Importance of veganism?

I’ve read and heard for years of the importance of not eating meat or dairy, if one wants to obtain a high level of spiritual development. I would love to hear your opinions on this, as I’m a vegan now thinking of eating meat again. Will this effect my development? Thanks.

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The search function is so often the most underused tool in a magician’s arsenal. :thinking:

Now with that bit of assholeary out of the way, in my not so humble opinion it really doesn’t make a difference, as long as your making an attempt at eating healthy you should be fine either way. :thumbsup:


The animals are killed in cruel ways so when you eat them you eat the energy of death, pain and fear. That’s why eating meat is never recommended.


If I’ve killed the animal myself, I know for a fact that it died as quick and painless as possible…

As well as I eat the shit out of meat, often times in a very animalistic manner. I have felt no changes to my energies. In fact, my upg leads me to believe this helps me connect to my more animal side and know myself better.

I agree with @charles9 on this. So long as you try to eat well, it shouldn’t be an issue.




@Lola When you eat plants, do you not eat the energies of death, fear and pain as well?

Those poor plants are every bit as alive as an animal. I’ve seen wheat shaking in its stock in fear :joy:


@KingOfHearts616 being alive doesn’t mean having pain receptors.

I’ve heard this stance before. I’m not knowledgeable on biology, so I won’t go into it, but I would point out that we’re omnivores.
We function best when our bodies are well exercised and fed, this includes magical function. I find I perform my best magic after exercising and eating a meal containing all the food groups. This isn’t to say that veganism is unhealthy, just that it isn’t best for magic.


I’m quite conflicted about this. From a purely ethical standpoint, I would stand by being vegan. But I’m unable to be. My own health depends upon eating meat - I have celiac which predisposes me toward malabsorption, meaning I have trouble getting the nutrients I need on a vegan diet (I live in a vegan household and deal with this!). But based on my UPGs, I am opposed to eating it in the way it’s offered in my culture… factory farming, etc… honestly, what would be ideal is if I could eat hunted or sacrificed meat and not the meat that is typically offered in the store. If I could afford it, I would buy wild caught game. But I pretty much have no choice but to buy meat the way that it’s offered to the average budget.

My own UPGs lead me away increasingly from an anthropocentric worldview and toward animism, and I feel that ending anthropocentrism is vital to saving the planet’s ecosystem, and ourselves as a species. Also, I feel that animals and plants have sentient consciousness equal to ours. So. Yeah, I’m conflicted.

In answer to the OP, i just ate a Big Mac, and i feel spiritually fine. Mage has gotta eat, and i like making others do the work for my meal.


Be careful and reintroduce meat slowly, if you choose to return to it. It will MESS YOU UP if you eat too much too soon


No, but I would be sure to switch to non-GMO meats if you do. The meat should not pose a problem, but the hormones in the frankenfood might. Adding a good amount of clean, fatty fish might actually benefit your spiritual practice, as your brain may function slightly better.


I have not read anywhere that veganism or vegetarianism is best for magick. Most authors simply say to eat healthy, whatever that is for you, and to avoid heavy meals a few hours before ritual, because the biology of digestion requires more of the body’s energies. Even some yogis, in certain sects, eat meat, though they do it with the purpose of breaking cultural taboos and such. As far as the Western Ceremonial Tradition is concerned, it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long you are as healthy as possible.


Meh I mean I try to advoid some types of meat for health reasons but by all accounts I’m an omnivore and when I go vegetarian for even a few days I get weaker because I’m an anemic and I need that iron. Diet is important but I don’t recommend going no-meat unless you can’t for the life of your stomach digest meat. I think eating seafood or poultry should at least be considered if you’re hesitant about red meat.


For myself, I don’t eat red meat or fowl. I eat fish or prawns occasionally. I eat free range eggs with limited dairy, mostly cheese. I have lived most of my days like this. What intrigues me is that if you set yourself to eat one new vegetable and one new fruit a day (something you’d never eaten before) you’d be dead long before the supply was exhausted. Seriously, do you know how many types of potato or strawberry there are?

For me it’s a moral thing.

If I was driving and accidentally hit a pig, sheep or cow I’d kill it with one of the knives I carry and I’d eat it - cooked. That’s never happened though.



That’s your inner demon talking. The predator within. Embrace it. It will lead your way.[quote=“Lola, post:3, topic:16813”]
energy of death, pain and fear.
Embracing the energies of death is VITAL for Necromancy. Pain (inflicted on others or on self) can also be useful. Their’s a reason self mortification is necessary for some rituals.

@Uncle-Al @NoxLumina @Thread_necromancer @Lola
I suppose it’s just that I am as black as black goes. Far more than even most people on the LHP. I am not evil or anything (in fact I would argue quite passionately that we are the ones doing what is right), but I believe in fully embracing my inner demon. That’s the voice talking to you when you want to eat meat. It’s the beast within. The source of your emotions, and your intuition. The part of you which fights for survival, which loves, which hates, which burns away the false ego. Embrace it, Feed it, Unite with it. Then you will truly be a demon in human flesh.


Meat can have negative spiritual energies lingering from when the animal was killed, but you can easily circumvent this by blessing the food (Christian prayers before meals does this), banishing the energies, or purifying the energies.


This is actually a good point; recent science has determined that plants communicate with each other especially with reference to when they are being attacked. If they communicate, surely that is indicative of some form of non neural based consciousness?

Life perpetuates itself through a system of exchange and predation; a koala is just as much a legitimate participant in this system (as consumer / consumed) as a legume (as is a human being).

There are valid ethical arguments for vegetarianism / veganism (such as the ecological argument); but, as far as the science goes, the consciousness argument is not one of them.


Thanks for the input. Gives me different points to consider.

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If you’re embracing the energies of death, wouldn’t the best way be to hunt the animal yourself or sacrifice it?

I have found being vegetarian in the past has helped me in my ability to meditate and sense others energies and energies in general. However, it also unbalanced me greatly and I felt always tired all of the time(probably from being unable to ground properly, as eating meat helps one to ground and absorb the earth element into the body. Also I got very skinny and sickly looking according to others around me. I also didn’t want to be in this world anymore and only meditating ( highly ungrounded) I did it for three months, then stopped.

I get the moral stance others have about it,( from their unfair treatment of the cows, chickens and such) but unfortunately you cannot be in this world and get the nutrition that’s best for without harming some organism in some way or another, unless you’re an advanced enough adept to live off just the air somehow(even then you’re breathing in and most likely killing micro-organisms) I also buy free range grass fed beef, butter, eggs and chicken when I can as well, to make my own self feel better about it.

Now I agree with Franz Bardon’s suggestions and that is to only be vegetarian for a bit for detoxing the body purposes.

Plants feel just as much as animals and have proven to get scared when told that they are being cut, thrown away etc,.

In fact experiments were done concerning this where they threatened plants that were not producing like they needed to be beforehand, and right after threatening them with their death, they started producing quite marvelously.