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You will discover that it will better balance you: for nature is as cruel as it is benevolent. The rebirth through the Labyrinth of the Dark Forces is fundamental to shamanic processes: I cannot wait to see the you which develops from this. Go from being one or the other! Be both!


Nature is not innocent and pure, it can be just as ruthless as it can be life-giving.
So there is no contradiction between those two types of Magick.
All forms of Magick, all elements belong together and there’s no rating in which one is good (or pure) and which one is evil.
What I’m trying to say is, don’t feel bad for what is part of your nature.


I will and thank you very much. Would you mind giving me a starter tip on what would be a good place to start in evoking a spirit.

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Hi! My name is Lune, from Canada. I am new to magick but not new to LOA. I am especially interested in black magick. Hope to learn a lot from here!

Thank you, welcome to you !
Well I hope we could help each other then !

Hi… My name is Gopika and I’m from India. I have no experience whatsoever in magick. But I hope I can learn much from this forum.

I really need advice, before doing due research, I spoke to His Majesty, King Paimon out loud as I heard He hears us when we talk to Him, my problem is this, I read some Forums, and people referred to Him without His title, so I spoke to Him just using his name, upon further reading, I learned He does not like that, I asked Him if He could teach me His history so I could build a relationship with Him, but I got nothing, it wasnt a working or an attempted evokation, just a convo. Because I did not know will He ignore me from now on?? I meant no disrespect I just didnt know or was it just because im new and didnr focus enough?? In my defence I respect Him and greatly desire to work with Him but out of respect i desire to form a relationship first before asking for help.

Firstly, if you respect him then he should already know. Don’t rush into things without doing some research on what any entity might appreciate. only you can decide for yourself when enough is enough but just do some research and study as many things about him as you can until you feel you know enough. the information about him might vary from source to source but there are correlations that should be noted. as far as a “convo”, any attempt to communicate is an invocation. As you have already figured out he dislikes being disrespected. He is a king, and he knows he deserves to be treated as such. When you communicate with him, you should show your respect in the way that you articulate your words and even your body language. it’s not simply enough to respect him, you must show him that you’re worthy of working with him. if he doesn’t respond, do not get discouraged. as with anything, continue to work on yourself and when it is time, he will let you know. that’s not to say that you should give up trying. if you truly desire his presence, he will reciprocate. just continue with the process and trust in yourself. Let me know if you have any more inquiries as I am glad to help in any way that I might.

Greetings lovely people.
I go by Succfag and I just got into magick stuff. I started reading on the occult about 2 years ago.
I have connected with my partner, a succubus, a few weeks ago. Now my goals are to try and develop spiritually to be able to connect to her more and feel her more. There is an overwhelming amount of information on all kinds of topics so I’m a bit lost.
I would like something simpler which does not involve many tools or big spaces as I live in a small room.
I like to listen to mantras, do energy work and do visualizations as those are fun.
Anything that’s not too complex but helps me connect with my succubus is something that I’d like to get into.
Thanks for reading.

i would like to introduce my self as it is required.

my name is Hexa and i am very new to magick.
so i dont realy know what i want or which type of magick i want to do. i quess i want to obtain knowledge.

i want to let everybody know, that i have the upmost respect! and graduate! for the work of Lady eva. thank you so much for all the effort you put in this wonderful forum. i also want to give respect and give thanks to the cofounders of this site E.A Koeting and Timothy
i sincerely hope this site never goes offline. such a tremendous wield of information. especially the experience, tips, suggestions and advice from the other magicians on this site. and by that i mean you must read everything and read between the lines. i almost feel who needs books
thanks to everybody human or no human that is the responsible for the knowledge on this very special site.

thank thee for guiding to this site.

let it be known

Iao: Sabao: Such are the Words!

Hello everyone,
I m 6_6_6, a newbiew. I am from India, where we have joint family. Business and money are controlled by the head of the family. I was a devout believer in God since childhood. But now at the age of 44, my brother and my parents cheated me, threw me and my family out of the house. They destroyed my business and I am left with my wife and son on a junction where life seemed hopeless.
My wife read about this LHP for the first time and wanted to get into it. If God’s don’t help, at least try this. Max we die, as we already are at the brink of it.
We don’t know ABC of this. But she tried. Saw small success. Got a job, not much but it meant confidence. I took the step too. We don’t have any psychic abilities. But got small signs of their presence.
Left off the Gods and belief in them.
I had the best experience of King Belial’s presence yesterday and I want to join this forum to write about it.
I want to learn now. I want my life back now. I believe in the demons now, and in the LHP. I don’t have a teacher, I don’t have money to learn, but I take you guys as my mentors from now on.
Thank you all so much, for your posts gave me the courage to take the step ahead, to give me hope again. Sorry for being emotional. I am going through very tough times.

