Food Choice For Spiritual Boosts

For a while I have been looking to express some experiences with my experimentation with diet and its effects on spiritual advancement. Many of these experiments were initially done for health reasons, however I realized that the implications went far beyond just physical well-being, and demonstrated various effects on one’s prowess in the spiritual realm of work. So, in an effort to share some of these findings, I am going to talk about my current method of eating, raw veganism. Now, this may sound like a decent into quackery, and if you were to conduct some research on it, you would almost certainly run into your fair share of it. For this reason, I am going to approach things specifically from an spiritual viewpoint, and try to stray away from making too many comparisons, or trying to call a certain dietary medium bad. This is simply about the effects that raw veganism can have, why things might be this way, why NOT to do it, and things to consider in regards to it.

In yogic tradition, you won’t go too far in study without seeing something in regards to diet and how to eat properly. Although there are many different suggestions, but it boils down to a few things of general importance:

  1. Eat simply

  2. Eat food that easy to digest

  3. Eat food that adds and maintains vital force (prana).

This isn’t something exclusive to Indian yoga, although they are the most well-known for it in modern society. Many of these suggestions revolve around dieting that is often stressed towards vegetarianism, and many sources would downright denounce the use of meat. I won’t go into it, because quite frankly, I don’t really think meat is all that bad. However, this stress towards a highly vegetarian diet has been a staple attached to yoga, and many well-known spiritual movements.

It is sad that most of what is available about the reasoning behind this is clouded in New Age rhetoric, which often doesn’t lead to learning a damn thing at all. The primary reason for these dietary suggestions was simple: digestion takes energy to perform. Like any other biological process the body must use energy actually process the food it eats. The harder the food is to digest, the more energy it takes to metabolize the food. This is why people often hit the sack when they are stuffed; all their energy must go towards digesting, so the got to knock out.

Since the staple of spiritual advancement is to have a free-flowing energy matrix, the development of this can be greatly hindered if you digestion is not smooth an easy-going. However, the easier and more fulfilling the food choices are, the quicker, more comfortable, and more holistic your spiritual advancement may be. This energy will not only have spiritual effects, the energy from this spiritual advancement can be used to far greater effectiveness in all areas, making one physically, socially, and materially robust.

This was the primary reason for making these dietary rules, because the yogis found these foods to preserve vital force. However, the goal was not only to maintain vital force, but to eat food that could add to it. In order for the food to add to it, it must carry within itself a storage of pranic energy, living energy.

One of raw veganism’s main points is centered precisely around this necessity for prana-rich food. Fruits, vegetables, and plants in general, are among the only foods that humans consume while it is still alive. Even though a fruit or vegetable may be picked out of the ground, there are still vital processes that go on for days after it has been plucked from a tree or picked from the ground. This is not something that happens when a food is cooked, for any processes that might have been going on will be die from the heat. The prana leaves when the thing dies, so a cooked food item will not have that vital quality.

There are many other reasons as to why this diet makes energy available, but that’s something that won’t be discussed here. For one, I am not a scientist, and if I was, I would almost certainly concede to the complete novice ability that strict material science has in assessing how people should live. It might stir debates that no one can do much to prove or disprove, and I think it would be a huge repeat of the point. The ability of raw veganism to provide living food is the only real concern here, because it’s the alive quality that gives it the prana edge, along with an ease of digestion.

Now it should go without saying that certain things should be adhered to. However, these very things are why research analysis on food digestion is flawed, so I will point them out here. I would say that this diet loses a great deal of its effectiveness if people cannot take the time to eat slowly. More essential enzymes for digestion are found in saliva than in the stomach, and without these enzymes, you are underselling the usefulness of anything you eat, no matter how it is presented or what kingdom of life it comes from. Thoroughly chewing and masticating food into a highly liquid mass is the most important part of making this diet worthwhile, and requires being able to sit down and eat slowly. We are a pretty fast food society, and tend to just consume food rather than eating. So when you eat, make sure you are actually eating and not just “stylishly swallowing”. I have seen many research studies talking about how cooked food is easier to digest, and none of them addressed the importance of swallowing food and taking time to eat thoroughly. These studies also point out the foods that need mastication the most like green vegetables, while raw fruit is easier to digest than cooked.

