Left Hand Path - Freedom or Prison

Hello everyone,

My name is Ictus, and my first contact with the occult was looking for support to face an obsessive spiritual process I was facing with my actual wife.

Since the first ritual, we were kind of pushed by spirits to keep going ahead, making more and more rituals.

Plenty of manipulation, drainage, obsession, and vivid dreams every single day.

We were inducted (nowadays I see this) to make a Luciferian pact e further we were practically thrown on the Qliphothic path. When we discovered we were already there.

We were always by ourselves, going mainly guided by dreams and our intuition.

On the process we learned a lot, got stronger, healed addictions and improved our relationship.

However the cost of this is to have our lives, energies and mind manipulated all the time. We fell audited, criticised, drained and obsessed constantly. We don’t have freedom and live in constant agony a considerable part of our time.

We are forced to do rituals daily and to commit always to do something, like to write articles, books, make videos, etc.

Energy drained and sex damaged most part of the times, mind confused and irritation, and according to them, it’s part of an improvement process.

We did like some experiences with the occult and the expansion of our mind, but our life is in constant disturbance.

At the moment everything looks like part of a simulation, software or something like that. The spirituality tells us everything that is gonna happen though puzzles, and the things happening around us look like fake scenes of a movie, a theatre or a video game. I know it looks crazy, but it’s exactly like this.

On the Tree of Death We are on the phase of Ghaagsheblah. The energies in our mind and around us are so strong and dense, the irritation is constant and even trying different strategies nothing get better. We feel lost and unmotivated.

We never wanted to go through a destructive path, never lightened a candle to wish bad to anyone and by now, we don’t know if we receive support for our evolution or we are being manipulated to open portals, to our energy be used and to spread the doctrine to make more slaves. I don’t know if all of us are Wolfs or slaves ? Chicks or snakes ?

Who are them ? Gods, Demons, Deities, aliens, AI from the future ? I don’t know. I just know that I want peace and freedom.

Looks like they are bored in the hell and are creating situations to laugh on us. Or it’s all part of a plan to gain more and more power manipulation minds.

We feel that for the rest of our lives we will be on this tormenting path.

I don’t see postings of this kind but does anyone identifies with what I am saying?

Is there a way to we have a life of peace, positivity, with moments of balance and pleasure instead of all this negativity and torments around us, after all this time dedicated to the left hand path ?

Learnings and challenges are one thing, but infinite traps and continuous torture is something different.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome to the forum!

Please do make your next post your Introduction here, which we need per the forum rules and see our posting guidelines in the FAQ.

Points to cover:

  • Do you have any practical experience in magick?

  • If so, what exactly do you practice and how long have you practiced?

  • Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

  • What are your areas of interest?

Here is a getting started with magick guide. You’ll want to get your spiritual hygiene sorted out, and start work on developing your astral senses, then when you can know you have a decent chance at avoiding impostors and parasites then try the evocation guides we have on here.

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Freedom or prison? Neither… You are not forced nor confined to subscribe to philosophies that don’t work for you. If you like the LHP, the do what you want with it, it’s not a religion that has a gatekeeper telling you how it works, it’s just a way of approaching the world. :woman_shrugging:

Personally, I actually think there’s no such thing, it’s a convenient labels for some people to relate to each other, but if you look up the discussions on here about it, it gets very hard to pin down and is not a single doctrine, meanwhile there’s plenty about the RHP that seems very similar.

Most folks here don’t try to box themselves into this kind of label, I don’t. This is not an "LHP or “satanic” forum, we cover al kinds of magickal practice and philosophy and we have categories for magick that don’t come from the Abrahamic dualistic ways of thinking at all.

All signs of sever psychic attack. You have to start defending yourself and banishing this bullshit and do it today.

Sounds like what we call here “parasites”, and we have many tutorials to help you identify, avoid and get rid of them, They’re a VERY common problem with people who dive into the occult without sufficient preps. But it’s a problem that’s very fixable with banishing, cleansing and setting up protections to keep these things out of your way.

