How to kill a parasite spirit

Sorry not sure if in write catagory and when I asked earlier I got some information but never got the understanding on what they ment I needed.

So yea please post about killing an attached parasite or any other type or pest o make thread useful.

I also found this seal but it doesn’t say parasite in discription but in the old page everyone really loved it so I figured I’d share what I found when searching for a page that said how to kill a parasite.

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If you search “parasite”, you will find various threads on the subject. Here are a couple that might be helpful.


Thank you I searched kill a parasite and the search results were super limited.

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You’re welcome, and yes, searching can be tricky. I usually just try to stick to one word searches and just weed through the results.

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Ok cool I found the needed chant and sigil for Yeesch I think that gonna be the way I go I Hurd about him befor being really helpful if you end up being a victim of a parasite, one quike q what does it mean when it says he demands I have a clear aura?

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I honestly do not know as I never worked with Yeesch.

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Spirits don’t die , you can banish it or ask a spirit that’s far more powerful than it to remove it from your life , a good spirit to try this with would be any of The Archangels , but I recommend The Archangel Michael because he’s the captain and thus very potent results would be observed with him

I’m thinking about using Yeesch he typically helps people with this problem I need to work with angels too but so far haven’t interacted with one for about 5-6 years and all it did then was hand me a redish orange orb I assumed it was for something else and never got down to what he handed me I don’t know if I still have it inside me. I’ll definitely consider and angel if I’m unable to get assistance beIN freed from the spirit or the other method C. Wilson spoke of doesn’t work I started doing a similar idea when I first discovered it I was cutting into Peace’s and stuffing ibi to a bag then filling the bag full of energy but I didn’t get the whole spirit in the bag nor was I able to disinagrate my foe. I didn’t do magic or notice the parasite for like two years so I think starving it is out of the question.

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The Goetic demon Murmur can kill parasites and impostor spirits. He is frequently called upon for such tasks.


If I use your method of containing then discinagrating what should I think the fluid is I poured on it?

Stomach acid would likely be the best, to keep to the biological method it is based on.

Parasite entities are kill-able the same way humans are, when dealing with external things a person should learn to defend themselves first and foremost. Direct magick/energy manipulation, making constructs, making shields that attack hostile entities and energies, shields that self scan and assess if an entity is an imposter/parasite and deal with it, etc.

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What’s a construct sorry for newb lesson and ty for responding I just hurt it a bit and it I think pretended to leave I formed somthing in my mind and turned it to acid when it brought it to itself since it’s my energy I can control then turned my energy it’s feeding on into acid and it was like boiling in the acid then appeared to just leave like it gave up but I doubt it’s actually gone but I can tell I’m hurting it with the acid so hopefully its gone but if not I’ll try to initiate the construct you enlighten me about and beat it for a while then capture it in a sphere and do acids till it dies I’m feeling more confident.

a servitor either with or without the ability to take orders, i.e a construct made to look like a sword, a construct that’s a bubble shield or a shield in general, etc.


Also I’ll try to Invision these types of shields you talk about the only thing I don’t have confidence in myself about is basically being able to control my thoughts so there not projected everywhere lol but with time I’ll fix that.

So a living wep basically I’ve never made a servitor befor but I can read a bit about it I just have trouble forming energy works without the parasite stealing the energy. I pictured a dagger a second ago and it was basically grabbed but floated off in the air above me so I think it disattached but is still following wasn’t willing to be connected to me when I was able to direct my energy into acid inside of it. Thanks for the help guys I should have this problem taken care of once I get myself focused on it and spend the time to defeat it.

No not a living wep lol. not all servitors are like soldiers some are simply objects like swords, knives, shields, and so forth lol.

O lol ok, I should be able to try to form a weapon easier if I’m not thinking it’s alive lol. There’s a sword that appeared befor in a dream a long time ago I’ll try to see if I can get a connection to that and chop that sucker up and toss him into a cat of acid one piece at a time. Sorry for delay was texting with my mom.

That I did not know. Will have to keep that in mind

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They may night die of natural means, but they can be killed, or consumed. Dog eat dog world.