I also would not recommend eating raw unless you have spiritual exploits. Primarily, when I started eating raw, I had more energy then I knew what to do with. Consequently, I began gaining abilities that I wasn’t ready for, and most of these were physical. The first instance of this was running across the street, one that I had been pretty familiar with. Where I sued to live, Kedzie was a pretty wide street, about 30-40ft wide at least. I began to run, and 3 steps later, I found myself nearly kissing the brick of the Internet cafe across the street from my origin point. I almost threw up out of disorientation, because I was not prepared, or even close to thinking that I could not only traverse the street, but the wide of this sidewalk, which was also wide (8+ feet) in only 3 steps. It happened way too fast, and I couldn’t speak because my brain was trying to process what the hell just happened.

However, since I have trained spiritually, it almost seems like having a cheat code entered before practice. If you are doing spiritual work, there is a good chance that you can experience success, sensitivity, and command that may not be there without it. This is not exclusively my experience, as my brothers have the same reaction, as well as people I have met who tried it out. I don’t have to tell anyone here the importance of practice, but this is something that is important to point out with eating this way.

With this said, it may seem like a great idea to at least sample. However, keep in mind that eating in this manner can be quite shock for those who don’t eat very many fresh, unprocessed foods. I have been a vegetarian my whole life, I was born that way. Even though I wasn’t very good with it (I idolized cheese), many of the adverse reactions people have to raw vegan diets were complete absent from my experience. But it does happen at least somewhat frequently, and it is often termed a “detox” reaction because many fruits and vegetables contain properties that are healing and conducive to proper body function. Again, that’s not really the topic here, so we’ll leave it at that. Most people who bear through it feel great afterward, but this “cleansing reaction (just a mad generic term for what happens)” is a staple in starting this diet.

If you do decide to do it, starting off slow and simple is the best course of action. Many books on the subject will be chock full of recipes, dehydration methods, and a whole slew of shit that makes this diet tie-consuming and difficult. Rather, if you keep it simple, it can be way less time consuming than a normal diet, So the idea is to pick foods you can eat by themselves or “as is”, and then give a few foods you may not fancy too much a shot. The latter is usually greens, since folks will call them flavorless normally. However, I found that things like Kale have a quality that can be considered salty, in that you taste saltiness when eating it. You can make little dressings and sauces for foods, but keep it simple and you won’t find yourself taking too much time, nor will you actually need to eat that much.

So this is the basic gist of it, the post is already quite long as it is, but it gives at least some reason as to why it is a possible route for boosting spiritual advancement. These things become even more applicable when you grow your own food, to a point where you can program food from birth to have certain qualities and functions that it would not have without your spiritual input. So feel free to ask whatever you may, and I hope y’all gained something from this post.


I find myself heading down this path of eating for energetic and medicinal reasons rather than just eating for the sake of eating as I had been before, not really contemplating what the effects of the foods were I was putting into my body. I’m incorporating green juices, raw foods, eating much less meat and if I do I try to buy only free range, grass fed/organic and substituting tap water with spring water and home made tonics made from certain medicinal herbs. More fruits and vegetables for me means way more energy, better digestion and feeling less weighed down after each meal which in turn makes me feel better. I have also heard there are many positive spiritual benefits to eating this way and I have noticed some myself in the short time I’ve been more conscious of my food intake. Great thread, btw. It’s excellent to hear your experience with this Metatron as I’m pretty new to this way of eating more raw foods.

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I flirted with vegetarianism for many years because almost all of my long term girlfriends were vegetarian (sometimes life is trying to tell you to take a fucking hint) and about 18 months ago I took it seriously and haven’t looked back. I did have a bit of a rant about vegetarianism with relation to spirituality on another thread on here when I was called out but i don’t remember the topic now.

