How to Get Results that Astound You (Sphere of Influence vs Relationship to Outcome)

Been thinking a lot about the nature of how results tend to show up so I figure I’d move the meditation to written form and leave it here for anyone it may help.

Every time I have a result manifest that absolutely astounds me usually comes out of nowhere while I’m living in “wave function” or “going with the flow/” I.e. I’m not emotionally outcome dependent on getting what I cast for.

I started with basic Chaos Sigils phrased as a question to manifest the emotional state I’m seeking with the physical result as a mandatory side effect in order to experience such a state.

  • “How did I get this AMAZING motorcycle?!” (Brought me two of the exact same bike, same color, year, make and model, same miles… 2nd one came about from firing it again in a stack of sigils I had when I forgot which one it was. It came with race tires and easily a few thousand $ in upgrades leading to a sportbike wheelie monster with a top end that feels like I may as well be flying a figher jet. Between 10-14k RPM makes it feel like it’s going to accelerate out of my hands. The suspension handles better than my first one I had gotten used to and it rekindled the magic of riding for me again. Dayum cool implications getting what you’ve asked for again when you already have it!) 1st one showed up when I got a much bigger tax return than I expected and found an ad posted from some dude who was moving to another state and said he needs to sell it that day. Got it WAY cheaper than it should have been. 2nd came because a client owed me a few grand and offered to pay with his bike because he didn’t have the money. Awesome.

  • “How did I have sex with so many attractive women?” Ended up dating two redheads and getting a bunch of FB’s that summer. First sexual golden era and I felt like a god. Every pizza guy’s fantasy came true and one of the girls kept booty calling me by ordering when I was working and putting in the driver instructions “Send Norski please, he’s magic… :)” Got caught by corperate with the petite blonde manager in the walk-in… Worth it.

  • “How did I become so sexually attractive to women?” This one sucked for a bit… My relationship was on the rocks (hence my spells, ship was going down but I wanted to save it so I cast a bunch of sigils to help reconcile it. Guess what I was outcome dependant on?) She got a gangbang with 5 of my coworkers to get pregnant because I wouldn’t give her a child when she wanted one after being exclusive for 3 months. Things got weird after that point and then a bit later this happened. We’d REALLY liked each other for half our lives since we were 12 (magick helped it happen) so the emotional part was devistating. I didn’t eat for a week straight and ended up losing ~30 lbs in a very short time. Redpill Fitness Norski was the result and girls seemed too interested in me.

  • “How could it be so easy to write such a perfect song?” One of my ideas I’ve been working on since 2006 has now played on Austrailian radio. The states culture for music is terrible but other countries seem to like my sound. A supplement country in Korea uses a song I recorded when I was 18 to get people fired up for business conferences.

You get the picture. I can go into my methods for sigils that I use (they’re stupidly powerful, on par with the kind of results some evocations have brought me. I choose to believe there’s more there though as to not limit either practice.) in another thread. This one is about how my targeting effects things.

I’ve worked a lot of magick for various things. Some people talk about “Likely” results, “Speculative” results, and “Outrageous” results and I think there’s something to that yet I believe in the power of chaos over time. I used to manage a soul trap that was a Dominos Pizza, I’m a chem major dropout and I’ve still managed to build an international supplement company that now has a parent company and we’re branching into biotech. I never thought when I was 16 that I’d be personally driving my own stem cell research someday but it’s starting. Nothing is too “out there” if you can stack the deck for it a little bit. Most my results surprise the hell out of me and that’s what got these gears turning for me.

If you’ve read any of my threads you’ll find my story about this girl I was completely fucking nuts over around a year ago. It seemed so inevietable I didn’t bother casting for anything until things got very dramatic for me. The results I was asking for were so within reach the slightest nudge or breeze would have pushed them into existence. Sphere of influence had nothing to do with it because my lust for results was so strong it took something that had terminal velocity levels of momentum and screeched it to a halt.

My focus went from a very ecstatic, thriving yet casual “wave function” and flipped it instantly into a “particle state” where I was fixated hard on an outcome I needed. Think about this for a second; what have been the kinds of results you’ve had that have appeared out of left field and completely suprised and amazed you when they showed up? For me they’ve been the throwaway rituals that almost feel like practice yet are desirable enough to cast for. Every time.

