An experiment of total failure and utter disappointment

So growing up in a retarded society where 30 year old virgin men is the norm. Me nearing his 30s and having discovered Goetia recently, decided to perform an experiment. Now, I am very much acquainted with the entities.

The experiment involves me going to a pretty nice hotel, which has a regular influx of single women in groups, staying there for a month and trying to get laid. Being part of a retarded childhood, talking to women is a difficult endeavour for me.

I tried my best, I worked out. Got in shape, got pretty decent face. I did the physical side of things reasonably well, everything short of washboard abs.

I took out a paper, drew the sigils of Sitri, Ashmodai, Gremori, Gaap and Zepar. Gave my drop of blood, with the aim being, “I get sex with as many women of my choosing as possible with mutual orgasm”. I had the sincere intention of giving women orgasm.

Now, it went as far as once or twice, women, eyeing me and doing the thing with their hair inviting me to talk to them. But whenever I tried to talk, it doesn’t go anywhere. It failed every fucking time. Ronove, Ipos were totally useless in this endeavor. Dantalion also disappointed.

Either I just couldnot go and say the right thing to the woman, or as the conversation goes, it doesnot go anywhere, or I donot know how to get her to bed. I have given blood multiple times to these entities and all they didnot fulfil their end of the deal.

There are so many situations where, it came very very close, but something fucks up at the last moment.

So my question, is, is there anything way way stronger than Goetia for this kind of thing?

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This is a pretty tall order, addressed to a whole suite of entities. You could try a more realistic and targeted approach; choose one specific women, or aim to have sex with, say, three women in the next few months. Maybe give each entity a specific task, or work with them one at a time. This would make it easier for spirits to deliver and for you to manifest, imo.

Did you have a mutual conversation with the entities that ended in an agreement?

Words are powerful. I don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors by using language that shuts you down and cuts you off from your goal. @Veil has written a lot on here about changing your mindset using the law of assumption to manifest your intent.

Maybe a domination spell? Try combining the two? Goetia have proven again and again that they can get people sexed. Consider reworking instead of abandoning. That is my advice at least.


So I’ve gone through your post here and some of your other threads, and my assessment is that you have a few problems

  1. You sound like you engage with/internalize too much blackpill content

  2. You may have unrealistic expectations given your skill level

  3. You have a bad general attitude/strategy towards Magick and picking up women

Point 1

Now, lets go through these in order. First, its quite a coincidence that I come across yet another user within a day who I suspect of being a blackpiller. This philosophy seems to be spreading like a cancer among young impressionable men, which is unfortunate because it does nothing for you. The reason I suspect you engage with blackpill content is because you speak like them. The hyperventilation and doomerism over being a 30 y/o virgin, overemphasis on looks (especially the face) at the neglect of almost everything else that is important for attraction, your somewhat autistic approach to picking up women…all tend to be hallmarks of a blackpiller. Even if I’m wrong, it doesn’t quite matter because you behave exactly like them and so you will have the same result as the ones who happen to try Magick.

The problem with having blackpill beliefs is that the blackpill is the antithesis of Magick. The essence of blackpill ideology is that your lot in life is determined through your genetics at birth, whereas the essence of Magick and the left hand path is that your lot in life can be altered by significant degrees via the application of occult knowledge. Like the last blackpiller I just talked to you likely suffer from the conflict in your mind between the two philosophies. You may believe in magick, and you may not think that “its over” for you, but your belief in the blackpill supersedes your belief in magick. So you have enough faith in Magick to half-ass attempt it, but your blackpilled way of thinking will prevent your magick from working, because effective love magick cannot be done if you can’t genuinely envisage the result that you’ve asked for (ie. women in their prime finding you attractive even though you’re balding, have an imperfect canthal tilt, or a recessed jaw). You cannot serve two masters. One of these beliefs have to go. Magick is not a hard science where adding Hydrogen and Oxygen into a beaker will give you water 100% of the time, regardless of the mental state of the person mixing the elements. When it comes to magick, your mental state going into ritual matters.

Point 2

You seem to have pretty wild expectations for someone who is still fairly new to magick. Is it possible to develop a harem of women via proper magickal workings? Yes. Is it possible at your current skill level and mental state to do it? Well, I have my doubts. I’m not sure what this obsession is with needing to bed hordes of women given your current predicament. Right now, you’re a 30 y/o virgin. How about you start from a more sane and practical position of getting one attractive woman into bed first…then move on to more once you’ve climbed that first rung of the ladder. You’re putting the cart before the horse. If your experience with Magick is on the low end, start the game on easy mode, then progress naturally to harder and harder difficulty levels as you get some confidence-building wins under your belt. You can barely speak to women, yet you thought it would be a good idea to overwhelm yourself with a harem. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Point 3

Your general strategy here with both Magick and women is a bit lacking. Lets start with the magick:

Right away I can already see one potential problem. Like most newcomers to magick who have doubts about its efficacy, instead of going with one spirit which is more than enough to get a person regular sex, you choose to employ half the spirits in the astral realm because you don’t have much confidence in any one of them individually being able to do the job on their own, and as usual, this approach ended in failure. You asked the question:

