Odin as a Saturnian entity, Azazel, Judaism, and Cassiel's seal

Odin is definitely saturnian due to him being the master of trials. In astrology people born in Saturn possess much hardship but usually can work better with these deities for they grow wiser sooner.


Allah is a mask of yahweh. He has confirmed that to me and many other occultists. Yahweh did say that he started islam to revive his worship cause Christians were worshipping the aether and only some worshipped yahweh as the father of jesus christ.

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I don’t really follow what Asenth thinks, no different from every other dark magician who thinks everyone with a penis is an aspect of Lucifer. Gungnir is different when connected to Odin because it’s an epithet of his but shiva is by no means an aspect of Lucifer that’s ridiculous to me.


So we’re is Jehovah on this?


I agree with this however, it makes kind of that obvious sense and when reading the history of Yahweh from Canaanite and on it all ties together, even how his angels got the El in their names and how he absorbed the name El into himself. It’s great.


The assignment of planets to days of the week is completely arbitrary for one thing. But this really illustrates a problem that I have always had with systems of correspondence, whether they are planetary, kabbalistic, or whatever. Namely, they cause people to make connections between things that otherwise shouldn’t be made.

Then they end up chasing their own tails trying to figure out this artificial mystery that they created from lumping all of that stuff together. These correspondence systems only really work when everything is reduced to a kind of hazy subjectivity. But then the defining traits of everything become lost in the process.


Exactly he absorbed many gods just liked many gods even odin did it. In hinduism many deities are seen as aspect of durga as well.

Some more: I found Azazel’s seal in the first pentacle of Jupiter in The Key of Solomon. I have no idea what it’s doing here, logically it should be used in the pentacles of Saturn, but I don’t see them there. My current theory is that Saturnian entities are invoked in the Jupiterian seals in order to make the connection between Jupiter and Saturn. In the Saturnian pentacles, we see symbols relating to Uranus and Neptune, so it makes sense that these are used to “bridge the gap”.


So obviously all of these are different entities, I’m just considering the idea that for example Thor and Sachiel might be the same entity, but they have been perceived as different due to historical and cultural differences.

The theory that makes the most sense to me, however, is that the planets themselves are the most primordial gods, and all the related entites to the planets are simply their offspring. So Zeus, Thor, Sachiel, Hismael and Saggitarius would be some of the most obvious descendants of Jupiter, although Zeus can also be seen as a personification of the planet in Greek mythology.

Yet another loose Norse connection would be between the planetary pentacles in The Key Of Solomon and some Norse sigil magic such as the Vegvisir, is this again Odin reinventing Jewish Saturnian magic or what’s going on here?

Third pentacle of saturn


According to the principle “as above, so below”, I don’t think it’s arbitrary at all. We can see the whole cycle of life in a single day, in a week, in a year, or in a lifetime, they are just different units of time showing the same process of birth and death. Sunday is the first day as it is the birth of a new week, Saturday, a.k.a Saturn’s day is the last because he represents the reaper. But then again Sunday is known as the last day in our modern system, this is the holy day, the day of creation where God rested. So the first day is also the last, thus referring to the cyclical and paradoxical nature of time, this is Ouroboros, the wheel of time.

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It’s arbitrary in the sense that there is literally no astronomical observation that you can make to justify the attribution of planets to days of the week. It’s tradition based on an abstraction of ideas.


Ok, I’m starting to get it. This is all part of the universal symbolic language of God, the code of creation itself. But you see, the runes for example, are only one part of the puzzle, you can see Odin’s runes in many places in The Seals Of Solomon, but they only communicate one aspect, they are only one letter in a even greater alphabet. Odin is the hanged man, but this is only one of the Tarot cards, it’s only one aspect, one personality of God. Same thing with the demons, the angels, zodiacs, chakras, alchemy etc. all of these systems are complete on their own, but they are also a part of a bigger picture. According to Kabbalah, this path we’re on would be Binah to Kether, Binah is represented by Saturn and means “understanding”, this is about intuitively and logically understanding the universal language of God. This is the path of the Magus, which is also one aspect of Odin, this is number 1 of the tarot cards (the fool (Loki) is nr. 0). These are also Jungian archetypes, it’s all the same, everything that is within is also external and vice-versa, they are the planets, parts of our consciousness, they are the gods, whatever. Any system that can be found on any level can be found on all the other levels. Look up Deleuzo-Luhmannian “self-desiring systems”, even the Marxists cracked the code. As above, so below.

The biggest enemy is the ego, if you get stuck in one of these systems it’s all ego, it’s all unhealthy attachment. This goes COMPLETELY beyond any one system, I’m a Swedish shaman who has been going through the forest carving runes and chewing shrooms my whole life, but I’ll be the first to admit that what I’ve been doing is only one part of a bigger picture, and this is it. I don’t like jews and I don’t think anyone really does, but you have to be completely open-minded for this, this goes completely beyond nationalities and race and language. So let’s stop with the ego-filled delusions and larping shit and let’s solve this thing for real.