I own more than 10 and less than 20 guitars. I own my dream guitar and if I need to record on anything I don’t have someone I know is usually down to lend it to me if the studio doesn’t have it. I’m not ruminating every day about ways to get a Gibson SG or a Breedlove Concert Series in Myrtlewood. If I cast for a badass free guitar it’s probably just going to show up out of somewhere because it’s something I only occasionally think about. Easy result. Very easy result.

If I were to cast for whatever is constantly on my mind lately I tend to think about it anyway. A lot. It’s on my mind all the time and unless I can shift back into a state of outcome independance it’s not going to show up.

Is anyone else like this? I’ve had my adored group of deeply connective polyamorous relationships with SIX different girls who could all be top of the industry porn stars who I met by having a threeway with two strippers I’m still FB’s with that I met that day show up out of nowhere and make me actually wonder if I was hallucinating because I was focusing on something else entirely and my relationship to the results was detatched and I didn’t really have feelings about them. It was true fire & forget. I had to meet a new social circle entirely to get there and every time I’m with them I have to ask myself how it’s even possible this world can exist outside the astral but, there it is.

These were multiple spells/evocations that stacked and Sitri, Sallos, Purson, and Asmoday are complete and total badasses. Sigils aided this too. I met one over New Years (think of an oddly charismatic, alluring, ultra kinky BDSM Velma from Scooby Doo in human form who is randomly wan into vaping and is fun as hell to talk to for hours on end) through a throwaway sigil phrased “How could it be so easy to get the perfect submissive?”

I was outcome dependant over another girl I’ve been into, and was indifferent to that particular result. We started talking, it clicked “Oh, it’s on…” while we were bantering, and suddenly my plans changed for the weekend.

I don’t think it’s a matter of how “out there” it is. Obviously sphere of influence has an effect and you’re likely not going to manifest getting a free Oreo pizza delivered to your house in Buttfuck Kentucky by Jack Black. Yet most of the results that do show up for me are the ones that make me wonder how the hell the stars aligned to bring something so incredible.

That said, I do tend to phrase my statements in a way that’s expressing wonder. I haven’t done much with basic “I get a free slurpee” statements. Try a handfull of sigils/evocations for things you’d really like to get, yet you don’t spend hardly any time thinking about them in daily life. The girl who is giving you the runaround isn’t going to randomly declare she’s your sex slave if you’re thinking about how to land her every night as you fall asleep. She probably will though if you’re already hooking up and don’t care because you’ve got other options on your plate and you’re in “wave function.” (Speaking from experience. Sigils work astoundingly well when used this way.)

Make a list and check for this criteria:

  1. You want it to happen but no so bad it’s your primary concern
  2. It’s more on the side of vague so there’s more avenues to manifest and surprise you
  3. It’s possible, though it doesn’t really have to be plausable. If you heard the story of it from a friend and all that was needed was “they found a new social circle” then give it a go. I went from heartbroken to being shared by strippers for a weekend. Weird things happen and you can stack the deck.

Double down on whatever else you’re doing too. Ideally it’s being high on life and thriving in the wave, but just like we forget our breathing most of the time, your concerned preoccupied particle state might break and let you ride out the sequence when something you’re not observing in your mind’s eye appears.

I’m mostly trying to figure this out for myself, feel free to poke holes in this to see how it stands up/build off it/expound on why it works/share your own experiences. My mind ruminates excessively due to my intense OCD (my popup filter is broken and I get weird dysphoric intrusive thoughts about concerning things and if I care too much it’s auto lust for result even on things I haven’t cast for.)

Everything about success in life for me, be it dating, music, business, fitness, or magic all has to do with attention. As above, so below. Make sure whatever you’re casting for doesn’t hang out in your minds eye everyday. Find the sweetspot and it’ll astound you when it shows up.


I really like the idea of using questions, or “afformations,” as statements of intent for sigils, rather than the usual “It is my will that…”

Sounds like something worth experimenting with.

Great post!


