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Hey! My name is Musa. I’m totally new here…and I’m grateful that I found this forum. I wanted to start off with some simple luck and happiness spell. Can anyone help me out?

Yo you have to go to the introduce yourself page and say hi who your are and explain about your mgical preference/experience.

Anni dea for luck is try asking for forgiveness of the sins of others that they committed against you to be removed in return for good luck, I did that and asked for the curses to be removed on my enemies and to have good luck and immediately I seen clovers everywhere then found a hundred dollar bill on the ground very close to where I was standing. Hopefully the good intentions of it pays off for you and gives you good luck. I’m sure someone else will give you a spell you can cast aswell this forum is pretty darn awesome.

Please do a proper introduction as requested. :+1:t2:

Depends on what kind of luck you wish to attract, really. Is it bad luck (misfortune spells), good luck?

I did introduce myself again by tapping on new topic, I am totally new to this site that’s why didn’t know how to properly do it. My apologies.
I’m looking for good luck spells.

No need to apologize!
Sometimes, people tend to look past guidelines or scan them real quick which results in missing some parts. I know I did :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe I have cast spells like these, only under a different name. I call them Blessing and Fortune Spells.
Usually, before I cast these I make sure I have removed all negative emotions and energies from myself and cleansed my aura. Grounding meditation and herbal baths work, but I’ve found that charging crystals, like hematite and black tourmaline, and keeping them on me also gets the job done.
Then I light some candles, preferably green and use some incense too (although it is not exactly easy to find in my city so I don’t always have incense to use).
I make a chaos magick sigil specifically for the purpose of attracting good fortune. Sometimes, if the goal is too specific, I make multiple sigils and charge them. Then I burn the sigils and forget about my spell, to minimize complications caused by “lust for results”.

You can use a chant also. There have been times when I’ve made my own chants and used them during a casting. Self-made chants do wonders , since they are a reflection of your emotions at the time of the casting and reflect your intent better than any other that you can find online.
Unfortunately, at the moment , I only have healing and revenge/death chants in my possession. If else I would have given you one for luck.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:


Typically they want the Intro in the thread from the link above but nice they accepted your new thread post.

Actually, making it as a separate thread is fine. I haven’t seen any regulars or Lady Eva complain about that. But maybe I’m wrong :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yea I just realized seen that they said welcome on his intro thread. I tried to edit my post befor anyone called me out since I found out the error to my post right after. Sorta suxs it’s hard for you to buy incents I personally have a older friend that makes them. Anyways welcome @Gwydion22 your gonna love it here. This place is super friendly and accepting.

So I tried searching the website for a luck spell for you but all the threads we’re about getting rid of bad luck mainly didn’t see any that were about the procedure of a good luck spell.

Thankyou so much for this information! I’m glad and grateful that you’ve invested your precious time in me. You are very helpful, will look forward learning from you.

Either option is fine :+1:

Thankyou so much brother! This means a lot…! Your efforts! and I really can see that people are really helpful and friendly here.!
Anyways if not luck spell I think happiness or prosperity spell will do because I think these spells would be good for me as a noob. What do you think?

Yeah, noticed that too. Maybe because most of the times people want specific things and aren’t looking to attract luck in general. Besides, this forum is filled with people who mostly seek ways of spiritual communication and evocation.

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A general good luck spell for me are “Road opener spell” “prosperity spell” and “blessings spell”! All you need is white candle anointed with the oils and herbs that correspond with the spell! Light the candle and meditate with it!
There are ready made oils for prosperity and road opener oil! But you can always make your own mix!
You can add sigils to the candle or paper with the intent under it too!
For a good day, one of my daily things i do is water magick! Get a glass cup and write on it something positive! Like “i am lucky”, I wrote “my day is perfect” and “thank you”. I prepare this overnight and drink it through out the day!
Hope this adds to your information

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Sorry my reply through email didn’t work no problem about trying to help alot of people on here have helped me. I’m see if there’s a luck spell on a website I know of there should be one. I was shaving finally I ended up taking the front off my goatie so it’s hella smaller now o well looks good. Ok I’m off to try to find that luck spell .

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Here is a simple chant
You want good luck? Tell your mind that if you want it.

Chant this quickly: “Water, fire, and wind come to me as a friend. Give me luck, good luck. Like the others but no bad luck.”

Sooner or later you will have good luck

There’s a spell for making a good luck charm you interested?

Another chant:If you have the green candle, light it up and put your hands over the fire (at a distance you wont burn yourself). Now chant 3 times:

“Luck, luck, luck
Luck is what i need
I’ll have it by the power 3
So moqte it be!”
ThAe Info that the other guy posted about using a sigil and stuff like that is probably better then these simple chants.

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You would love this, write on the icecube tray a positive word like love and see how clear or pretty the icecubes are if you write something like hate they will be all cloudy.


here are different ways to get good luck,you can regroup it from your future to the present, take it from some creature, be near the creature that grants good luck. One way or another, luck must be expressed in something specific, in financial transactions, in work, in love, in playing cards, and so on.
So luck can come in very different forms, you don’t need to be surprised. Who knows, maybe what seems to be a problem is just a variant of the least-loss scenario.

So you can try to invocate Bune and make deal with her.
She can give you a luck and also money.