I appreciate all of you

I just wanted to update y’all in my progress from the time I posted about Satan and the complications I faced with him. (Sorry for the length…:grimacing:)

I wanted to personally thank a few people who took their time to help me in my time of need. I appreciate all of you. :kiss:

Since then I have grown mentally and emotionally. I am not an emotional mess and I have learned to understand different perspectives better. No matter how odd they can be.

The witch I trusted gave me the wrong information about my dilemma. Her magic was and still is influenced by Christian ideologies, etc. She summoned forth her beliefs and I unfortunately, ended up communicating with Satan from the Bible through her. To her, he was a vile monster and to me, he was very sweet and patient even though I struggled to understand the purpose of his presence.
I am not religious in any way so anything she told me, my instincts reacted negatively towards it. So I decided to seek help from this forum and went forth to seek answers. I made pacts with him to show me the way. Being a beginner, I was incredibly skeptical but I wasn’t ready for what I got.

I received answers. They slapped me across the face and they didn’t stop. He even communicated via dreams. I got what I asked for and I realized I was wrong about everything. I wasn’t attacked, I was shown the path to understanding my backgrounds beyond this life…

I was amazed by what I found out and a weight has finally lifted off my shoulders. It’s all so surreal to just think that this is the beginning of everything that will fall into place.

I now have a healthier relationship with my own self and with Satan. :star_struck:

And it is all because of these amazing people who pushed me to gain guts and do what I thought was impossible.

These amazing individuals are; -

Thank you so much for your knowledge and advice. It did not only comfort but it did help me on my path (Whatever it is honestly.). I truly appreciate the efforts you made to educate me on ways I could try to understand and solve the problems I was undergoing through. Thank you, you are appreciated. :blush::heart:

Thank you for all the suggestions you gave me. Thank you for enabling me to understand better and more clearly. I appreciate you. :blush:

Thank you for having the strength to share your personal experiences in order to help me with mine. Your strength is appreciated. I do hope you are happier now and I truly wish all you the best. :heart:

Thank you for your support and encouraging words. :100::blush:

Thank you for everything you tried to help with. Especially trying to divide the situation and solve it in a logical manner. Your questions and suggestions help me to consider a lot in the situation I went through. :blush:

Thank you for your wisdom.:laughing:

Thank you for your suggestions. They helped me find my way on this issue. I appreciate it.
Ps; - I found out that he isn’t a parasite. :grin:

An enormous thank you for all your help. I appreciate it all. :heart:

Thanks for all your suggestions. I have grown much compared to before.:blush:

I can’t express the help you have given me. I will never forget your willingness to help. Because of you, you help me force out answers to my questions. I truly appreciate all that you have done and did for me. THANK YOU NOLAN!!:blush: :heart::heart::heart::blush:

…And to anyone who helped that I haven’t thanked.


You are so welcome! Anytime!!! Keep studying!


Aww! You’re welcome honey. I’m glad things are improving for you.


Thank you!! :blush:

Thank you!! :heart:

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Really happy to see this was resolved. :slight_smile: Your subconscious really can mess up a lot more than you’d probably think. That’s why it’s important to drop the ego and pre-existing beliefs when undertaking most anything in the Occult.


I agree… I had to learn that the hard way. Thanks for the support. :blush:


This brings tears to my eyes honestly I’m very happy to help and I wish you the best of wishes on your path


Awww… Thank you! :blush:

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Ohhh I was on a magickal break and missed the entire movie along with the credits :joy:

Due to a large break I took from this forum (and I believe this was first discussed long ago) I don’t really remember the suggestions and/or your reaction to them even though I do remember the topic and the problem you were facing.
So even if my memory is fuzzy , I feel honoured in front of your appreciation and ecstatic that I helped you overcome difficulties even in the slightest.
I hope that from now on your path remains clear and bright.
Blessed be sister and good luck on your journey~



Thank you so much, your words are appreciated. :blush: