Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back! (No tarot or channeling please)

Awesome, thank you!

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Here it is

  • I see you standing at a illuminated Mountain under the sunshine. Your eyes settle upon a Dark mountain Ahead of you, You feel fear and at the same time excitement to look deeper. You move forward in the direction of that dark mountain…As you take your first step towards the mountain, you already see yourself there. There’s a full moon shining, you hear whisperings of different kinds although you don’t understand of what is being said. There on your left you see a Temple, shining under the full moons light and there stands a huge being with wings, looking at you. You feel scared but at ease, you move forward towards the temple and as you enter you see candles everywhere giving their warmth and light. You hear a voice calling upon you, a name came to my mind “Beelzebab”. Then I see you calling upon your godform, and you see a being with Glowing wings, little horns, with a red tail. As you move forward to approach her, it disappears. You see a room and in that room sits a Being looking like a human but not a human, reciting mantras of different kinds infront of a Huge bonfire. You go inside and sit in a meditative position gathering the energies been provided by that Being’s recited mantras, your third eye flashes but is not open yet. You open your eyes and see yourself surrounded by violet and red energies…as you walk towards the door of a temple two demons and one different being which seems like a djinn with huge wings approach you…you see those two demons immerse into each other and becoming one, Then it comes close to you put his hands on your shoulders…I can feel it’s heat like a warmth of a burning candle. The other being gets furious and walks away, feels like he is in love with you gets jealous, you pay no heed and walk towards the door and there you see a vast path ahead of you, you give a quirky smile as you walk away surrounded by Red, Yellow and pink energies.
    There it ends. :sparkles:

  • @anon33099313 :star2:

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@Gwydion22 Is the other being who’s furious and walks away the djinn with wings you saw?

Over all this is pretty accurate, the mountain, moon, voices whispering yet I cant make anything out.
Violet and red energies is definitely a recurring theme, awesome scan thank you.

Hi! Could someone scan me? Thanks!

[quote=“Kovu, post:2183, topic:72344”]
the other being who’s furious and walks away the djinn with wings you saw?
[/quote] hu

Yes, it seemed like djinn.

And Thankyou so much. :dizzy::star2:


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Kindly do a proper introduction, it’s a rule of this forum. :dizzy:

I just did, sorry im new to this forum.

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Are you up for returning a scan later today?

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I’ll do it now

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I see.

A Dark Medieval laboratory.

In the midst of heavens.

This on the outsied shady looking woodhouse lies on a puffy and light cloud.
Golden light is on.

I see different forms of glasses filled with a poisonos looking violet substances.
Some are neongreen some violet pastel blue rosa and white.

You are trembling around mumbling:
Where are the books.

And throws some seemingly unusefull books careless trough your now messy rooms you are cloathed like that


I use skyrim references often bc it has good imagery for old and mystical-Spiritual stuff that are not farfetched on my view.

But you dont have a body nor real gender it is like you are invisible. But if i assume a Gender from the form it looks male.

I handed to you a thick golden covered book.
You are easy to cooperate and accepted me very quik and well.

You said there it is.

You stretched your hand out. A flash of golden light comes trough hits the ground and formes a mystical alchemical circle around.


It would look like this . It is only shown for imagine purposes. It has far more circles it is not a completely round and it is golden shining.

I will be the first whitness you sad.

There in the middle formes a pink glow and sphere with Golden rays emeniting from it.

You step into it.
Your whole clothes and invisible being molded into it and there i saw a form it would be angelic natured not abrahamic alike i must say mainly a positive force.

You have subtle connected wings in your seemingly like fluid marmor substance. Where the conection should be of the wings on your shoulders back is only a invisibly light seeing energy string that lets your seemingly magic-mechanic white wings to freely move you are now a zwiter angelic Golden Form no details as of yet.

It will come and form but not now you sad.

It looks like this imagine the wings to it


You took your lightbrown hazel wand.
And disolved me with golden glitter out of your presence and room.

Finished .


Awesome scan thank you, and definitely accurate as well.

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Ey nice to hear that😊

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Just thought I’d say that I really enjoy reading these, even if they’re nothing to do with me. I just find it so interesting to know what people read from others.

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I must say time to time it is interesting yes.

You liked often my posts. I apreciate that.

I just wanna ask.
your h.p. Lovecraft Symbol is it that of the yellow king? What Deep conection do you have with that or witch workings?

Do you like on some time make a trade with me?
But it must not happen now just that we take our time .

I did enough for now of them😆


I would be glad to trade @Serpentslight , but I realise you have had enough of scanning for today! That is absolutely fine. I shall do one for you by the end of the day but there is no rush for you to return one. My scans are more along the lines of the subconscious landscape of your mind, as opposed to your inner God-form. I hope this is acceptable.

Yes, my avatar is the Yellow Sign of The King in Yellow. To partially answer your question I have an extremely deep connection to the sign and it is the focus of many of my workings.

Wishing you a good day.

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Likewise miss Aurelia.

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Can i have a read?

Same, may I have a read please?
Will do one back :slight_smile:

Sure i saw something like this! images

You were in hell and you were surrounded by flames thats what i got. @Whitehowlite

@Lux_Anguis I do hope this is in some way useful to you.

When I focus on you I see a mountainside covered in snow. It is quickly passing from dusk into night and the snow is still falling. I seem to be three-quarters of the way up the mountain and beneath me I can see the faint golden glimmer of lanterns from the shuttered windows of houses below. It is difficult to see down into the valley where the houses are because the snow is coming ever heavier and forms large sheets of white in front of my eyes - but I would say the houses look to be old. It reminds me of the houses peasants would inhabit in England during the 1600s-1700s.

I am drawn to continue my journey upwards, towards the jagged ridge at the top of the mountain that overlooks the village. The trees around me are swaying dangerously as the wind begins to increase and the whistling sound of the wind through the branches almost sounds like whispering in a language I do not speak. Beneath my feet the path has become overgrown with thorns and many delicate ferns, and so I have to struggle and push way through to where I can see a clearing beyond. It is very hard to move in this place and at times it feels like the snow is acting like glue - forcing my feet to the ground.

Finally, I reach the clearing and feel exhausted. Before me is a ruin - it appears very, very ancient and the masonry has been split apart in some places thanks to vines and the roots of plants. It is impossible to tell what the structure once was, but it appears to have been a very narrow tower or perhaps an obelisk. It has a commanding view of the village below and down into the opposite valley, where mournful sounds drift up on the wind and trees strect out as far as the eye can see. The snow is now a blizzard and my view of the other valley is obscured almost totally.

There is power in this place. It feels like most of its power is currently sleeping, but when fully awakened this place would have an incredibly wealth of power. From the sky there is a flash - similar to lightning but a dark purple in colour. It illuminates the area briefly and catches in the eyes of three animals that look almost like weasels, before the scene is totally drowned out by the white of the snow.

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