Lesbian/bi convertion

So I want a change a gay/bi chick into being straight. She also has a girlfriend I kind of need that to be over. I need to way to accomplish this task. I have kind of worked with Lucifer and I need an entity like Venus or sitri. Give me your recommendations what I should do. Don’t come her saying that this is wrong. If you are keep it to yourself. Link some things I could use if u can, thank you.

There are threads about this if you search this forum, good luck!

Well if she’s bi, then it’s not really necessary, because she’s already attracted to men.

Also, yes, it is wrong. You’re better off finding a straight woman.


What should I look for?

This has been covered in a thread about turning a straight man gay. As stated above, do a search. The advice will be the same and it prevents people having to repeat themselves.

You are asking something very difficult. You want to change a fundamental aspect of someone and they will fight your magick tooth and nail. If you succeed, then they will not be the same person you supposedly care about.

You’re a new magician according to your introduction, so I will tell you right up front, it is not going to happen. Your will is nowhere near strong enough to overcome someone else. You can call all the demons you want and fuck with this person’s life, but you will just make them hate you.

Trust the more experienced members here when they tell you, people can tell when you are trying to manipulate them into doing something they are not in the least inclined to do or in their best interest. They won’t know why, but they will develop distrust and dislike of you.

If this person is truly gay rather than bisexual (if bisexual there is at least something to build on) and you attempt to “convert” them (like the fundamentalist Christian conversion therapy), you will cause irreparable psychological damage to your target, which can lead to things such as suicide. If you have no issues with causing someone’s death just to get your rocks off, then all the power to you.

I might as well tell you, Venus ain’t gonna do shit for you because what you want to do has nothing to do with with love and everything to do with raping this person’s mind. Oh, and expect possible blow back from their Higher Self and any other protective spirits they may have. They do not have to be magically active to have entities watching their back.

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I know this person is bi but she is dating a chick any spells to change their relationship status

There are ways to make her want you physically, and there are ways to create an opportunity for that desire to be consumated. It isn’t a matter of subjugation, so try to banish that kind of thinking if it is present. If you’re after a girl who likes girls you should approach Venus or Byleth or any female aspect of love and emotion.

Be prepared for it to not work on your intended target. You might be presented with a better match. Love isn’t all about you. That’s an incredibly important thing to keep in mind.

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If she is bisexual, and has dated men in the past, then a basic break up spell can end her relationship, and then you can follow it with a standard love spell, because there is something to build on. This is a best case scenario because having a foundation to build on makes the magic easier.

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I am going to sound like a dick but why bother? You are obviously a new magician and are likely not even going to practice inside of a year if you are asking for things like this. The best thing for you to do is move on and not try to mess with something you can’t handle. That includes both the girl and the spells.

I am just so sick of seeing these types of threads and it’s starting to grind on my nerves.


Can you link any love spell that have worked for you same for break up.

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Again do a search on this forum. If you really want something you need to do the leg work.

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So agree man :expressionless:


I have never had the need to do a love spell.

Here is a thread with information on spells other people have had success with however:

Never mind the title; they are basic love spells.

I have many times. I have seen many spells. I have heard ea koetting spell works but I haven’t tried it. Hell I think I’ve gone through everything to do with love and lust on this site. but everytime someone says that the spell worked I see no instructions to that spell. If anyone thinks eas spell is good tell me so. Also is sitri good with break ups? And is paimon good into changing her mind in this other chick?

No, King Paimon does not deal with love issues so if she has feelings for her girlfriend, he will not get involved to change her mind.

Here is a great break up spell from a former member of this forum who is very skilled and knowledgeable.

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A simple search for ‘break up spells’ brings up many threads. i have given you all you need. Do the break up spell first, giving it plenty of time to do its work, and then work the love/lust spell.

Not sure where you got the idea KING Paimon would help with relationships… it’s in most thread about him here that he’s not interested in that.

Tell me you searched “many times” again? It didn’t take Dark long to find those links.

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Just another question, this person might be planning to leave the work place is king paimon able to help with stopping that?