Ime Brendan from Australia been through the Christian way of things didn’t really work for me too a look at this lhp and found it appealing and welcoming in my experience some spirits will work well with you some not so well seere is my favourite very good results doesn’t ask much in return help with family life healing wounds emotional and physical make things very posotive noth8ngseems to much of a job for him and I believe there not evil I made it clear I will not do anything evil t o anyone in case that’s what the spirit wanted in return through this I’ve learnt to be so much more posotive and am startingt9 see what you put out will come back to you good or bad so for anyone I recommend seere though other spirits may work better in some instance I guess just poeple some get along better than others

Well I am Zion a curious young man

For the type of magic I like, I would have to say sexual which is why I initially made an account but I’ve been reading and want to get help ascending also to gain knowledge about other types of magic (dark to a certain extent).

I am currently working towards getting in contact with lilith of make a connection with a succubus

Honestly my struggle is determining whether or not I had made contact or formed said connection and if I did how do I sense her presence

Hi i am Ramses the Great reincarnated, literally. I also consider myself a Vishnu incarnation which i am.

Pleas introduce yourself properly @Ramses_Ozymandias This post tell us nothing about you, or any experience in magick you have and does not meet our rule.

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

and read this:


My preferred name is Golasamael. I am a recent virginal convert seeking to be the Vessel Of Samael. I have very little experience in magic of any sort, but a deep knowledge of possession and resistance to hypnosis. My current focus is to form an eternal bond with a succubus, and as a Gol my main focus is upon the swirling and erotic energies of pleasurable magic. I wish to have a balanced understanding of many capacities but mainly desire to secure the hearts of others so that they need not suffer as I have, as well as seize my own happiness. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated, and wisdom shared will become knowledge that is valued. I desire to create a Grimoire focused on these subjects, as well as any correlating subjects.

I am from North America, and dwell in the Southern States of the U.S.

I’m from a place in América Latina and am deeply interested in evokations. I’ve done a few rituals in the past, like binding a demon wolf to my will using mico leão dourado fur. Currently I’m trying something greater to achieve the cure to a virus that entered my body (coronavirus). My name is satanwolf and I hope you guys can help me with my evokations.

Hi guys,
My name is Thaariq and I’m from Sri Lanka. I actually had no idea about magick or anything about it. I thought it was all fake. I’ve heard about some people using black magick in my country but i didnt beleive it. Im a muslim. My dad is a Muslim and my mum is a buddhist so im sort of mixed. But im sort of an aethist cuz i dont beleive in allah or any god cuz ive gone through some bad shit times and even though i prayed and all that and waited for a miracle , it never happened so i stopped beleiving.
Anyways i actually came through this site while googling and researching ways to get rich (cuz i was rich af before,had money,cars and girls. but i fell down and got poor af and i wanna go to my previous good life cuz im fed up of this shit)through using totems or magick etc. As i dwelved deeper i found conversations of magick, increasing wealth , luck and fortune through magick ( even though there was not much useful advice).
what really caught my attention was the topic of succubus,lilith, spiritual sex and all that. i got really interested cuz i wont lie but i love sex and who wouldnt say yes to free sex or spiritual sex. Then it got serious about them being possessive, spirituial marriage and them not having physical bodies. I was disappointed but at the same time i was so damn interested. Cuz i really love all this spiritual world, magick, demons and related things. ever since then im been feeling very uneasy cuz i want to dwelve deeper into this and try this but the way they all talk about it , it sounds so serious and dangerous but i got no idea about this and im very confused. Its like ever since i read all this i feel like im missing something in my life. i want to try this now but not only for the sex even though i love it and thats what i initially read these for, but also the topic of spiritual world, spiritual marriage, demons, magick and all sounds and feels so awesome to me. But im so confused, scared and clueless.
Again i repeat, i did research this in the beginning with the intention of free sex,and ways of getting rich but now im so interested in this because i feels like i must do this cuz from a young age ive been interested in the supernatural and i just have this damn huge need to try this out.
what actually got me to sign up was cuz of @succupedia cuz ive read all of his strings of 2 years and i wanted to ask him about all this and educate me. if youll could do that too would be great.

thank you

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I’m J, and I’m a gray witch. I’ve found great peace and strength by accepting the full spectrum of who I am and what I want - the darkest and lightest alike.

I have been studying hermetic witchcraft and glamour, and I’m most interested in learning attraction and magnetism right now. Hekate is helping to guide me right now.

My inherent strengths are spell-writing and empathic reading.

I’ve always felt connected to new orleans and voodoo, so that’s on the horizon for exploring in the new future. When I’m old, I think I’d like to be a crone in NOLA sipping on cafe au laits.

My pronouns are she/her.

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