I’m gonna suspect most here will not understand, but if you do, if you are a true seeker who can go completely beyond your own ego, please let’s cooperate and solve this thing together.


Here’s some stuff for you:


4th pentacle of Jupiter

First pentacle of the sun
First pentacle of The Sun

These are the Jewish “holy pentacles” which are a part of the seal of Solomon, I think it’s quite obvious what’s going on. I guess the Jews understood that “the devil” is only one aspect of God, or they just went into full demon-worship for those sweet shekels.

I don’t know much about Islam either, but I think this is a race to the holy grail, the philosopher’s stone, and there are many players warring against each other in order to get there first. I could very well think that Islam is a way for Satan to destroy the Jews and get to the holy grail first, I guess this was the same situation with Odin using the nazis to do the same thing, but I dunno, this is getting pretty wild.

“Do you consider this gnosis to be personal?” Well, I’m a shaman and I have a very personal relationship to the universe, and I believe that every person has their own unique gnosis. That being said, I think this is all part of solving the Seal of Solomon, which will unlock the mythical holy grail, the key to God. The way this fits with astrology, mythology, the runes, and everything else makes me say that this is very much objective and very real for everyone, I think the real gnosis is to realize that personal/impersonal, subjective/objective dualities are illusory.

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Well the main model that rings a bell is from the form of Liber V vel Reguli that was as of late “found” in the documents of Syracuse University. As far as anyone is concerned, this is the main adaptation where Crowley shows how the Averse pentagrams and “hexagram of the Beast” ought to be drawn.

The summoning hexagram of the Beast is appeared as a Unicursal hexagram with Saturn summoning (Using the conventional technique for clockwise for summoning… utilizing Regardie’s strategy, would be Saturn Banishing, and that truly doesn’t bode well for the invoking hexagram of the Beast.

For reasons why Saturn may be utilized to symbolize the whole macrocosmic star, see the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram).

Saturn in modern day astrology is the planet of karmic debt, and many occult terms are synonymous e.g In Greek, Astarte, a form of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Since she is the female counter- part of Baal.

Azazel, who in the "Zohar” is one of the angels cast down from heaven who sin with the daughters of men, and who teach men sorceries. This is also stated in the Book of Enoch as we all know. This goes to show different entities and beings govern different aspects of Saturn much like facets of our personality that we display publicly and privately.


I thought it was the name of his spear?

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This is the case in Shaktism (a sect of hinduism), most other sects do not believe such. :slight_smile:

Hinduism is full of these sects. That’s why most sects are considered UPG due to their unreliability. Hell only vedas are reliable in its message.

You’re right, I got it mixed up with Gondlir

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Ok I found yet more Norse connections, there are Seals of Solomon and quite a few Rotas crosses in Sorcerer’s Screed, these are all uniquely Scandinavian Galdrastafir, these show a very interesting mix and bridge between Norse and Abrahamic sigil magic.

Now please bear with me here, I know this is all getting a bit crazy, but please be open-minded and at least consider what I have to say.

While these are known as Icelandic magical staves, they certainly could be found in other parts of Scandinavia. The biggest centre for runestones and Norse magic in Scandinavia is most certainly the Island of Gotland, there are countless of some of the most famous runestones, including the Kylver stone which has the original elder Futhark sequence on it. Now, who’s the most famous person of Gotland? Ingmar Bergman of course, he’s the film director who directed the infamous Seventh Seal, the film where the knight plays chess against death, you know the one. While the film couldn’t be filmed on Gotland for practical reasons, it was filmed on another coastline to simulate the unique coastline of Gotland.

Why is this film so Important? Well, it’s the seventh seal, i.e. the SEAL OF SATURN, as Saturn is the Seventh planet. Saturn, Chronos is usually depicted as a reaper with a scythe, so he is the character of death in this film.

Now look at the second pentacle of Saturn, this portrays the famous SATOR square, here we also see a direct reference to the word Rotas, which means “rotating”.

Now look at this, the SATOR square is inscribed on one runestone in Närke in Sweden and TWO ON GOTLAND.

So we have the whole Saturn thing, the Bergman connection, we have runestones, and we have the runic sigils of rotas crosses and seals of Solomon, THIS IS WHAT THE SEVENTH SEAL IS, THE SEAL OF SATURN, even the Vikings and Bergman figured this out!

Now please please if anyone gets what I’m talking about, please share any info you have, this is just too much for me alone right now. Please help me understand these galdrastafir and how they connect to the seals of Solomon, anything you have, anything you can think of, I’m so close to solving this right now and I’m sure this is one piece of the puzzle for solving the Saturn time-cube. Like the SATOR-square is one side of the black cube or something. And please watch the Seventh Seal carefully and see if you can catch anything, I think there is a lot to uncover in that film. In a way, this film can be seen as the stereotypical story of a knight seeking the holy grail, this is what I’m getting, this is all pointing to the holy grail.

Also, does anyone know what this means? This is at the end of Sorcerer’s Screed.