Glamour magick hiding defects

I’ve never done glamour magick before so I don’t know much about it. I have done my research on it, but have a question about how it could work.

Lets say for instance someone has something like a large hideous scar on their face or something else that is considered a ’ major defect’ on them that can not be hidden with makeup or anything like that. Can glamour magick help prevent it from it being noticed straight away by others and them seeing beauty instead of the defect on their face?


Yes. Glamour magick is basically a way of changing how you are perceived by others. For example, the so-called “invisibility” spells that abound in the occult are technically a form of glamour magick, as they project an energetic cloak around the magician that makes it harder for others to perceive their presence.

For your example of a scar, simply wrapping oneself up in a cocoon of confidence and inner beauty could easily make people glance over a scar. The way you are perceived by others is very dependant on how you perceive yourself. If you are self-conscious about something you think of as a “defect,” then you will make it glaringly obvious to others, drawing their attention to it just by your own focus. If you accept it, or forget it is even there, then others are much more likely to not notice it, or if they do, they won’t think twice about it.


Thanks @DarkestKnight
You are definitely right . I often have people tell me the physical issue I have is the first thing they did notice when meeting me but they then say after getting to know me, they no longer see it when looking at me because of who I am and my personality.

However there are situations where I am initially judged and stared at in public which I am unfortunately still trying to not give a shit about (for a lack of better terms). But as we all know most people can be dicks when it comes to what society deems as acceptable, looks wise.

So I suppose maybe work with one that provides glamour magick that can help me with my confidence in not caring and not being insecure with it. Who would be best for that in your opinion?

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Glamour magick is basically just energy manipulation, so you don’t really need a spirit for it, you can do it yourself working with your own aura and chi.

However, if you want a spirit, I’d go with someone like Lilith, Aphrodite, Freya, or Hera, goddesses who are all about beauty confidence, and strength.

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Thank you!

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I agree 100% with Darkest Knight.
Your scar only exists in the Projection Field, you don’t actually have a scar. So since you control the PF, you can make us feel whatever about it. I’ve seen extremely successful models and actors with scars and it makes them hotter for some reason…Projection Field!