Introduction + I need help!

@rias Please properly introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think you had any spiritual experience. You mentioned that you did an invocation, and aren’t very experienced. Because of this I’m going with the simplest explanation, your energy body.

Invocations use your energetic body too, and assuming you have very limited or no experience with developing your energetic body, it’s very likely that you overexerted your undeveloped faculties, think of it like lifting too much weight. Because you’re into all kinds of horror nonsense you probably had some sort of mixture between a panic attack and psychosis.

Why do I think this is primarily energetic and psychological in nature?

There is an energy channel in your legs, it connects the Yong Quan in your feet with your lower Dantien. When this happens, you usually feel this strange tickling sensation in your feet, but sometimes you can feel the energy channel in your legs.

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It should be noted that since you are fairly new or let’s say you are green to all of this there are different entities that are of a weak energy source that feed of your fear and are only given strength through your fear since it is a sudden, quick and powerful emotion these are “shades” or the “man in the top hat” types of entities.
The fact that clauneck was able to manifest his sigil within a burned candle doesnt surprise me demons are ancient with enough power to move something in this material world whilst still being incorporeal just try to wrap your head around being millions of years old and everytime you are evoked you are given power because people know your name know what you do and are asking for your help, alot of times a demon will consciencely respond intelligently.

Now shades or thought forms have no names and no attributes just the void and fear itself is within the void so fear itself helps them grow and become stronger because it is the path of least resistance which magick will always take the easiest way to accomplish a goal.

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Welcome to the forum. Your energetic defenses are quite low, you need to learn how to better protect yourself.

Two things you can do real quick. In your mind with force behind it scream, " GET THE FUCK OUT OF ME BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU AND FEAST ON YOUR DEAD BODY!!!"

Then imagine a red flame starting from belly outward around your entire body. Then change it to purple flame.

Start here.

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Welcome @rias,

From where do you hail?

As for your query, I would trust in the advice of @anon10524665.

The strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. I know it is very tough and goes against every instinct that has been taught to you since birth (the avoidance of dark energy at all costs) but I want you to really look at what is happening to you, with as much fear removed from the equation as possible. Three things may happen upon fulfilling my request:

  1. if it is a parasite, it will dissipate, as it no longer has your fear to feed off.
  2. you may form a connection with an Acausal energy/entity.
  3. you realise that you pieced together inauthentic events to create an illusion of what you perceive to be authentic.

I am not saying that I do not believe you, far from it. You just need to study your events and eliminate the logical explanations first. That is how you remain sane and evolve as a practitioner of the sinister arts.

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