I Need Help. 😭

j/k here, :rofl: but even a god is not good enough for this one it seems :rofl:

Not diminishing your experience in anyway or form. Harassment of any type is bad. I, personally do not see why people (or even gods) need to continue to pursue those who are not interested.

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Lol no offense taken. He has so many concubines and I have been constantly tortured about sex. I was obsessed with sex until that contract ended. It was a horrible existence and I went through a lot.


That sux. I hope things have improved.


Yes very much so. I don’t constantly think about sex or look for it. When I die I don’t have to come back here. I’m sure I’ll be happy with Azrael. I’ve been to this Earth so much I’m sick of it. This is my 5th reincarnation. So I completely understand her dilemma with Satan. If it’s anything like what I went through it must be torture.


What did Satan say when you discussed the dissolution of the contract?
Satan is a very reasonable entity regardless of his chaotic nature and I doubt he would consistently invade your space without giving room for some form of negotiation.
It seems you’re simply going off the information your friend gave you without further inquiry.
My advice is to look into this more and get a better understanding of the situation before seeking other demons randomly for help.
If you ask me, this screams incubus.
The answers are within, just dig a little deeper and I wish you the best :+1:t4:


I’m sorry that happened to you… However I just wanna be free. I don’t wanna be promised to nobody or anything. :weary::tired_face:

I swear… It’s like they don’t understand the meaning of rejection.:roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t5:

I can understand this… I’m currently going through this awful case. Mind you, this is the worst experience I have ever had with a spirit. It’s really starting to make me develop a disgust for magic. Even though I don’t want that to happen… It is happening. :pleading_face::sob::woman_facepalming:t5:

It is torture… And it sucks. I’m constantly touched and it’s hard to sometimes concentrate on projects I like. Honestly I want him gone. :woman_facepalming:t5::weary:

How did you make the contract with Azrael?.. I’m curious but I don’t wanna do the same thing. I’m tired of the idea of belonging to someone or something. :woman_facepalming:t5:

Ok… He doesn’t mind the idea. However, he constantly tells me he doesn’t wanna leave and other romantic factors that I won’t fall for.

Satan can be reasonable but it’s hard to get him to that idea… He can be stubborn. At least in my experience.

I’ve tried to talk to him… But he says that I’m hurting him and he loves me and that stuff.

I think he’s talk is to persuade me to be loyal to the contract… But with him you can never really know.

I do want to try to prevent this situation, that’s why I’m tryna find more ways through people who have an experience in such fields.

That’s why I’m trying to dig a little deeper and enquire more… Even if I use my ways while I try ask friends for confirmation if they receive the same message.

I thought he was an incubus as well, since the experiences are similar. But I asked him in Lucid dreams and he said he is not…

Thanks for the support I really appreciate it… :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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What after effects did you have after this? :thinking:

Did you feel more free?

Did you have episodes of fear?

Does it really affect your afterlife experience?

I’m really curious about this… :thinking:

Ahh I see he’s playing mind games. Satan can be a trickster if you let him, so you need to take control. He respects individuality and resolve. So here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Perform a ritual to reclaim your divinity- Write down your personal Declaration of Independence from Satan, yahweh, allah and all beings who have sought to attach themselves to you.
  2. Prick your fingers with a lancet and sign the declaration with your blood.
  3. Burn the paper and visualize yourself being detangled from all bonds from all your lifetimes.
  4. Gather the ashes and toss them out on natural soil
  5. Give offerings to your ancestors at least three times a week (ask for their guidance)
  6. Do energy work and strengthen your aura.
  7. Banish everyday

If these don’t work, then you can go ahead and seek out another entity equal in strength to assist you.
But first, you need to show Satan you mean business.


Use your persuasion influence skills. Negotiate. Maybe you can outsmart him. maybe not since they can read your mind? I don’t know. i’m new to magick too.

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Can I toss the ashes to the wind instead? I live in an apartment and my family would think it’s weird if the saw me carry a bunch of ashes as I look for soil. :grimacing:

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Yeh you can do that.
The intention is what matters :zap:


Thanks. I really appreciate the help.


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Anytime :metal:t5:


That’s understandable.

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It was actually accidental. I was trying to contact incubi via the letter method through Lilith. Azrael showed up because my father was about to die. I mistook him for an incubus and seduced him. He ended up taking responsibility over me after that.

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