Middle aged-guy making love to 19 year old HAIL KING ASMODEUS

Hi I am a Middle aged-guy and I’d been liaising with KING ASMODEUS for a while, checking in with HIM, asking him to bring me sexy young women and MILFS to make love to. I will give more details as the thread goes on but for now I can say that HE was involved in allowing me to smooch with a 19 year old girl I met when out on the town.

HAIL KING ASMODEUS the miracle worker.

Work with HIM. .


…and here HE is ;he demon Asmodeus,
supporting the holy water stoup in the
Church of Saint Mary Magdalene
Rennes-le-Château, Languedoc, France


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I gave various gifts to HIS altar-sigil; , cigars, rum, chocolate and sometimes semen. I checked in with HIM whenever i was lonely-horny, HE looks scary-Demonic of course but is a true Gent, has counselling-listening skills and has compassion.

Also when i was horny and feeling like there was no way i would meet a woman (during the height of the prolonged lockdown; all bars etc shut) there was a woman who works in the (big) building in work in who got flirty with me one day. HE arranged this miraculous situation. I’d never seen her before.



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Congratulations friend.

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Hello, @Koj_Koj

It is a rule in this community to introduce yourself. So please make a separated thread for that explaining what kind of magick do you practice, for how long, your interests, age and where do you hail from.


This isn’t that a miraculous feat. People do this all the time without the help of demons. How do you know that it’s the demon and not simply your will and effort that you had put in to accomplish this?


A result doesn’t have to be miraculous for it to be attributed to magick, Part of the problem is that you’re a newcomer to magick…and your current struggles with getting results (yes, i do remember your previous posts) is jading you imo. What you need to understand is that magick works through coincidence…so when the result comes, its often not going to look like something from a Harry Potter movie.


Bitter and frustrated much? You need KING ASMODEUS in your existence, I know i’ve been there.


By coincidence today is my third day working a series of 9 rituals with Asmodai.

I received 1/3 of what I asked for, I will publicly thank Asmodai when he delivers the rest. I think he’s in a very good mood this week. I recommend trying this Great Demon.

*pics later


King asmoday is so badass dude! Iv’e been using this a lot to as well you might like !

Also Check out this article Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. VI – V.K. Jehannum

A spirit named Pheasarr can raise your sexual magnetism in a huge way , after a few weeks of meditations with him and asking him to raise mine its worked great !


Very frustrated. I’ve tried evoking a number of demons but after no results I have decided to stick with one until results start to show.

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What you need to understand is that magick works through coincidence…

There have been times in my life when things have coincidentally worked out for the good that I would have sworn that I must have some guardian angel looking out for me.The change that I am seeking in my life is not something that I can mistake for a coincidence. It’s also something that unless I get some magical help it very much likely will not happen. So, this is why results are so important to me. This is why I’m critical about the difference between the results of magic and the results of mundane efforts.

Well yeah it isn’t a fast food restaurant y’know, a lot of people here have been doing this for years.

Is that really what he looks like though?

Congratulations, truly. I envy what you did, lol. Right on, rock on.

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Spirit s in general are made up of energy, so Father Asmodeus could take on any form he likes. It’s the same for other spirits as well.

I don’t think so; a few years ago once in the Astral plane, I’ve met Asmodeus as a man with a fish head.

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I must ask, are you an attractive guy like a DILF deal or did Asmodeus pull off a miracle for you?


Good work! Tell us how it went down? Where did you meet her?