Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Hi everyone,

I am George and I am glad to meet you. I have read Koetting’s books and they contain a lot of truth. My experience with the occult started 20 years ago when a gypsy woman put a death spell on me. In fact she had stopped me in the street to do divination but she was pulling my hair . I was like hypnotized. I beat her in the street.Things started happening after, bad ones of course, I was on the verge of death. Gypsies practice a form of voodoo, cutting the throat of black hens and invoking spirits. At that time I did not have anything in common with the occult. Lilith appeared to help me, she took me out of the body, my first out of body experience. She was taking the form of my girlfriend. I did not know who she was, but I felt the power. She initiated me in sexual continence. I started having powers, people were telling me I am god, I was asking myself, why do people say I am god. But she had conveyed the powers to me as I was healing by simple touch, friends were scared, saying I work with the devil.
After doing some courses of meditation, I understood better. My girlfriends were telling me that I was bilocating, appearing in physical form in their houses.
I became interested in black magick and had tremendous success. In fact, I was trying to understand and protect myself. I soon realized that the best protection is the attack. One guy who was continuously upsetting me, was put to hospital same night by transferring my etheric body and invoking the four princes of hell-he had a heart attack. I was chanelling the powers, becoming the darkness, not doing any circles for protection. In one case I separated a couple next day by concentrating on a black candle’s flame. The wax melting was like blood in the darkness.To my surprise, I found this method in one of Koetting’s books. He is really into business and knows what he is saying. Unknowingly, I was tapping into the knowledge from previous lives. At that time I had opened a portal in the room I was meditating as one night I saw a group of black hooded people in a circle. I was wondering, what’s wrong with them , why do they do rituals in my house.After that, I was saying to myself, harming people though they deserved , did not make me happy. But yes, I felt the elation of a god when that person had a heart attack same night. A voice was telling me , you cannot stop this now even if you feel sorry because that person has to die otherwise it will be on you. You have to continue. I stopped as his soul was begging for mercy. In a couple of days, due to a cut in a mirror, I was at emergency. There is no play with black magick.

After a while, I met a master, whom I meditated with a lot. He told me, if that man had died, your soul would have been lost. I do not believe in that.
Lilith, she is really great. But she had some sort of jealousy, attacking my girlfriends. One told me that she was awakened by a woman with red eyes wanting to crush her. Lilith made it express not to tell anyone what she teaches me. At the same time, she said, I will intervene for you if your life is in danger only, otherwise you will be lazy and not grow. Some other explorations of mine include parapsychology , reiki, yoga. I do yoga for physical body and meditation on the 3rd eye as well.

Voodoo dolls seem to be working fine as in one case someone went to all the doctors and did all investigations and they could not find a cause. What was more weird, the person said that one night he opened the eyes and saw a horned goat in the room. I am sure it must been Baphomet as we talked a little and his voice was like thunder. First, he was snapping, what do you want…then he told me, Command me, master. I can’t explain his change of attitude.

Necronomicon , despite being treated as a forgery, is working. I invoked Barashakushu and had a instant win of 4000 in minutes in a casino. Just went inside and went out. He appeared to me in the shape of an old wise man, telling me , you don’t want to settle yourself. He asked me to do his sigil in gold.

Magick works, I cannot treat those as coincidences. A friend, internationally renowned as a Tarot reader, told me, there are people who would pay you a lot to do black magic. I told him, I do that on those who deserve to bite the dust and send them to the other world, not for money.

I guess everything is related to previous lives. I saw myself beheaded by the Spanish Inquisition, as a Knight Templar, as running occult orders of black magic. One night, while in Malta, I saw myself surrounded by people with black hoods. At that time, I got scared as I was lying in bed as on a ritual table. Then I realized they were my people in the astral.

One master of yoga with long experience told me, you cannot just do things like that, you were born an initiate.