I find that Tea, especially green tea, is excellent for its energetic properties and will drink it almost everyday.

I don’t for see me going raw vegan anytime soon, I enjoy my eggs and cheese a lot, although I don’t tend to eat that much of them. Also I enjoy the act of cooking a lot.
I have found that a meal cooked well and mindfully will actually draw in energy making it taste better and carry more dietary energy, I am not totally sure on the mechanism of this but it does make cooking meals doubly rewarding.

Yea Virdon, and the thing that is big her is to make sure you don’t force it. You’re making some pretty conscious choices, and that’s really the most important thing. It’s very personal, and sometimes folks go off the deep end doing something that may not actually agree with them. I think raw veganism can help anyone, but sometimes it just may not work out. I would definitely say you are on the right track, even if you continued to eat meat, you would be better off doing it the way you are doing it than not doing it.

If you guys want, I can also point out other facets of raw food living like using fermented foods. Thing about fermentation, because the food is created through bacterial cultures, things that are dead are made alive. SI have no experience culturing and making meat ferments, but this is a way for meat to become alive by being part of a probiotic, bacterial culture. Probiotic brews are really a huge love of mine for the past year, as bacteria have to ability to absorb all sorts of traits. Plus, irradiated foods are restored through this process, so things like organic buying aren’t as necessary, although with meat you probably want to keep it organic, since conventional meat management is so fucked up. I can’t even really judge meat because it has been so messed with that you can’t get a clear idea of what it is actually like.

As for cooking, I do talk a lot more in a general sense, and for some foods it can be more beneficial. Like beans for instance, I sprout them so I don’t eat beans without them growing a bit first. Also, only a few types of beans can sprout without being toxic, so foods like these can probably gain a huge benefit from cooking. Also, you can make food, and I do make preparations like seed cheeses and yogurts, along with ginger brews. This kind of takes the on what cooking was for me before, because trust me, I used to love throwing down in the kitchen. I still do, but now I get to engineer my food around life processes, and it helps me add the element of constantly growing my own food, which is another passion of mine.

But Soundwave you are right, there are slow cooking methods that almost take a ritual approach to making food, which is how the ancestors do it. When you put your soul into the food, many things wind up being more beneficial for you even if the food product isn’t supposedly all that “healthy”. Raw food is touted as being a cancer ender, and yet many of these raw food enthusiasts are dying of… you guessed it, cancer. They think everything is in the food, when they aren’t taking themselves personally into account, and they really aren’t emphasizing the manner in which you eat and prepare your stuff. I get to do all this stuff with living food, including magickal programming of bacterial cultures and grown food. That’s where things really get interesting

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Right on, Metatron. I definitely have been influenced by my GF with this too and both of us are going one step at a time. I’m still cooking foods like Soundwave described and eating dairy, although it is naturally becoming less and less needed or desired(dairy, not cooking), even if I enjoy it, I just don’t feel the need to gorge myself on it like I did previously. Things like biscuits and junk food has lost a lot of appeal because it has hardly any nutritional value and just causes more digestive and energetic problems than it’s worth, IMO. It’s all about getting back to natural, living foods, preferably organic(though sometimes not an option)rather than processed foods that have little to no living energy present at all. Those ginger brews sound great! I’ve been making a ginger, turmeric and cayenne tonic daily which purifies the blood, improves digestion, circulation and makes it very uncomfortable for parasites to remain in the system. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my energy and well being from this one thing alone. You seem to know a lot about the next step as far fermentation and germinating goes like is done with nuts and seeds if that’s what you mean. It takes real dedication to go so far and from what you’ve said seems to be really paying off.

