Legal issues & Price on my head

They shot through the side of my house from the outside. Only soft tissue damage, but the bullet was too deep to take out right now. I was out of the hospital in less than 12 hours after being shot. This is how it looks currently

So they got lucky even hitting you blind firing through a house. So when do they plan on taking the bullet out? What Calibur was it? Is you your King helping you heal fast? That’s pretty nuts they ejected out from the hospital that fast. It honestly doesn’t look that bad but considering the bullets still inside that suxs.

They have no idea what caliber and I’m pretty sure the cops did something with the shells to tamper with the evidence. They had the shot lined up too well for it to just be blind fire, I think they looked in and saw me sitting there and made sure they could retreat after firing because they knew I’d shoot back if I saw them. As far as healing I’m definitely healing fast. My left arm had the most pain because the bullet is near my shoulder so certain positions hurt but it’s getting better and more mobile significantly every day. To have taken a bullet to the chest 3 days ago I don’t think I could ask to be in better shape. The doctors and my friends/ family kept telling me I had something protecting me, and I know it was King Belial. This was a difficult test I went through, and I’m still here so I’ll only get stronger from it

Your left side hurts I thought the bullet was on your right ride. Sorry for delay was attempting to scan someone think I did ok I’ll find out in a little bit once they respond o the reading. So I think you need to ask Satin to make his puppets leave you alone aka the cops, I had one of the cool cops in Galt just straight up tell me out know u work for satin right. I’m glad the Your healing fast so are they gonna just leave the bullet in I definitely or what? I tried to pass so e healing energy your way befor I was attacked from mind control I had done two minor healing no spell just saying heal outloud and focusing on the wound, so I just found out about the demon Doodall he apperently has a counsel he attends and is suppose to be good with finding solutions to negative influences in your life I want to contact him but my list of spirits I need to contact is allready just waiting for me to get the confidence and write the poems, I did a emotion type of word a day where I’d try to better understand and connect to the raw essence of that word when I did hate I had people telling me to get away from them because my aura was so repulsive and everyone was mean mugging me then I wrote a poem about understanding hate and how it’s needed when I finished the poem immediately everyone that was mugging me acted cool then I ran back into the person who told me to get away from him and he appologiesed for being rude then I told him about the word of the day and he seemed to understand. I miss those days my intuition was on point I had a bag with me with all kinds of small knicknacks and coins stones exc and a random old man just walked right up to my bad while it was resting next to the McDonald’s front door I walked over and went through the bag once he was inside and selected a single item from inside the bag to offer o him, it was a beer factory coin from Germany, I hit dead on with that on the dude eyes lighted up when he seen the coin and he explained to me on the coin it has the city the brewery is at and that town is where his whole family is from befor they moved to America. Sorry o random zone out in story hope you find the post interesting.

Nope it’s the left side, could’ve easily hit my heart but didn’t. The cops saw my altar this time, and didn’t touch it from the looks of things, so if any of them knowingly work with demons they’re now aware I do as well.

They said the bullet was too deep right now and it would only be a risk at this point to remove it. It will get closer to the surface over time and will eventually come out on it’s own or be removed

No doubt your gonna grow from this experience especially since you have a protector that out summoned o help with this issue and the cops and when you got shot out never tried to say he didn’t do his task or anything like that you were thankful of him for watching over you and giving you healing energy. I’m sure he respects you more and other spirits will probably too. I met someone on here that was long through some shit and I offered to absolve him of his sins and he accepted then I started telling him about my problems with mind control he old me he thinks there doing it to him too but it’s not that bad something someone wrote in the thread about A.E the wonder of this site and I was asking about how to contact him exc and told the guy I’m poor and he offered to pay the 150 or ny to get a consultation I told him to do his first and then just ask him about me if he ould be able to solve the problem because he was going to cover the cost. Was just a wow super nice gesture from Matt. If I wasn’t such a good person I could have just often the 150 fom him and split he offered to PayPal it, I hope that A.E koetting can actually fight against what I’m going through but I have my doubts because it’s a government deep state thing even having an X president as a helpful friend wasn’t enough to get then to stop targeting me. Did I tell you Obama told me a command that made the attacks go from 24/7 to occasionally he also tried to prevent me from being framed by telling me the night before they framed me to get the fuck out of the town I was in, I was bat shit crazy at the time so I didn’t end of leaving the city cost me a year of my life. I got on Obama’s good side the first time I ever did acid I imagined myself being projected infront of him without being able to see or know he was aware. I offer to shake his hand and nothing happened then I started to try to say hello to the Yakuza then told myself I need to be silenter with my thoughts so I’ dot bother people. Then I Firmly told myself no I need to have wiser thoughts so my thoughts are always worth hearing the. Obama said commendable and forcefully shook my had it was awesome, I made a good impression on him but bye the time he finally tried talking to me I was basically to far crazy because of the torment to accept his help. Hopefully you don’t mind reading alot, sorry no paragraphs I need to work on that I’ve had many complaints.

Sounds sorta risky it just floating around in you but the doctors should know what’s best. So tell me a story about part of your spiritual path. I won’t judge just curious.