See if any of this resonates for you:

Doesn’t sound right at all… and not like an improvement. I’d banish and generally get rid of these things, they’re wasting your time while feeding on you… meanwhile the longer you wait, the stronger they get and the weaker you do. Do this asap.

If you learn one thing from this, it’s NEVER give your power away. You are the strong one, you are the human, these things don’t get a right to jack shit from you, and they can’t take it without your permission. Stop allowing them to steal your milkshake.

An entity worth working with will verify it’s identity and negotiate upfront what the deal it, not act like a scammer and keep adding to the cost while failing to provide the benefits.

This is basically shadow work. If this is your working through your inner selves, then you are in the middle of something and now is a good time to take a break ad let the existing energies work themselves out. You don’t run on a broken foot you rest up while it heals.

If this is because you’re heavily parasitized, then take that break, fix that and use it to learn how to set up proper protections.

Do you do the LBRP daily? Are you working through a book or other reference?

Worthless astral wildlife trying to get a meal in probably. You don’t need to waste any more time on them. They’re common as muck and they will go bother someone else. Don’t assume just because a thing doesn’t have a body that it’s somehow superior, it’s usually the opposite.

Yes, absolutely: identify and clear the cause of the issue. Most magickians do not have this intense level of attack but most have also at some point has to deal with impostors, negative entities, ghosts, curses, unfriendly discarnates and fae and most often parasites.

It doesn’t matter what they are, start with a basic smudging and salt bath cleanse… be aware that there are probably many but this point, that throwing them out the door doesn’t stop them coming back, and so you set up wards and get aggressive to force them to leave you alone. Withdraw your permission to mess with you and firmly tell them to leave.

The work of Robert Bruce contains relatable situations and he has a book with more info on the how, which we’ve referenced with other techniques to take back your power here:


Thank you

Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.
We’ll put in practice.

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Just updating the post:

I’ve finished the tree of death and have been talking to lots of practitioners and researching around.

The drainage and torments haven’t finished as expected.

New phases, challenges, tests, torments… all part or the same, what are called psyops (psychological operations) often seen when we are going through an espiritual awakening, always finding ways to keep us under oppression and promises of a freedom that never comes

It looks like that I’ve been passing through a phase that is pretty common nowadays among magicians. A dispute between the Matrix and the darkness, for my energy and dedication, and I’ve receiving attacks from both sides.

Independent of my choice, the pressure comes from both sides and to be sincere no one really care about us, are just lies and manipulations towards disputes of power.

I’ve tried Sephiroth, Angels, Archangels, and it’s possible to feel releasing a bit, coming a bit of soft and clean energy, but it’s matter of time to receive a stronger attack attempting to put anger and fear, lowing our vibration in a way that the Luciferian vampires can control our mind and feed with our energy. From mine and other experiences I was informed, in strong situations, these angelic beings apparently don’t sort out the problem in definitive, and the war never ends.

Unfortunately several Masters, youtubers, gurus, practitioners are spreading information about this false light, putting the lives of millions of people in danger, in exchange for energy, money and demoniac favours, without caring about the consequences of it.

It’s a slavery system where our energy is drained constantly, tortures never finish and anything that is acquired through magic comes with a high price, our peace, energy, happiness and freedom. A huge curse !


Have you tried stepping away from the occult for a while?
Sometimes things get a little crazy and it’s okay to stop with the practice and find some footing in the mundane.

This seems like a rough mindset to be in constantly and it’s easy to just spiral into the state of powerlessness you seem to be experiencing.

Take a break, if you can.


This is a new one :joy:

It seems you’re the one torturing yourself, everything you’ve mentioned in this entire post is self inflicted, you are torturing yourself with your own thoughts.

The ascended masters don’t think, in fact remaining in the divine realm requires no thought. Even one thought will cause you to be plunged into the lower realms.