There is one thing coming over and over to me. Someone telling me , you will have to do the circle, black candles around, and invoke the powers into physical appearance. You will have to be alone in an isolated place, far from the world. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for that moment, meditate a lot not to have any fear. After that, you will be king of the worlds.

I went through every book, starting with Abramelin, Eliphas Levi, Crowley, Gurdjieff, Osho Ouspenski, chaos magick, Blavatsky, Dion Fortune etc . Some are ok, some are just ,bullshit…to fill the pages. Koetting got to his knowledge through personal experience which is long and full of trials and errors…best way is to tap into previous lives.

However, as Lavey was saying, man is a carnal animal. We live in a world full of animals, many times wearing a human face. I wish everything would be peace, harmony and had never been forced to draw the sword out of the sheath.

Peace to everyone


Hi! So like someone told me I should introduce myself so here it goes!
My name is Andreea, I am 18 years old and an aries(idk why, but I felt like I should say it?)
I never practiced magick, I only once did a tarot cards reading for myself out of curiosity(i don’t know if this counts) I’ve always been interested in this type of stuff but I am also a bit scared and very confused, especially since I am a christian. I feel a bit weird, because I love being a christian, but I also love learning more about other types of beliefs and I wouldn’t mind trying it eighter.
My current struggle is that I am like a baby. And when I say this, I mean that I am so new that I don’t know anything. I only read some things here and there, but I would be delighted to learn more, so please someone properly guide me❤️
I have lots of things in my head, but I just can’t seem to phrase it in this introduction, so I want to apologise if I suck at this :sweat_smile: Also for some reason, Dantalion really caught my attention. Since I found out about him and others(such as King Paimon, Seer, Orias) I just can’t stop myself from wanting to learn more things about him. From what I’ve read he seems really nice and complex!
Um so thank you, for reading my introduction. I hope I didn’t wrote it in the wrong place(if yes, please tell me)
Nice to meet you all, by the way! ^^

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Hello !

After lurking on this forum as an anonymous, I decided to finally become a member. I go by the name of Palpatine (my favorite Star Wars character). I’m a male, 25 years old, who live in France.
I went through a lot of paranormal events during my all life. It all started with my grand mother who practiced black magic, she died of cancer, her husband and my father too. Her others children got cancer but survived.
I saw things when I was a child, things that would scare the shit out of you when you are young (demon in an attic (he was small, like 1.60m, yellow eyes, horns, skinny, a brown skin. He was sitting in a meditation position. he looked at me and I ran away in fear), a transparent figure, shadows. I also heard things like steps, knocking on doors and voices).
Later I noticed something was following me, something I could capture on camera once. A slender-man face, crossed arms, inhuman. (I don’t have the picture anymore unfortunately). I called him Roger. He followed me in every house/flat I lived. I didn’t sense something malicious, I felt he tried to guide me. I then started to take interest in the occult, and at the moment, Roger went away. I never had any news about him. I think that was his goal.
I am interested in any form of magick, I invoked Leviathan, who show me things in dreams and helped me to get rid of a annoying coworker, and I invoked Baal. Currently I’m studying the angel side and enochian magick. I practice meditation, and I lucid dream a lot. My main goal for now is to succeed to Astral Project.

I hope to learn a lot with you.

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Greetings. I am new and am trying to find others like minded in magic. I am in the state of Texas, looking for people to help me find my way through magic. I want to thank you for your hospitality.

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Welcome @NewApprentice

Do you have any experience in magick?

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Very little. I have read through over a thousand books of magic. I need to work with others to understand and fine tune my knowledge and have little experience in magic arts. I am in San Antonio, Texas. Thank you for your response. Earl

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I do not know how to work these chat rooms so unfortunately, I do not like them. I know so many of people are out of work. Well thank you all for the hospitality, hope to get into contact again soon. Earl

hi I’m Kayla and I’m new here and I wanted to know if you can bring a loved one back from the dead. I am into black magic but never did any

Welcome @Kayla_Galbreath

Do you have practical experience in any sort of magick at all?

