How to kill a parasite spirit

This is a good and easy one for Murmur!


Thank you guys right now I’m pretty sure it’s still trapped in a large magnet I have, but I’m not completely sure it might have just tricked me. I’ll figure it out and hopefully won’t have to contact MurMur but thank you for the info very helpful.

Hell, my mentor used to eat them for their power.


yeah, that’s doable in short successions too

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So I meditated alot did all the chakra’s one at a time breathing vibration and other ones then drew the seal of manefestation then drew Yeesch’s sigil I spent like an hour starring at the sigil trying to get it to open further hoping it would help how much we could interact I asked for his help told him a little bit about me. I didn’t get a good image of him but I did shake his hand in my mind and his claw showed I got excited later after more sigil chanting and basically going through all h chakras one at a time charging the sigil I got another mental picture I said right y left n and of course he knew I ment my right lol just thought about that then asked him if he would help and he raised his arm on my right side then asked if I’d have to wait long and he raised his arm on the left side so I feel pretty good. He even tussled my hair in minds eye but I couldn’t get him to manafest and do it. I was staring at the sigil and o my the circle would disapear later realized i was focusing to hard on the image and all of it disapeared also even had his sigil change into a person pretty much just had like a giant door knocker in mouth was coo pieces moving alone to make the face change expression was a fun earning experience. I did breathing into the sigil tracing the lines with my eyes using a light from 3rd eye that was shape of circle I’ve whole thing changed the colors of the sigil constantly and even did the dropplets from my 3rd eye onto the sigil until they filled the area withing the circle, had petals call from my crown and absorb Into it, used smoke for image of energy and watched I absorb ino the lines then even pictured a clock and spun the hands around rel fast to keep the sigil open for a longer time. But memory was shit I did the chant like 25 times and still didn’t memorize it lol. I really like the way his sigil looks even befor opening it. O yea another good one for energy charging it I channeled spoke I channel my intentions for why I contact you into the sigil seen a nice cloud start to move. But I still need to do a banishment have tones of lesser spirits all around me and it’s half way making me paranoid just cause of past experiences there a little o close lol. Wouldn’t be so bad if I could see more then just a faint outline of there form or maybe it would be worse lol o well I posted an update letting you guys know I actually did something to try to fend off the spirits bothering me. I’m waiting for a book to download to try a banishment a friend recommended.

One of the most powerful in removing parasites is Abbadon


Thanx for the info hopefully I get it taken care of pretty quick here

Dog eat dog world.

I would like a copy of this rite please!


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I’d like the rite. I can’t PM you since your profile is hidden.

You just have to go to create new message and type there name in honestly a hassle but can be done.

I meant by clicking on your name. If I try it that way, I can’t do it since it says “This user’s public profile is hidden.” I don’t do much here often so going through the long way by typing a new message and writing in your name didn’t occur to me.

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I’ve tried invoking murmur by calling his enn and drawing and activating his sigil on black fabric, put that on the wall opposite of my bed. This has helped a whole bunch, the parasitic astral sludge entities voices gradually grow quieter during the time it’s been up.

The last days (yesterday and today) they’ve been so fucking rude and tricking me into giving them energy
They said a man in town who’s an alcoholic and, according to the parasitic entities he’s a satanist and astral projected into my apartment just to mess with me and steal my energy probably since they’re getting really weak and want to latch on.

Today they just pretended to be just about to leave but I didn’t believe that lie for more than couple hrs. Can I do something to get murmur to kill em instantly or will he kill them slowly over time?

I feel as if I have a great connection with murmur and that he really wants to help me but as I’ve worked with other demons before and they all wanted me to make an effort too Murmur is probably of that opinion to. I’ve been a bit weak and given into the parasitic sludge entities but no more! If I didn’t just counteract murmur he’d be done with those (astral sludge) worms sooner, right?

These days I just give them to Duke Murmur as a sacrifice. He takes them to the underworld or destroys them outright.


Actually you can solve the problem easily by summoning the entity in your dream and it it alive. It’s the power of the astral working


Gonna remember that next time I dream about them! Haha. Since I first read about eating those spirits (someone else suggested this a while ago) I’ve had dreams when I’m like cooking in my kitchen and they’ve been there pestering me and I’ve looked at them and started to have a change of heart but just as I’m about to finish the thought or open my mouth to tell them that I’m going to try cooking them I’ve woken up :laughing: But at least coming that far is a big improvement for me I’ve only started getting results from my dream journal and astral projection experiments

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