It really does pay off, and despite how much work I have done it is still a lot more to do. My next step is to establish a conscious communication and feedback system with these life forms spiritually, so as to really orchestrate an ability to really know what I am eating. I already know that they influence my thoughts and teach me subconsciously, and this is really the reason I got into it aside from health. I also plan to grow mushrooms of a varying sort with the same sort of relationship, and since composting is also a fermentation process, I can follow everything from soil to plant as constituent living beings, and a homogeneous super structure at the same time. It has helped me understand how far life goes, and with that depth, there is a huge degree of possibility… loading tomatoes with the energy to heal disastrous disease, wheatgrass with the affinity to instill astral travel, soil that is loaded with solar and electromagnetic force, a brew that is instilled with the instantaneous ability to evoke a certain spirit, or God? It’s really endless, so I’m bringing my spiritual goals to my desire to sustain my myself completely off y own merit, no dependence on foreign entities to provide things for me.

I was also going to add tumeric as I had I heard that it is great with anti-inflammatory work. Cayenne has always been a best friend. I germinate grains, beans, and seeds, even though they are all technically seeds. I am in the process of creating my own protein powder, slowing drying the sprouts at low temp so as retain the nutrients in tact. Seeds contain a lot of protein on average, so this is where I am coming from. Once I learn to grow my own blue-green algae like spirulina, I’m gonna be unstoppable with this stuff haha

Righteous! I love those ideas and the things you are working on, taking it even further and making it into a magical practice. If you haven’t already, check out Dan O’Donald(The Life Regenerator) on youtube and his friend Tavis Bradley. Those guys are masters at this stuff(raw living foods, that is). I think they both have websites as well and Dan the Man(Life Regenerator has mountains of youtube vids. But you sound like you’re already very far down that path anyway. I’m learning tips from those guys just from watching and absorbing their knowledge. :slight_smile:

Yup I know Dan the Man, and one thing these guys stress is eating A LOT! I’m not so sure I subscribe to this, in fact, I eat fairly little. Two meals, and never really in the amount these guys do (I know Dan talks a lot about eating loaded smoothies). It’s really a personal choice when it comes to that, and the mistake is sometimes folks are like, “Dan said eat a lb of greens in a smoothie. so I am going to do it”. Maaaannn… I don’t know about you, but that is an arduous task sometimes, especially when you also add a dogload of berries, chia seed, pineapple… it’s just a lot of stuff, and it isn’t necessary for everyone. In fact, for some, it is downright disagreeable, especially if you don’t have the internal makeup for it (i.e. a fairly weak digestive system from consuming crappy food) or resources. I broke about 5 blenders because I could only afford lower power ones. They help you learn, but the most important thing, and I can’t stress it enough, is making sure that whatever you do, it is something you own. They got a wealth of knowledge, and it is up to us to orient in the way need to figure things out.

I did spend, Idk 8 years learning this stuff, and really only committed after really drudging through things and picking out a nugget for myself. I was also in a rut of conforming to bad habits while I was waiting to go all out, because I didn’t want to start unless I got “it right”. But I was always getting sidetracked, mad because I didn’t have money for organic food, and looking for ways to do it with low resources. I learned so much ingenuity from that, and being pressed to find solutions because my health was suffering without them, that I came up with all sorts of wild discoveries, and invented new ideas that I found out were old as dirt. But I spent a lot of tie unhealthy, and yet it didn’t matter because the health I do get to clear up is like I have had it all along, and lingering health problems die by aiding the food process with new life habits. Actually, aid is a bad word, because food is not the center piece, just a very important puzzle piece.

Speaking of habits, I’m taking my ass to bed, and I’ll put somethings up here about fermentation and how it contributes to living food work.

So folks, instead of writing, I just realized that this $1600-computer-that-I-bought-for-$150-on-craigslist actually came with a webcam, and as such I think the topics I bring up in terms of this would be far more useful through video than writing. Fact is, I find that I am writing miniature novels, when everything I am bringing up can be spoken in less than 10 minutes worth of time. This way, I don’t have to leave anything out in order to save space, and it saves a lot of time for myself and you guys as well. So I will be grabbing a mic real soon, and then I can post a video about why unpasteurized, (preferably) self-made fermented foods are so important not only for generating health, but also to a magician who is looking for potentially powerful organisms that can are charged to carry out great works.

