I Need Help. 😭


This is a past life situation that is interfering with my current life.

My past life self made a pact with a high ranking Demon. She wanted power, in exchange the Demon wanted marriage.

My past life self then made a contract stating that in all my other lives I will be married to this Demon. :woman_facepalming:t5:

Now… In my current life this Demon is around 24/7 and is not leaving. I tried asking for the pact to be broken and even asked a witch to help. But he still is not leaving.

I feel stuck and I really want it out of my life because I feel trapped as hell. :tired_face:

So… What do you guys think I can do to enable this entity to leave?

I need all the help I can get. :woman_facepalming:t5:


I’ll just put some ideas out, see if any seem to resonate:

  1. Does the demon belong in any established heirarchy where you could make a petition to his “superiors”?

  2. Can you appeal to your ancestors (of this incarnation) to intercede for you?

  3. Can you astral travel at all, because if so, you could travel “back” through “time” to discover what exactly was prmised, and see what can be done

  4. Is there a being you know to be more powerful than this demon, who you could transfer allegiance to IF they break the pact for you?

  5. Extreme answer, but could you compel or request the demon take forms pleasing to you, and commit to the marriage? This is only a last-ditch idea, if the whole thing really doesn’t work for you.

  1. Ok… The demon is Satan. He is a superior and I have no idea of spirits who are higher than his rank. (I’m quite new to this btw…)

  2. I’m new on this path… Though I was told by a friend of mine who is a witch who deals with the dark arts, etc. She told me it is Satan and the pact we had in a past life was about power and riches or whatever. I don’t know any of my ancestors. Never really contacted them.

  3. No I can’t really Astral travel… Though I can Lucid dream. But I always yank out of these dreams whenever he’s being too forward.

  4. No I don’t know an entity who is higher ranking than this demon… :tired_face:

  5. Nah not interested in the idea… I like my independence and he gives me none of it. I don’t want him to be around me 24/7. :sob:

As you can see I’m the newest of the newbies… :grimacing:

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A family member made a similar binding pact when he was a child, he became ascended but his entire situation was different and he had a lot of experience built up in past lives.

I am thinking that maybe he could intercede for you, as he devoted his life to Satan, so he has that link, and yet he is also still close enough to being human that he will understand your predicament:

You could, if you wish, try this method of evocation to contact Varnaxis, ask him whether he will send you a sign which you will both see and recognise for what it is, within the next 48 hours, that he is willing to assist you in renegotiating this pact:


It’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:


How about you started working with the gatekeepers? I don’t know, just throwing this for consideration. You don’t have to work with one entity for this, you can make a group that will work on your behalf. Safety and power in numbers, right? So if you “gather” entities of the same rank as him, you could possibly break the pact. I think. :thinking:
Also, you could try some banishing as well to give a boost, though I’m not sure if this would work because of the pact…


Thank you… :kissing_heart::heart:

I really like working with Satan because of fast results and would like to maintain this friendship. However, I don’t want something more so I really appreciate your help. :heart:

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Well… I’m not ready to delve into the whole thing yet because my knowledge about this stuff is quite shallow.

I’ve tried forms of banishing but he is strong… It’s like it’s nothing to him. :grimacing:

He hasn’t hurt me in anyway though. But he knows I don’t want him like that. :confused:

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Then Varnaxis is definitely a spirit to contact, because he will fully understand that. :+1:

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Wait… The possibility of you asking Satan to leave you alone doesn’t exist ?

There is…

…But because of the predicament I have with the pact, it is more challenging.

That’s why I’m trying to find more options through friends and this website. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay then. Though I recommend trying to sort it out with him first, than just forcing the pact to break.
It shows you respect yourself ,but him also as the other part of the deal.
Just my opinion though.


Yea… I will. I have friends willing to help. I appreciate you input though… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mathematically speaking, it only takes 3 of equal rank and power (as individuals) to break a pact. It works like warfare. If three armies, each individually equal to you, approach you and say, “this is how it´gonna be” are you likely to go to war, both outnumbered and outgunned? At this point, the value of whatever you were willing to fight for becomes diminished to the point that you might be willing to cede to the group´s demands. Just my two cents.

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If you are ready for pain to rip this contract off, I can do a ritual with Ganesha, Shiva, and Hanuman. They recently removed the power of Jehovah, Allah, and Yahweh from my life, and it was worth it. Though I was in bed with a HELL of a lot of abdominal pain. Turns out my stool was in a gigantic ball and it was removed. As the enema was going in I heard Ganesha say: “its almost over. Give this everything you have”. Point being that ball of stool was a physical sign to have me make the final push to remove them from my life. If you are willing to go through similar pain for this i’ll do the ritual.


According to the Christian mythology, it was Archangel Michael who cast Lucifer/Satan (they are considered the same being to Christians) from Heaven.

If all else fails, call him. He is a protector most excellent and few beings are his equal. His sword can sever the connection. However, only do it as the last of the last resorts because it will cause animosity and pain to you and to Satan.

I second @Lady_Eva’s suggestion of Varnaxis’ intervention as mediator. In my opinion, that is likely the best route to take.


How long did the pain last? :astonished:

Honestly speaking,

I’m not going to call higher entities to solve this issue for me. I think that’s running away from a fight I might have the potential to solve through myself and my friends that practice witchcraft.

I have to try to make this turn out in a way we can both agree on. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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About a week. Just let me know if you run out of options. Satan’s a tough guy, but at the very least I can get him in line. :wink:

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Umm… Okay. I’ll try my own way first. I’ll let you know if I need the extra hand. Though thanks for the offer. :upside_down_face:

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You can try being with another entity that’s willing to take over your contract. I was promised to God as one of his concubines but Azrael has taken me from him. He assumed the contract. It’s better because Azrael gives me space. It’s a little too much space sometimes but it’s better than being constantly sexually harassed by a douchebag but I won’t get started with that.