I Noticed a Similarity between the Sigils of Saturn and Azazel

That’s interesting. In hinduism, Saturn is God Shani, the son of the Sun God and Goddess of the the Shade. It is believed that if one prays to him, he can bestow great fame, power and wealth. The black crow is a representation of him. If he is Azazel, then I’ve been connecting with him without knowing his other identities.


I posted all about this like a month ago.


And here is the other one if the audience is interested.


I’d like to agree with: [quote=“ashtkerr, post:8, topic:16663”]
According to this website it’s meant to contact the intelligence of the planet, which is a specific entity. But, it’s kind of like the angel of the planet.

And according to this previous topic of mine, the intelligence (the angel) of Saturn is Agiel and the Spirit (the demon) is Zazel. Hmmm. Zazel is very close to Azazel.

I’d even go as far as asuming Agiel to be the Hebrew (angelic form) of Agares. - Who is known to be a master of Languages.
As i found in workings that included Azazel, very often, Linguistics where needed to dive deeper into understanding the different layors of many revelations.

Especially the Numinosis works had shown very clearly, that even single letters, can unfold into full meanings and mechanisms.

I’d say Azazel is the combination of Agares and Zazel into one singular Saturnian force.
Basically collecting the Logic and the Energy that combines into that order out of chaos (or rather chaos out of order)…

So to my understanding, those aren’t “the same” but rather aspects of one.
(pretty much the same way a planet haves inner and outer spheres, i’d assume zazel to be the core, while Agiel is the outer shelf.)

While this isn’t showing anything regarding the Agares idea i have, it’s clear on connecting zazel and Agiel.

The secound Thing that strikes me a Little in my reseurch here, is Agares being mentioned to be a Mars coherent - having a look on the Netflix series “the Expanse” was showcasing Mars to be a very imortend Piece of their Story line - which is unfolded over the next few years, to convey a bunch of concepts and matters into the public - Agares is considered to be male in greek and female in new workings, actually similar to the Astaroth / Astarte gender-Switch.
I guess many of These Gender specifications came from which OP actually worked them out.
As of Course, a personal taste goes along with it.

Planets, i guess, don’t really consider themselves to be any Gender.^^




You guys are blowing my mind. Gracias!


I just went to my Temple and evoked Azazel to question him on this matter.

He told me

" I am he who ushers the black fire of self, for the flames are infernal and its darkness is that of Saturn, these are two parts that when intertwined rise as I Azazel ".

I asked him so are you part of infernal and apart of Saturn.

He replied " yes I am the infernal Saturnian embodiment, to master your inner black flame you rise within you the powers of both hell and Saturn ".

That’s just some of what I can remember the rest of the dialogue was to quick to record, hope this helps.


I was wondering that too (Saturn=satan ;zazel =azazel)


Thats so funny because back before I knew Azazel was… well “big” in the occultic world (He came to me before I even knew anything about anything) I asked him where he was from and I thought he was pointing at the Scorpio constellation because I’m just an idiot and I was frustrated because I was expecting him to point to a star but SATURN was in the way! It took me a long ass time to realize he was pointing AT SATURN! Then randomly this showed up on my suggested read list

Tell me that doesn’t look like a portal.


Saturnian Magick haves influence on Time.
use this, to go back and reveal the missing parts, which seemed overspeeded:


Draw the Sigil of Azazel, then the inverted R, then the Sigil of Saturn, in front of you with your Ring of Solomon (index finger) or Ritual Dagger.
Push the three sigils into each other.
The resulting Sigil,
you can write down together with your re-channeled Informations.
I recommend you don’t make that combined sigil public.
-well, that’s my point of view. You may see for yourself if you’re able to give it towards the public.^^

Hope this helps you. :wink:

The hexagon is just a current of air, and weather features out there that share similarities to this are notoriously turbulent and unstable. A hurricane on Earth typically lasts a week, but this has been here for decades – and who knows – maybe centuries.

  • Notice how Azazel is also considered the Lord of Air. :wink:




Wow iv seen the seal so many time in TGS, i made researchs but no results. Do you know the demon behind this seal?..here is a drawing i made a longtime ago…


What I was talking about there was the seal of Jupiter



The circled Cross is planet 10, Malkuth, earth.


Now when Adonai represents that. - what opposes it? :wink:


->Thaumiel. :wink:



wow, Thanks for these informations. But do you know where does this vision of the circle with the X come from, Adonai or Thaumiel. Or Astaroth…I finally discovered yesterday that i was under her guidance since a while ago, her presence was also there.


i personally work with astarte (the godform Astaroth been created from).
For RHP i suggest Adonai - which i use for example in works that are protective towards close ones.
For LHP i suggest Thaumiel -

The ruler of Thaumiel is Satan. Satan in legend was the chief of the angels, holding a position similar to that of Kether. According to Islamic legend, after God created man, Satan and his angels refused to bow down before Adam. Ralph Austin describes that in the thought of the Islamic mystic, Ibn Arabi, the diabolical principle is that “which resists the Self-Realizing urge to create the own-other object (creation) and insists in the sole right of pure spirit and transcendence, this being the reason for Satan’s refusal to obey God’s command to prostrate himself to Adam, from jealousy for the integrity of pure spirit.”[1] Seeing this in a kabbalistic way, this means the refusal of Kether, the pure spirit, to find completion and self-realisation through the act of emanation and creation, terminating in Malkuth. Satan therefore represents spiritual pride and arrogance.

Why Astaroth instead of Adonai / Satan?
becouse it links back to the spirit’s which been used before the 3 Monotheistic Pluages came upon this earth.

a very similar approach is the path of Ma’at. :wink:


Thanks for posting it @Yberion so if i understand very well Astarte and Astaroth are slightly different. Do Astarte have another sigil or do they just share the same sigil (with the Star)…
If Satan is the ruler of Thaumiel then Lucifer and him are the same entity? I remember when someone (probably Astaroth) corrected me when i said Hail Lucifer he repeated “Satan” like i pissed him off lol.


interesting. I contacted the demon andras to help me with some things and he pointed me toward azazel and called him saturn as well


Oh gosh I’m happy I stumbled onto this thread. I’ve been kind of slightly feeling Azazel has been calling to me- but of course I brush it off.
So today I found an old book of shadows I made when I was like- in middle school and I found that one Saturn symbol scribbled into it and I was struck because it looked just like azazels seal. I know I didn’t know rlly what I was writing back then and I can’t help but feel like I wrote it in there to open it and see it tonight after so long.
Especially now that I know it’s linked to Azazel. I also can’t help but laugh because as a kid I was always fascinated with Saturn and shit.
I remember when I was little there was a spirit who would watch me at night. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, wondering who it was, and then I find this. Makes me think…


Saturn… for millennium was the only planet that anyone new about that was as far away as they could literally see in the sky and therefore it became major and symbolic of the limit of mans knowledge of the sky and literally of everything became associated with that planet… even language. ST is an important suffix prefix in words, it is the limit of the definition of some words. It still remains as such in the language and the being Azazel is the limit as far as dark beings can go… so there you go. If I find a link for this information I shall endeavor to post that if wanted?

I did find this today but, it doesn’t have all the info I had previously found.


Funny, after I made contact with Azazel, I kept getting “Zazel” popping up in my head. I thought it was him just messing with me. I had no idea there was anything to that. Wow.


I often find a god/demonic king to br a convergence of two or more planetary powers. From what ive read there is an entirely seperate sigil for Azazel but the seal of saturn has become his by common association. My theory is that Raphael and Azazel are the same being although Raphael is a convergence of mercury and the sun, where as Azazel is mercury and saturn.

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