit is less important than the frame. Just go to about anyone who can attract people to people ask for someone who fits your criteria of someone who you could love and is looking for someone to love (that happen to fit your own characteristics). In your place I would go for Aphrodite.


Well, I would start by making things a bit easier for yourself by not trying to get a specific girl right off the bat. This can be a bit harder, and take a bit longer. I don’t think you are confident enough yet in all this stuff to pull that off. I would instead ask a spirit to bring a person into your life that you’ve never seen before. Someone that exists out there in the ether that you would find attractive. For this specific girl, remember her face would be important for the visualization aspect of the sigil magick you will likely be doing.

Btw, you may also find a book called Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield useful as well. It has a very practical, step by step method of calling upon spirits that seems to work well for newcommers. The ebook is pretty cheap.

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Thank you so much

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I work magick to improve myself as a man. I feel to many in this forum always want to change the external instead of themselves. If you have an ugly face then I in your case would use magick to build my muscles and shoulders so women will look at that instead, to make my skin more clean and pretty. I focus at the moment also to find a way so I can restore my hair as my hair in the top no longer grows as it did in my youth. I disagree with the black pillers. I believe there are things a man can do to become attractive but it takes work but I have learned all in life takes work. The same I have learned with magick. The will have to be strong in order to make magick work.