The problem is you’re looking for a logical way out of your situation, but you’re forgetting you’re a being of frequency. You have to assume a state as though the problem is already resolved and pump that harmonic resonance with energy. There’s no need to go into the rabbit wholes, making the world your problem, you’re not uncovering anything besides how creative your reptillian brain is at creating things to fear.

The only reason you’re obsessive, drained, anxious and ultimately at war with an energy is because you haven’t mastered your own energy yet, you’re still thinking like an amateur, are you willing to let go of the stories, words and “horrors” you see? Are you will to drop every thought and bathe in the eternal bliss, knowing the universe loves you, if you aren’t, there isn’t much these spirits can do for you besides put you through your own suffering until you’re fed up


Very wise words from @Alahimavatara

I am no way near as experienced, since I’m only at the start of my journey down the tree of death and intend to take it slow. So I might be saying something that might seem n00bish… My apologies in advance for that, if it’s the case ^^
I’m curious… did your journey include getting instructed to take in and be able to use negative energies and to be able change your energy body (and in a way also your mind) to be more receptive than expressive?
Most of the lessons learned dwelling in the first sphere and tunnel were to get my energy body and my mind ready to deal with existing in The Nightside without the contradiction of a system tuned for The Matrix and being able to transform Nightside (negative) energy into something beneficial for me. It was clear that without this transformation I would be in a state of constant paradox, battling existing in a Nightside reality with a Matrix operating system.

If it is possible for you and your wife to take a break from the occult without being bombarded with all sorts of pushes to keep going, that would be my advice as well.
It kinda sounds like you are either being psychically attacked and primed to fail the tree and whatever is beyond and be food for Choronzon or you might have missed some steps along the way and might end up the same.


Forces are there trying to make you their slave. To manipulate you. To deceive you. To betray you. To get you make mistakes.

Why? Because they want you to become your own authority. It’s very harsh path.
You can’t trust. You can’t believe.

You have to reject morality. Rules. Other opinions.
You have to become your own god & devil.

After that, there are something else.


He came to set the Captives free :chains::chains::heart:

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How long has this been going on?

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Lets not constantly blame and condescend to the victims.

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Not being condescending, I’ve been studying the shadow side of consciousness for the longest time, if anything can penetrate your toroidal field in general it’s because you’re not fully aware of your energy, and don’t understand how things dimensionally manifest.

We have the powers of gods, and legions, all this suffering comes from lack of self knowledge, when you work with high frequency powers they uproot all the programs in the torus field, so blasting yourself with Magick without understanding the pressurization that’s happening to your consciousness is self inflicted suffering from how I see it.

When you become one at kether, you don’t experience duality in the same way, when the fragments of your consciousness become one you can’t be bound, I’m simply explaining the harmonics as to how the consciousness is connected to what’s happening. When you become the eye of Lucifer you are sitting on the throne of god or merkaba aka the diamond body, your are now immortal like Hercules or Jesus. When you work with energies like that it’s nearly impossible for something to happen to you unless it’s simply there to pressurize your aura, it’s usually tied to an ancestral lower body karmic pattern.

I can only speak from my experience, if you are really dealing with magick, and are working with spirits, they will protect you in ways you can’t even imagine. But they also test us and allow us to learn on our own, sometimes they’ll open you up with darkness and charge you with light to catalyze more consciousness, these are beings that deal with energies that form the senses, thoughts and actions.

Being a magician is being able to turn any lower form of energy into gold, meaning you can bring any lower spirit into equilibrium within your consciousness. That’s the whole point of whats taught in Kalachakra and the teachings of the gods, it’s to have mastery over harmonizing spirits from negative existence. That’s why Krishna is Gold, the Gold that is the convergence of light and darkness, the Pentecostal fire, representing the Holy Spirit or fire of the gods, cleanses all unclean spirits. If you can’t trick your self into believing it you have to convince Adam kadmon/the cosmic man, that’s the subconscious blockage that creates the macro. Link up with kether. The superconsciousness


I get that dude, but there are nefarious forces in this universe, that want to hurt you for the sake of evil itself.