In reality willowtree, any one of those spirits is more than capable of completing this task. The problem is not with them. Its most likely with you. Your confidence in magick is not strong enough to pull off what you’re asking for. I’m not even sure if its strong enough to pull off even getting a single attractive woman…due to your blackpillish beliefs. Why would you need a stronger spirit than say Asmoday for example, when Asmoday on his own was perfectly capable of getting users like @Otherion a threesome? How is it that you could employ Asmoday, along with four other spirits of the goetia and get zero sex, but Otherion uses just Asmoday alone and lands a threesome without having to even leave his house? Well, the key is what I said above. Otherion has full faith and confidence in magick and in any individual spirit of the goetia to get simple tasks like getting laid done. You do not. This is something you need to work on.

And now onto your strategy on picking up women in general. Who in gods name told you that it was a great idea to creepily hang around in a hotel for a month to pick up passersby? Like…if you said you went to the same bar for a month straight, I’d have more sympathy because at least you’re in a place where folks are expecting to be hit on to some degree. Why would you hang around in a hotel where a good chunk of the folks going there are probably already taken? Magick works the path of least resistance normally…meaning that if you ask for women, its going to pick out from a crowd the women that require the least amount of effort to pull (ie. single women). What bothers me here is that you were warned about this beforehand. Experienced female users like @Mulberry told you back in March not to do this, but you did it anyways. Why? Again, this goes towards the general half-assed nature of your approach to all this. You aren’t really taking the time to approach your problem in a reasoned and methodical way. Its seems like more of a harry potter fantasy sort of approach, where you spill enough blood, say Abracadabra, and within a few weeks, women will be all lined up at your hotel room door ready to get fucked. You’re doing things wrong mate, but you need to actually be willing to humble yourself and listen to advice that is being given to you. Only then will you start to see success.


I wasn’t going to comment on this to try and keep it strictly magickal, but since the door has been opened…yeah that is not a great approach. To put it lightly. Especially since, unless I misread it, you actually paid money to do this. It is not strategic and is very likely to put people off. This is why we have places like clubs and bars.


To summarize what Verdo said… OP is experiencing a self fulfilling prophecy. And as long as he doesn’t believe it can be different, it won’t.

Also… OP, start talking to women like you talk to people, because that’s what they’re.


I second this, and point 2 is @Verdo’s post, and as it happens, I’m currently making a post with links to BALG newsletters with magickal advice, and I JUST found one that says the same thing: the 2nd biggest mistake in magick is to set the goals to high and too fast.

So I suggest breaking this up into different attack vectors: being attractive to your preferred type of woman (on mental and emotional levels as well as physical), being able and willing to supply what these women want (or they’ll think you’re hot but pass anyway), and opportunity.


Personality and charisma are innate with some. Others have to work on it. If you have been antisocial or had less experience with the opposite sex for most your life, you can’t expect it to change immediately. That, and people can sense if you are desperately trying to hook up and aren’t used to it.

Couple of suggestions:

  1. Hang around more social places then the hotel, at local bars/hangouts. Make some friends and go out without the expectation of hooking up and more of just talking and getting to know people.
  2. Maybe lower your standards a bit at first. Not saying to go completely out of your league in either direction, but just be more reasonable with your current skill level. Think of it as practice.

Give it time and build up you game and personality. Good luck to ya!

“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain…” ~Mark Twain


I think that you need to fix your relationship internally with sex and women before trying to place all these expectations on how your methods work or worrying about failure.


See but here’s the thing mate…Your analogy doesn’t make sense because in no way are you a lion. At least not when it comes to getting laid. You’re a 30 y/o virgin who speaks of women and sex like a 15 y/o virgin. You remind me more of a baby cub that is learning all this stuff for the first time. You don’t know how any of this stuff works (both love magic and women) and haven’t figured it out for 30+ years, yet still you want to compare yourself to an apex predator? One thing I’ve noticed about you is that everything is always someone elses fault but you. You’re a 30 y/o virigin? Well that’s “retarded societies” fault. You incorrectly summoned every goetia you could find to get you laid and it failed? Well, that’s magicks fault…now I need to find something more powerful than them to replace them, even though spirits like Asmoday single-handedly were able to get other users threesomes without even having to leave their house.

End up in “so many situations where, it came very very close” as you say…but “something” (ie. not you) fucks up at the last moment.

In a thread you made in February, you believed that all your failures with women was perhaps due to some mysterious entity wreaking havoc in your life:

Again, you aren’t the problem, as it must be some outside mysterious force keeping you down. You have a lot of questions for us, but I only have one for you. At what point in all this do you ever say, “the reason I failed is because of me and me alone”? Is that a possibility that could ever factor in to your calculus?