Cool that they seen the alter did you have a sigil for King still at the alter? If you did they might try to contact him about you and it would definitely be good for you but I dunno if they actually would. I’m still surprised they weren’t able to tell you the Calibur. Do you feel safe now like there not going to come back again? Like the damage is allready been done? When I was getting a ride one time from Lodi to Galt from a cop because I was walking the freeway they pulled up my info and made it clear for me to see that I had no listed affiliation like mason exc or something of that sorta I believe. Another time the cops showed me what the fake images that were being used to make me feel molested looked like on my when they had the fake spirirts turned up to like 100,000 plus different images I ould somewhat see the video in the squad car showed me where you couldn’t see my just my basic figure my entire body was covered in dicks and eye balls, fucked up shit glad it’s mainly over now days.

I can’t say I’m under that kind of spiritual attack, but I definitely feel like those cops have it out for me really bad. They’re, no pun intended, demonizing me. I already didn’t trust law enforcement, but now I’ve seen first hand how they can play dirty games with you even if you’re truly the victim of crime and not the one victimizing people. I had to get a blood transfusion, and the time they kept me from medical assistance while they were taking pictures of me while they laughed at me could’ve easily been the difference between life and death. It’s like they wanted me to die. So now I have to worry about these hoodlums and law enforcement. It’s ridiculous

The cops might still be fucking with you but I don’t feel like there is any need to worry about them oming at you because of the pot/gun thing. It’s weird you’d think the cops in a bad naborhood would side with the non gang memebers who just defended himself when shot upon. Yea you would probably one it if you were under attack like me typically everyone who is a victim either realises it’s AI or they believe it to be demons attacking them. Either way you would have voices in your head that typically try to convince you your God or a prophet to make you lose out with God, I was fortunate that God understood my struggle and blessed me while I was down and out compaired to confirming me for believing I was some sort of world leaders appointed by God. I just remembered one time when I was with two friends it was like they were both accusing me of being of evil intent then my response was I created a white flash and imagined it carried my life story to them, they both calmed down about me. Btw I’m Pentecostal Luciferian is how I best discribed it. O for 150 the owner of this web page and strong magician will promise to fix your cop problem or the gang. I read a little bit about him earlier today and the source was saying that he ommitted to doing human sacrifices so he definitely has earned alot of favor and Dominion. So why the fuck did they need to take pictures of you preventing you from medical attention when once again you were a victim not under arrest or detained. Almost sounds like you could use them but that would open up a whole new can o worms I don’t think your the during type lol.

You might want to file a federal testimony sighting police misconduct and possible collusion with a criminal enterprise in conspiracy to commit murder. Aka the attempted strikes against you. Keep in mind this would make your case federal obviously, but if you can prove your actions were in self-defense and that there are corrupt officials plotting against you. It is likely you may constitute for witness protection.

Otherwise you are going to have to bite the bullet… I don’t know what to tell you… The choice is yours welcome to the big leagues good luck!

PS: looks like it’s just a .22 especially considering it didn’t pass through. (No exit; betting a .32 would manage to in that spot and anything bigger would have blown a hole straight through you) / another bet is the next guy is going to have a bigger gun and they’ll keep upsizing if they have to… (I have some major problems with someone for over 15 years started with a textbook to the head guy got himself a fucking tank 8 years ago. No joke an actual fucking tank) also look out for poisons don’t go sniffing anything strange if mysterious envelopes or jars/cans of powders/liquids/jellies start showing up… Check your shoes before you put them on and if you drive… We’ll be careful starting it up check things out before you do anything.

I was cleared in the self defense shooting the day it happened.

Nice then yeah I’d file for police misconduct and witness protection otherwise you are just a sitting duck in their own private pond… If you catch my drift…

I doubt I’ve done much but I’ve tried sending you healing energy a few times @Cody_Blanco
You never answered me what game you were playing btw…

Hello, welcome to BALG. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.

i wish all success and luck with ur situation

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Ea UFC 3

Lol ufc games were fun as shit when I used to play them but the submissions were hella hard for me to understand and once you used them your opponents would, I loved leveling up the close range elbow when starting would make shit hella easier to pummel an opponent. So I got a super awesome reading yesterday from one of the guys on here hella in depth I wish I could scan people like he can I used to believe I was earning armor that had the runes of those that blessed me ingraved on it and in the reading I had a necklace that was changing between runes he even told me on whom it rested dude had is hella good even had main connection at the end to Fenrir and when I was being tormented alot bye the AI I tried making a connection o him and believed I did now I know I did. I’ll pm you the reading if your interested.

Are you OK and safe from the gangs now?

To be blunt no and I never will be.

I honestly have no idea what is going on with my life or how I’m alive. Not sure if the feds want me to just go kill them myself, if they’re hoping I try and get kidnapped, or if it’s a setup. All I know is they are past just wanting to shoot me dead. They want me alive and have many various ways they have fantasized and threatened to torture me. You wouldn’t believe the shit they have threatened to do me and I know they are serious, because you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve seen them do either… One of them killed a rival gang leader’s infant children and made them into slippers and wore them when he executed the poor fucker…

Let’s just say my situation is impossible to solve.