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not that I know of @DarkestKnight

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• Your name
I’m Kane
• Kinds of magick you like
I love divination, Meditation work, astrology, and candle magick
• Current goals
Finding good people to surround myself with to fill in the gaps for info I can’t find
• Current struggles
Getting what I want in my book of shadows because of how information isn’t quite as fulfilling on mainstream sources, or not knowing where to look for it.

I’ve been practicing for about 4 years now and am starting to explore demon work

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welcome Kane

Hi my name is Jayden. I am 16 years old and i love to find out new things.

I love to grind into the spiritual stuff, and i hope i can know more about it!

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, @Jayden

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you have any experience or not.

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Hi everyone!

I feel as though I have always had a connection with magick. Ever since I can remember, the idea of being able to go beyond what we think is physically possible has enchanted me.

When I was a kid I was much more in tune with energies. I could feel presences around me and I even remember being able to feel if somebody was going to be sick. When I grew older (maybe 9 years old), I ended up watching an episode of Charmed, and I became obsessed. But with no one to guide me, I was led to believe that magick was something better left for the movies.

Now I’m 20 and my interest in magick is becoming more and more insistent. By finding this website and seeing how many people are practicing and sharing their experiences, I have decided that I’m going to start practicing. I am still discovering what path I want to take. All I know is that I want to practice magic without harming anyone including myself. For me, that would mean using magic for only good purposes. But then it confuses me because I’ve heard that that also means using it for only selfless purposes and I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to that.

I want to learn all about divination, clairvoyance, energy work, astrology, spells, manifestation, psychic abilities, and healing. I am interested in working with a spirit that can mentor me and have felt pulls to Asmodeus and Archangel Raphael.

I’m very new to this so I feel very blessed that I have this forum to turn to for guidance,



My name is Fletal. I am 16 years old. I am a beginner in magick. I’ve been attracted to the spiritual since I was young and have been in contact with the spiritual world all my life, although I only could feel their presence and catch glimpses of what they looked like.

I’m still learning about occult. I am interested in Black magic, Chaos magick, and Draconian magick. My goals are to work with spirits to heal, enhance my knowledge, and reach my highest potential.

My current struggles are improving my psychic senses, which I began working on not too long ago, so I keep persistent.


I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States. I’m open to learning anything. I have no experience yet and I don’t know really where to start. I have an issue with paying to learn information when I think it shouldn’t be free but I think it would have more substance to it if I earned it somehow

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I’m Kirby, but not the pink puff ball.
Currently I’m just figuring out what type of magick I like, I’m extremely new at this.
My goal would be to learn more and figure out what I’m into as far as how I can utilize the different magicks I learn.
And I don’t have much struggles, the only ones I have is trying to figure out things.


Hello , I’m new and I joined like a week ago haha
My name is Lydia and I’ve been following LHP for 4 years now. I’m a religious daemonolator and I work with Astaroth and Belial . I have a bond and a deep connection and I’ve had positive experiences so far.
I’m interested in daemonolatry magick , candle magick , elemental magick and I have an interest for different types of gemstones and crystals.

My current goals are :
To read , get to know as much as I can and grow with the guidance of Daemonic divinities and I wanna teach people whatever I’ve learned from them :blush:

To get to know people that share common interests and make some friends
I also love music and I can sing , write lyrics and I’m currently learning how to play guitar. So being a musician is one of my goals in life .
I want to inspire people to see the better things in life and embrace who they really are . To Help in general and contribute to this welcoming community :blush:

Right now the only current struggle I’ve got is my family. Haha I’m a religious daemonolator and my family is catholic. So I’m just waiting for the chance to move out .
There’s no point to stay with people that don’t appreciate you for who you really are .

I hope everyone is doing well despite all the shit that’s been happening around the world
Have a nice day / night .
Here’s a picture of myself


Welcome Palpatine .
I’m new here as well :grin:
We share similar interests

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