I need some help

Hey, so a year or more ago I summoned Lucifer into my life to help me with something in my life; however, at the time I was deeply struggling with ability to take care of myself and subsequently my spiritual hygiene along with that I didn’t set any parameters what so ever with Lucifer on what is and is not ok to do. Going forward he trapped me in his energy and introduced Lilith into my life without my permission to do so. It’s been countless rounds of abuse by both of them (physical, sexual, (rape, molestation). The reason that it is taken so long for me to reach out for help is because I was constantly being forced to forget that I was stuck in a constant repeat of the same situation happening over and over. I got to a point of reasoning with them and what they’ve explained to me is that this isn’t the place for me and I need to leave. that’s what the lesson behind this; however whenever I try to leave I just get trapped in energy again. I need some help with getting out of this scenario I don’t know what to do right now Lucifer and Lilith have both expressed me that I can’t keep reaching out to other spirits for help I have to go through the means of experience people. But until then they’re just going to continue with the abuse.

Charge this and hang it up in your room or carry it with you:

You can also call upon archangel Michael:

I’m already working with the appropriate methods from those two segments. Whenever I practice using raziel’s sigil I’m forced to believe that it doesn’t work and then forget it exists as well with “lesh ta pak een lafa to son”

Then that means they do work, otherwise they wouldn’t try to stop you, so continue using them.

You can also straight up pray to archangel Michael.

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Thank you I was able to connect to AA Micheal.

I do understand that the sigil does work and I wasn’t trying to downplay your effort to help me.

No worries, I didn’t think you were. It’s the hallmark of abusers to tell their victims that no one and nothing can help them. It’s how they keep their victims powerless.


@DarkestKnight can ask for your help? I’m trying to leave but I keep being tricked into feeling that I can’t leave I keep trying to negotiate my freedom and my right to live freely and happily but all I get is mocked and sexually assaulted by Lilith. I’ve apologized to Lucifer wrote him a letter of significance and gave him a formal dismissal with peace and respect and an offering and he showed me that he accepted the offering but refuses to leave.

I don’t know what to do.

@Thorax That response was bullshit from chatGPT. If that’s what you want, go ask an AI bot for a generic Internet response. Using chabots for create content is basically lying and a bannable offence on this forum.

This user is a role player, they have no magickal experience and just steal what others say they have nothing but complete contempt for what it is that we do here.

Ok, I didn’t know that, I’m trying to get out safely. I’m reaching out right now for help.

Your first mistake was assuming what came was what you asked for, your seconds was giving it power based on the name.

Given the state you were in, and that you were inexperience and didn’t know to banish first, you were already attracting parasites, and any if them would have found this the perfect opportunity to worm their way into your psyche.

yeah - so what I see in this is what I would call parasites. The good news is they are easy to get rid of, but the bad new is you have to have confidence in yourself and you don’t.

See here:

You know, if this was me I’d be ABSOLUTELY LIVID and on the war path. You are not nearly angry enough at this attack on you. This is not OK and you need to stand up for yourself way harder.

Don’t bother about what names are used - that’s all a lie and doesn’t matter. All parasites do is lie it’s a hallmark for them. You have every red flag for parasitism, from the conditions you summoned in to your weakness, to its disrespect and refusal to respect free will.

Parasites are like ticks, they embed in your energy and it’s hard to get them out, but they are actually small, weak and easily killed once you can get hold of them. They just want to feed and will do anything to stay attached.

We have a ton of posts about killing parasites here: Forum Tutorials: Parasite Collection I suggest reading through them to get an understanding of what you’re dealing with and what’s possible.

While you’re doing that get your mind and heart right - these are your weapons and your defense and you sound like you are not standing in your power.

If this was me, here’s how I’d get started handling this:

  1. First of all, IT. Not he - don’t give it the dignity of humanity, it’s an it. It’s LESS than you, weaker, it’s pathetic or it wouldn’t need you to live. Also stop calling it Lucifer, it’s not and this causes you to give it power over you, so stop doing that. It doesn’t have a name; it’s astral garbage.

So this is fixed, great! :slight_smile: Give yourself credit for this, start realising you’re stronger and all you have to do is stand up

Bullshit. These lying pieces of dogshit need to be taught a lesson. It’s not only not thier business, what they’re doing is making you make a certain kind of negative energy which is the yummy food they want.

NEVER talk to these parasites - they ONLY lie, it’s their MO, so talking to them is a waste of time and only gives them a chance to psyche you out. As you have seen.

Right - you need info, and it’s time to attack. The link above is a start. You will also need this Unofficial Tutorials: Spiritual Hygiene & Defense Collection

Honestly, the behavior is bad enough that there’s no need to give it fair warning by telling it to fuck off, just hit it with all you’ve got.

Again, also bullshit designed to make you doubt yourself so you don’t fight.

Don’t call them by any known names, don’t credit them as being higher beings that they’re not - get your MIND into a strong space by both acknowledging your own power, and into diminishing these shitheads as much as you can.

See them as the stinky little slimy, black leeches they actually are, worming into your mind like viruses. Only earthbound beings can defy free will because they also have it. The higher beings keep the rules. That’s how you know the difference.

4) Burn them with fire before they lay eggs. Today.

UPG caveat: The bigger one sees me looking at him and tried to pull the “I’m lucifer” bs on me too, it’s so very not. I’ve met lucifer and this is an astral animal. the smaller one is nothing to sniff at and all for show. I showed them what I’d do to them if they don’t let you go, and now they’ve backed off. They now know they should let you win because that’s their best chance for survival. Note however, parasites are incredibly stupid and basic, so it’s going to be a fight anyway.

They’re going to try to hide. This is part of why you forget them - your attempts are successful, they scare them, and they lay low for a while so you think they’re gone or aren’t important. This is also common for parasites. I call it embedding, like ticks as I said before.

So don’t let them hide - hunt them in your minds eye, find them, catch them, hold them and burn them to ash, and keep doing it every day until you root them out from every niche they try to hide in. Don’t let them pretend they’ve gone away.

Thank you for the talking to

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