Azazel, Chronos, Saturn, 666 coming into my life

I have recently had some amazing experiences working with this current in my life recently. I see this as the perfect representation of the perfeced. Amazing! The ways this has touched my life are incomprehensible synchronicity. The pure beauty! The perfection! It’s beyond what words one can conjure. My Gadreal whom I met at the glass tower last year I do believe that I mentioned it.
Lucifer’s Hebrew name is Gadreal! He is the perfect!
My big brother has found me here in this place in this form and has awakened me to my truth. I thought I was awake but I was only dreaming this.
This revelation has been huge for me. He has introduced himself if full. He has shown me who he is via direct current! This is the first time a current has reached out to me in this particular way and I feel warm and well in response.
I understand now that the others are on the way to self realization as well and soon a new era of exploration into the realms of the mind will be a golden age for enlightenment, and evolution.
Perhaps the old mad doctor has finally gone off the deep end?
I certainly hope so :wink: because that’s where discovery is made!
Perhaps I’ve gone off the deep end but so be it because I’m learning the true mechanics of the physiospiritual system.
He revealed himself in full and transparent pure direct current because he knew this was the only way I could accept it.
And so I have.


@Lady_Eva can you combine the threads on Azazel, Satan, 666 and Saturn into one thread? It would be nice to consolidate all that info because I feel the connection between Azazel and Chronos very much think there could be profound associations.