Bumping this thread to see what you guys think of this:

His blog:

A beginner’s recipe:

I think if you are interested in finding the most efficient way to fuel your biology then this certainly has potential and I would expect, considering that the diet of most laypeople is unbalance, an increase in feelings of health and function.

How ever I think if you are wanting to extend your functions into the nonphysical I think you would notice pranic deficiency in such processed food.

How ever it may be possible to infuse the soylent, supplementing even its pranic content some how. I hear solarising water is effective?

That Soylent stuff looks pretty interesting and could very well be a viable option for humanity in some instances and situations in our current times and looking forward into the future.

I somehow think that eating raw food in its organic, natural state would be far more beneficial to the human organism as you are absorbing the full spectrum of nutrients, minerals and vitamins and plant stuffs as nature intended.

Soundwave, I have read that leaving water or structured water outside for a full sun and moon cycle increases the pranic content. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has tried this and if they noticed any differences.

There seems to be varying phases that people who get into this lifestyle find themselves partaking in; vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, breatharian.

From what I’ve been reading lately, specifically, “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, there are many accounts of Yogi’s living solely on breath alone and the Kriya Yoga technique, only having the occasional meal with their disciples out of humility and respect for the act of the food being offered, but not out of necessity.

Yeah, though he mentions that soylent isn’t supposed to replace all solid food altogether, but is an alternative for people (like myself) who gain no pleasure from cooking, preparing and eating food (at least by myself) to save on time and money. So one could probably supplement it with food aimed at maintaining prana.

Soundwave mentioned solarising – and Prahlad Jani (though a rare scientifically documented example I suppose) has proven it to be possible to live completely off of the sun’s energy and without ingesting food or water. You also have other examples of monks who undergo constant meditation for weeks, months, sometimes years without food or water.

unless you are sick, to stop eat solid food seems unnecesary.

thiy soylent stuff sounds like a great supplement. just like any other intelligently self made smoothie.

you just need a blender.

i invested in a good blender, and i rely on it daily, which saves my time tremendously.

i mix bananas, apples, oranges, cottage cheese, celler, all kind of greens, carrot, all kinds of nuts, flax seed, oat meal, cinnamon, cocoe, protein powder…

not all this in a single smoothie. it all depends on my finances and discipline, variety… sometimes it’s about day and chakra - color connection…

when i have a girl visiting me, they usualy prepare something to eat. something nice. and i eat whatever they make.

lately, i’ve been so ungrounded and i didn’t eat properly, my died mostly consisting of banana and yoghurt and whatever i can scrap to add to it, and bakery products :\

i’m low on energy… need mo powa…

This is the last time I bump this thread – I promise!

This is a very interesting documentary that looks in depth into living off prana/chi/light/energy on its own. It’s 1.5 hours but well worth it. I almost posted it in the Epic Videos of Truth and Knowledge thread but that one takes so long to load because of all the videos.
In The Beginning There Was Light

Hey all,

From my experience, a good 'ole cleansing of the “Meat Suit” first followed by strict healthy diet often boosts ALL endeavors. I did a complete cleanse for the first time 7yrs ago and was disgusted with the process, but, was blown away by the health that followed. The following are suggestions made by one of the only living Western Taoist Master’s…Daniel P. Reid. Here are some great resources: This is the ONLY board I’ve used and will

continue to use…I swear by it! And er so does my colon :frowning:

Sacred Texts:

I own both & have used extensively…highly recommended



As far #2 goes…GET IT! I have a copy of the original that I paid handsomely for. I can’t believe that this is back in print!


Excuse me if this post is too old to bump, but it contains so much information that matches what I’ve been doing to boost my energy for magickal practices and general health

I feel like a lot of people gloss over how important your food intake is when they are on their spiritual path or just beginning

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