My Situation is getting worse. Need Advice

Originally, I was supposed to be relaxing, and meditating, trying to not think of this situation that was killing my mind, but as the situation will get worse by the day, I need people’s advice about what I should do, or tips or something.

Well little background, I have these entities on my ass that are just destroying my mind. They punch me, drain me etc. Not sure what they really are. I first I thought succubus, or nymph or Fae I’m not sure. But in the morning, I made the worst mistake ever that made this situation even worse.

Since some forum members said that I should try to befriend them, and win them over, I did that. I kinda started being nice to her, and she grew affectionate of me, or so I thought. Looking back at this moment I’m pretty sure she did something to me that strengthened our bond. Because of this, she said that I’m going to become her fucking slave. She was just faking it like the many times she did this to me. I’m also sure that my soul is practically glued on to hers, I’m guessing that’s what she did.

Now, one would say that this situation is fairly easy to fix right? You just have to do a banishing ritual, or invoke a spirit to get rid of them. Those were the options I had in mind, but later on, those options were out of the question.

The physical pains were back, and more painful than last time. My lungs felt like it was tearing apart, and my heart felt like it was being stabbed. The pain took a brief pause, and I randomly thought of this dude in a black leather jacket smoking a cigarette looking at me with his red eyes. When I thought of that I smelled his burning cigarette. And that’s the guy who punches me. The pain immediately resumed after that. I definitely felt that guys fist punching and ripping my lungs. After that, I noticed that I started coughing up white transparent mucus which was my phlegm. That guy actually damaged by lungs which was horrible, he only punched me for 15 seconds. This means that he could actually kill me.

This is extremely bad news meaning that if I do banishing rituals or any ritual, If that ritual is starting to work, that guy would start trying to kill me. Trying to make me stop doing that. Of course this would lose my focus unable to focus on the ritual I’m doing.

I’m also certain he going to kill me soon anyway. My soul practically belongs to the lady that caused it all because of my mistake. So when I die, I’m going to either be her slave like she said, or be the guys punching bag forever. Even death isn’t worth it anymore.

Additionally I’m sure that the lady who caused it all is extremely experienced to this stuff. She knows what she’s doing. She’s highly deceptive, and manipulative. When she knows that when something won’t work. She’ll encourage the person into thinking their “higher self” is on their side. I’ll take my situation for example. I want to get rid of her so I do the LBRP. The lady that caused it all will know that the LBRP won’t work. So she deceives me into making believe that it’ll work. I remember one time when I was doing the LBRP, she whispers to my ear “please don’t do this.” Another time I’m pretty sure she made me think of a flaming blue pentagram hinting at the LBRP, making me think that my higher self should keep doing this. But in reality, it’s just her fucking around.

The lady who caused it all has all these puppets working for her I’m sure of it furthermore proving that she’s very experienced. All those puppets are unwillingly forced to do her biding. In my case, she force these puppets to harm me by draining my energy or punching me etc. I feel sick knowing that all her puppets were probably humans once living their lives without influence. And I’m next.

Basically what’s going to happen to me is that she’s going to make the guy with the cigar (probably one of her most obedient puppets) to destroy my human body slowly. Next she’ll probably make her other puppets to drain my energies, and giving my energy to her resulting in her gaining strength. Eventually I die, and become another one of her puppets.

So what do I even do? I can’t do rituals, that would just speed up my death, and most rituals don’t work in one go, they take time. I can’t do rituals to banish them, but I really can’t just do nothing, and embrace it right? Also doesn’t help that the lady is experienced, and most likely knows how to counter some banishing rituals somehow because all her slaves.

Another thing is that isn’t helping is me. I’m inexperienced with this stuff which doesn’t help at all, and the fact that I’m also under 18. Have no access to materials or even a house. Hell, the only reason I’m here in the BALG forum is because I want this issue I have resolved. I started this mess, and I guess deal with the consequences of my actions.

What do I even do?


Have you tried Murmur?

There are incantations to him created by VK Jehannum, to destroy spirits that are messing with you. I think his stuff is legit so maybe try it.

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I’m scared they might damage my body further if it starts to actually work, but I’ll try it

Read, arm yourself with knowledge & fight this thing:


Two options:

  1. Seek a psychologist who can perform medical tests to verify you are not having a psychotic episode. Does it run in your family?

  2. You may need a full blown exorcism from experienced people.


I live with my parents. If I seek an excorist or a psychologist, they’ll think I’m delusional, and crazy. Their not the supportive type.

Please get help, you’ve been given a great deal of options by the members here. :bouquet:


Call out to Kali, she will destroy them, use her mantras

Btw your soul is not damned to that bitch, she’s just messing with you, the only way your soul could belong to another entity is if you sell it to them in a blood pact


Try meditating to this, and pray to Kali, ask her to help you with all your heart


Keep me updated

I’m finding that when I’m trying to meditate, I can’t breathe well, to give me that meditative state. I always do a deep breathing exercise to get that state of mind. The lady who started it all just destroyed my lungs, and I can’t breathe well, it’s actually kinda hard. I have to take shorter more frequent breathes which isn’t very effective to me.

Furthermore, that lady keeps making me lose my focus by flooding me with negative energy, and taunts. When I was about to reach a meditative state, she just floods me with fear, and thoughts, making lose my focus, and I have to start again.

The last thing is, is the guy with a cigar. The main guy who psychically torments me. I’m pretty certain if the meditation incantations, or anything ritual would start working, the lady will just call that guy, can order him to destroy my body even further. Of course this would also destroy my focus as well.

That lady is already thinking of either destroying my kidney, or my eyes next. She probably wants my eyes destroyed because she doesn’t want me to be able to read, and that is another big problem. (I’m already having a big red purple rash on my right eye). That lady probably wants to destroy my kidneys cause fuck it I guess.

Did you pray to Kali? Om Krim Kali is one of her mantras

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I’m not sure if she’ll answer my prayer though. I don’t have a lot of time left.

Pray. To. Kali. Seriously, with faith

Or Psalm 91

Or evoke Lucifer or Satan

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The only I can do is pray so I’ll do it I guess. I’m not sure if I can’t really do it with faith. It’s hard to explain why. I guess I just feel powerless and demoralized. But I’ll do my best, and see where it gets me in a week.

You have nothing to lose, believe in yourself

My greatest tip would be have more confidence in your power. YOU are the master of your reality. No spirit can ever have complete control of you. Don’t give in to their taunts. They may try to make you think they are stronger than you, but they aren’t. YOU are the one in control. You just need to fully realize it and take action with confidence in yourself.


I’m genuinely a little worried, he needs to have more faith in his abilities


It can be very tough to if he is truly inexperienced. Without having worked up the confidence by doing other rituals, it’ll be rough. But I think that everyone is capable of embracing their inner divinity. They just need to strength to do it.


Sometimes, prayer can be all you need, that’s how I battled my parasites