As for that self protection you’re talking about, that’s right, but that’s like a black belt telling a white belt in karate to just whoop their muggers ass, but they’re still a white belt.

You can do all that cause you’re a 1 in a million guy, but not everyones as cool as you dude lol.

So try a little more empathy, and understanding, and less judgement of the desperate? I do know a lot of it is good intentions though.

But you’re a little out of touch, my man, just letting you know, is it fair criticizm?

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#1 rule about archons, they don’t have a soul complex, they can’t touch someone that’s ascended, they can only create through your unconscious, they can only create if you already have imbalances painted on your canvas.

I understand what you are saying here, I’m not as out of touch as you think, I’m simply speaking as someone that’s been through similar situations with varying severities. Im not trying to teach a white belt, I’m just trying to communicate even in the darkness that there is light, and it’s not because I’m 1 in a million, it’s actually so simple I could teach a 3 year old to do it. It’s more likely this chap here doesn’t know how to charge up the voltage of a spell, idk about you but maybe point out where I’m being condescending, because I think you’re confusing hyperanalysis with narcissism. Im just a channel :eye:

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Hmmm perhaps.

No you are 1 in a million, and so am I.

Because if you and I weren’t, then most people wouldn’t be as tribalistically devolved as they are, look at the world

Wisdom is in a lot of ways the simplest thing, and most people die never reaching it.

Just quoting to emphasize this. I’ve had this exact gnosis recently - I’d say over the last few months or so. Felt like it came out of nowhere, especially the part about how people who are in their Magician state can use alchemy to transform any energy.


Thanks all for taking time to help me, your words were really supportive in moments of blindness.

Things started to take form apparently, pushing me to change things on me that I was never able before.

Sides of the tree connecting and interacting, forces before so adverse, showing as part of the same machine. Left on a lake to learn how to swim…

Cabala and Angelic magic helped me a lot

High vibrations like never thought possible showering me with white light.

Dark forces are still around, but affecting less than before…

I have a few doubts that I would really appreciate if you could help me with:

I fell that are being connected to me some spirits with heavy energy and confused mind to I help to transmute their energy and influence on their as ascension. How do I do this ? I have some daily practices for bringing energy from the cosmos, transmute this, and try to hold the positivity, peace and fraternity when feeling the darkness, contra-balancing with clean thoughts and energies. Any specific suggestions to improve this ?

How do I improve my communication and show my appreciation to with my spiritual family ? Which methods to use ? How to impose respect, don’t allow to be made of fool, and still be good with them at the same time ?

To continue with my ascension, don’t attract forces that will stuck my energy and mind and drag me down, how to know which rituals I can use ? Angelic and Cabala, I’ve being using without problems… but most of times using to work with my mind, learning and subconscious

However sometimes without effect… probably due stages I need to pass

I used methods mixing Demoniac and Angelical and were effective

Purely demoniac magic are dangerous in this sense ?

Any recommendations?

My sexuality is always attacked draining energy or being blocked, sometimes to push me to go ahead in a specific direction. Can I use demoniac magic to refuel often? Better mixing angelic and demoniac for this goal ? How often can I use magic to improve the sexuality? What are the consequences? Any strategy to solve this in definitive ?

I know everything depends of each connection, understanding and background, but would you have any lights regarding the points above ?

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

Hi @Alahimavatara,

Thank you for your reply.
Could you please help me ?
Super heavy attacks yesterday.
How do I control theses low forces, how do I transmute them into Gold like you said ?
Or at leat purge them
Are energies very very very strong
It’s impossible to hold with my mind
They take control of me and my wife always when they really want
We feel it’s a force 100 times stronger than ours
I am getting ready crazy
I am hurting myself
I thought everything was getting better
And everything got really terrible
Life has no sense