Legal issues & Price on my head

Earlier this month I was shot at by someone that was trying to remain unidentified. They were involved in some sort of road rage altercation with someone else infront of my house, and then hit my mailbox with their car when they returned to the scene. The car was disabled, I attempted to get the license plate but shots started being fired at me through back windshield that had been broken in the road rage (I’m not the cop calling type, I rent my home and this person was already in the commission of multiple felonies and was very likely going to be arrested, so I was going to just give my land lord the info the next day). At this point I had bullets flying by my head and hitting the ground infront of me, I heard that weird “zooooom” within inches of my right ear, so I defended my life by firing my weapon, hitting one suspect in the head, I was no less than 10 yards away, but there was no cover to be had.
This resulted in my house being raided despite my willingness to comply, a statement was falsified by a LEO where he accused that I refused to tell them where the gun I shot the suspect with was located (complete lie), but I was never asked and had even placed it in plain view.
After they got their warrant for the gun, they walked right past the gun and swept my entire house, top to bottom. Ultimately they found a little under a pound of marijuana, and roughly 60 thc vape cartridges. They ended up taking 4 guns (all legally purchased, and I have a license to carry), body armor, just under $1949 cash (on their report they stated $1549, which is rather convenient considering the fact that I had 4 $100 bills in that wad of money), and my phone, and a couple weighing scales.
The detective cleared me in the shooting but was being a total dick, and threatened me with a charge of dealing marijuana (my state is not with the times so that’s a major felony with the guns considered). Having all this looming over my head, I decided it was time to use it or lose it when it came to magik, to stop being intimidated and use my power in ways I’d only thought about until this time of need. I’d never performed a rite up until this point, but I was pointed to King Belial by someone on reddit who was nice enough to not only instruct me on how to get the help I need, but to also perform the ritual to King Belial on my behalf for added effect.

I put on red clothes and all my gold jewelry, I drew his sigil, played his enn while I did his chant until I got a chill through my entire body that gave me goosebumps, lit an orange candle, burned incense (my blood was dripped on the incense even though I wasn’t told to do it) , and spoke to him about what I was dealing with. While doing this I said his name frequently, drank whiskey, and uncharacteristically of myself smoked 2 entire Black n Mild cigars that I told him I was smoking in his name(was not instructed to smoke, but it felt right) . I was brought to tears while I spoke to him. After I made my request, I left him a shot on my altar, pricked my finger and put my blood all over the sigil, wrote a handwritten thank you note to him, and also left a little tobacco as well. When the shot disappeared I left another one as well as a cigarette. The cigarette disappeared, and a day later so did the other shot of whiskey. Another sign I had was a door in the back of my house slamming shut with a lot of force while a guest I had over was saying the detectives were going to play dirty and make sure I do time.

I’ve since crafted my own sigil, charged it through masterbation, and asked King Belial to bless it. I did this by writing “No Charges Filed”, was instructed to cross out any vowels or repeated letter, and use what letters were left to design a sigil and to charge it by staring at it while masterbating. Doing so actually aroused me, which I wasn’t expecting, it was like looking at pornography. I left him more blood as a thank you for blessing my sigil.

I’ve been on the left hand path since I was 19 years old, I’m 24 currently. The severity of my situation made me decide I should use my power as well as seek the power of a demon.


Awesome story. Nicely done :slight_smile: Hail Belial!

It is a rule of this forum (not easy to tell, I know - no stickies) that you put an intro post up in the New Magickian category if you would.

Here’s the request:
Please tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick.

Where do you hail from?
Do you have any experience at all in magick?
If so, what have you practiced and how long have you practiced it?
If not, what areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

More basics here:

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Indiana, sir

Got ya. I already edited it too much so I don’t think I can do it again unfortunately. I forgot to mention that an associate of the man I shot is offering $5k for someone to kill me.

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I totally know the feeling… Fuck gangs I’ve been dealing with gang threats and retaliations for 15 years and it (basically: long story) all started, because someone saw me draw a pentagram in middle school. Had problems with the gangster disciples ever since fucking retarded. I can’t get into the whole thing though it’s pretty similar to your story times a million. Not to try to minimize or anything just can’t say… I wish you the best!