I don’t say all this to insult you…but to bring you back to reality. Part of the reason why you’re failing is that your expectations are way too high for your current skill level in magick. The magick didn’t fail you. You failed the magick. But I’m not sure if your ego will allow you to accept that at this point in time. I’m not sure how much of my post you actually read, but at the end I told you that you needed to humble yourself and actually listen to the advice that people are giving you here instead of ignoring it. The unearned bravado isn’t going to get you laid. A sound approach with an understanding of how magick actually works will. The only thing that gives me hope for you is that you said that you have massive inner work to do, which is quite true. I hope that inner work leads you to finding some humility in all this, because I think you are the main roadblock towards your own success here


You have to deal with your own issues and expectations and belief system first before you start latching onto these methods like it’s your hope to do so. If you find peace within yourself through some sort of guidance system and confront your emotions, finding a self-centered and grounded understanding of your relationship to these things will help you infinitely more than trying and experimenting with outside forces in a way where it is meant to be a substitute for you feeling better in general.

By all means use magick, but make sure that before you do that you know what you are doing or you have a healthy relationship to all of these things.

Also, I don’t know what it is with people in self-improvement circles who grow up on the internet, but treating women like they are merely targets in a creepy, maybe possessive way needs to stop.

It’s not healthy to build your ego based on how you can attract or obtain members of the opposite sex, and it makes it seem like women are just these creatures that are meant to be hunted by men.


Verdo unpacked everything that is wrong with your analogy already. Perhaps you might want to listen to all of the non-virgins who are telling you, again and again, that this is not strategic.


Additionally, you have not acknowledged or responded to any of the comments directly addressed to you by women, all of whom are trying to help you. I am not sure if this is due to your inability to communicate effectively with women, or your disregard for their input when it doesn’t involve them fucking you, but no magick is going to be able to help you sleep with women if this is how you interact with them.


Lol…dude. When I say the lion anology, I don’t mean I am the lion. I am saying there is a regular influx of single women here.
Also I am humble enough. What I need is confidence and will.

In reality, while this experiment was conducted, I had very partial success, like I got to finger a girl into her orgasm twice. Where as one more time, a girl asked for workout advice and asked herself to be groped. And one time, a girl almost came into my room, but I just couldn’t think of the right words to say to seal the deal.

So what I am specifically asking from this forum, is, how the mechanics of lusting for results sabotages the magick. Of course the reason for failure is me, that’s why I go the magick route.

So my question is, isn’t the internal alchemy necessary for manifestation, included in the package, when I wrote the letter to the entities? The reason for employing multiple spirits, is that, they can divide up the work. I trust their wisdom and I trust that they would do anything to make the manifestation come true, both internal and external.

Also, in this forum, I see lots of post on layering your magick. What do you think about that?

Yes. That is true. That’s why I am going for magick and hoping the internal alchemy necessary will be automatically taken care of.

Yeah. Sitri told me to do mindfulness meditation.

When I find I have trouble talking to a girl. I yell out to the entities.
“Possess me! Possess me! Possess me! And then do all the talking”
Wish it had worked!

Listen mate, we aren’t stupid. You weren’t just saying there are single women there. Obviously you want them, and you went there to get them hence the predator/prey analogy. But I digress.

I don’t really buy into this sudden success you’re claiming to have now that you’re being called out:

Yeah…i kinda call bullshit on this. You were very clear in your original post here that you only got as far as talking

It went as far as women seeming like they wanted to talk to you, but when you tried… it didn’t go anywhere. That was the truth. Now all of a sudden when called out, you’re claiming that things with these women went way further. You’re making stuff up now because you put yourself in a box by admitting you’re a 30 y/o virgin that can barely talk to women. Now in order to defend your way of doing things, you need to manufacture experiences that never happened. Sheesh dude, you really can’t just admit that the failure was due to you and you alone.

You don’t need to layer magick to get laid mate. People layer their magick when the problem is complicated and has multiple moving parts. Again, i already linked you an example of where Asmoday, a single spirit, got a user here a threesome…and they didn’t need to creepily loiter around in a hotel for a month to do it. So no, the layering is irrelevant because that is not your problem.


You can consider something a failure, while still including it in your original post. You considered your failed conversations with these women failures, but you still included it in your original post because it actually happened. If these newfound sexual experiences actually happened, you would’ve included that in your original post but marked them as failures because it didn’t go as far as you wanted it. Now you’re kinda trying to gaslight the forum.

When it comes to this goal of getting laid, you aren’t doing anything right, and the reason you failed is due to you and you alone. Not magick, not society, not women. Just you. The moment you can read what I’ve bolded there and say, “yeah i agree” is the moment you will be able to take your first steps towards actually finding success with this. But at this point in time, I don’t think your ego will allow you to stoop that low in your mind.


Ofcourse it is me. That’s why I go to magick. I expect all the internal alchemy to be done for me, when I summoned the entities and signed in blood. What else can one do?

I am still a virgin. The partial success are irrelvant, given the 40+ encounters that didn’t go as planned, and the two partial success. I am talking about the majority case here and I wrote that in fury, after another missed chance, oblivious to the partial success.

Are you stroking your own ego here? Partial success or not what does it matter to you? You had some good points. I respect that. If you have some good advice give it, if you don’t have something constructive to say. Don’t reply.

Great answer!
What do you think about, the method of, drawing a sigil and signing it in blood method
something like Demons of Magick method?