I had to edit my post, somehow posted it prematurely

I wish you the best of luck it sounds like the King likes you since he physically took away the shots and smoke and stayed around for a while. The 5K offer for a Hitman just means if they ever do find one there also gonna be a horrible aim. Not that I have any insight into it but I feel like your gonna be just fine with the cops.

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Do you say that because I’m also being protected by King Belial, or just that most gang bangers just don’t know how to shoot properly? It would make sense that he’s fond of me, as I’m somewhat of an outlaw and I truly am a warrior, not to over exaggerate but I refuse to be victimized by anybody and would rather die fighting than die like a coward.

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Because most gang memebers can’t shoot and anyone taking a hit for 5k is beyond an amateur. I’m glad your happy with who you are and able to use that oneness to deepen you connection to the King. I’ve never had a spirit physically accept anything yet I’m sorta jelly. I have had Satan posses someone when they said we worship differently and I responded I’d gladly meet your Lord. His face disapeared instantly like smoke for a face. Aswell as over had a giant celestial apear above me in the sky the day after my birthday it was just wow seeing the garment of heaven it’s not something this world can make.

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He did not like when my guest said I’d end up doing time. I was becoming very frustrated with this person, and that’s not normal because they’re an elder of mine who’s done alot for me so I have more patience with him than I do most people. I was nearly about to become enraged (I was warned I would have increased agression while working with Belial), when suddenly my laundry room door which is located in the back of my house slammed shut with alot of force. I also became enraged and kicked a heavy trash can so hard that Im pretty sure it broke my big toe. I reflected on how the physical pain was a lesson that I needed to direct that energy in other ways, and the injury has healed way faster than it should’ve naturally.

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I’m Glad it healed faster then normal. I was upset about fake spirits gov mind control making me see things and kicked my door frame busted my pinky toe to shit took for ever to heal. So your in able to hear him correct? Why is it so much harder to hear a spirit or demon then it is to hear a human or a ghost? It’s been hard for me lately to stop procrastinating and actually write my poem for Lucifer and dray his sigil my mind is just so hard to keep focused because of mind control making me feel like I’m being touched. But when I was preparing to contact him befor I had the image of the sigil in my mind while reading a great meditation to channel him I was just practicing and still got his attention he would make the image of my wearing his crown torch and wings stand up straight and overflowing with power and I just surges with energy physically because of him adjusting my mental image was awesome for such a small interaction I got a color appropriate candle incents and some chocolates since then. So how so I get my succubus to be able to physically accept and offering?

I would hate to mislead you and give you false information. Although I’ve been on the left hand path for about 6 years, this recent work with belial is my first real crack at these things. I was lucky enough to connect with a younger, but more experienced practicioner, so we’ve basically developed a friendship. I would suggest reading The Greater and Lesser Keys of Soloman, as well as trying to connect with others who can give you more insight into these specifics. I think that some people are just naturally inclined to seeing manifestations or being spoken to, while others have to build up to that point. Absorb as much knowledge from any source that you can, and use what calls out to you. This community seems like a perfect place, you won’t necessarily find the answers exactly as you ask them, but you will be given the tools to find the answers, and things will naturally be made clear.

@Cody_Blanco, just a heads up, the guy who keeps asking where you’re from is someone who was previously banned, he keeps proxy hopping, I am certain his intent towards you is NOT honest or coming from a helpful place, he may be trying to entrap you or otherwise cause problems, he’s really screwed up.

So please be careful what you share with any new accounts especially, and operate general caution here. :+1:


I love it when Lady_Eva switches to protective mode. You’re like a mother to all members out there. An international mama lmao :heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanx Cody I’ll add the keys of Solomon to the book list, I’ve been pretty good about seeing a manafestation so it seems it’s just been my hearing. Does anyone know if there is like a sigil I would use to amplify my succubus’s energy to have a better luck getting her to recieve a physical sighn of our love.

Thank you

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@Cody_Blanco May I ask if you had some sort of dialogue with King Belial throughout the ritual? Or did you simply use his Sigil for this? And were your senses already developed enough prior to the ritual?


He must have called to me through others. I didn’t hear any sort of direct communication, just signs that my offerings were accepted.

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Looking for an update on the dropped charges.

Damn brutal I’m glad your ok as in alive, was wondering about you. Any permanent nerve damage or should it heal up fine? Most importantly what video game where you playing, jk . So did they charge in or just shoot you through a window? I assume they ran away once firing.