Thanks man, it’s been a game changer for me. I started my journey into all this with a law of attraction sheet that had everything phrased as “I’m so happy and grateful for…” so I figured it should be a component in spellwork too. Trying different emotions and arriving at expressing joy through wonder.


I love this for so many reasons! It’s so true from my own experience.

#1: I love your questions instead of statements. I once heard that if you ask yourself an open-ended question, your subconscious will automatically start trying to find the answer. So if you ask, “Why is money so hard?” your subconscious will find reasons for that and so perpetuate it. But if you ask, “Why is money so easy for me?” then your subconscious tries to find an answer for that.

Plus questions tend to slip by your resistance more. If you say, “I’m so abundant and money is flowing to me effortlessly,” your subconscious has the chance to say “No, that’s not true.” But if you ask, “Why does money flow to me so easily?” then it bypasses that automatic subconscious response, and now it’ll go looking for the answer.

#2: I love your metaphor of the particle and wave function. I’ve not used the same terms, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. When I’m working on a goal, the first thing I do is to back off of it a bit, stop insisting on it so much. I call it the “watched pot effect”, as in the saying “a watched pot never boils.” If you’re always thinking about it and noticing it not being here, then reality can’t shift. It’s when you turn your attention away that things are able to shift.

But I wonder, how to transition from the particle state to the wave function? I think this is the biggest problem people have. Any thoughts there?


Basically you took this meme and turned it into a spell set up.

This is oddly related to a post I am working on about my recent activities and working with Jupiter in terms of the powers of Faith, Authority, and how it relates to Divinity so that will provide a bit more context that I don’t want to type out twice because as usual it is long explanation. Though this can be used as an example of the power of Faith at least the way I am learning to utilize it.


Also PS.
Kinda funny but recently with Jupiter’s teachings on Divinity and all the new Ultra Instinct God Shaggy meme has popped up and one of my old nicknames used to be Shaggy lol.


Yes! Very well put, that’s exactly what I mean.

Shifting has been the bane of my existence in songwriting since I started writing music. All my best ideas show up there whenever I’m “just jamming” or riffing off something I hear in my head I hear in the shower. I used to stare at my fretboard in perpetual writers block trying to figure out how to make creative notes come out of it. It’s when I get the feeling I want to go and just lay into a chord and see where my instinct takes me is when I write something that gives me goosebumps.

“Groove first, then play” - Victor Wooten

My instinct is to say “Motion creates the emotion” and just take action. We are what we repeatedly do. It’s subtle and Belial taught me a bit about this.

Pay attention to your breathing right now. Rise. Fall. Rise. Fall. Now very willfully do your absolute best to forget about your breathing …by concentrating on “not breathing.”

My dad told me a story about how his friend used to say "If you’re cold, don’t think warm. Think lemon." I almost put step 4 in there but since I’m used to posting on Reddit and having every dipshit on the internet get hung up on outlier technicalities that don’t matter I just went on with “double down on whatever else you’re doing too.” Could also call it “Change the channel and get serious about it.”

EA makes a sandwich. I’ll play/write music or go for a ride though the canyons (good luck thinking about your ritual when you’re hanging off a bike at 90mph and the slightest slip up will turn you into a skidmark. And there’s your stereotypical Subaru drivers around you need to watch out for.) Reminder, you’re still supposed to be thinking of “not breathing” right now.

I think there’s something there with breath as a metaphor for the different quantum states of conciousness. It does both and I certainly prefer the wave state unless it’s a bad vibe. That’s where zooming in is important. I’d like to wrap my head around how it’s used in ritual because chanting definitely feels like it’s supposed to drift you off into a trance where you’re not looking at particulars.

Definitely seeing the appeal of meditating more and more. I think the very skill it develops is learning how to shift between the two at will.


That’s great hahaha, seeing lots of synchronicity with all things Scooby Doo/Shaggy lately. Currently learning some Mike Dawes songs and a good 10% of the dude’s YouTube comments are essentially “LOL Shaggy plays guitar?”

Definitely link that post here when it’s up :santa:t6:

She’s wild. Still trying to get her to say “Jinkies” without giving away why

Also, no idea how to use some of the forum software. I’m the millennial who is still stuck in 2009 when it comes to social media


Yeah hahahahah Scooby Doo/Shaggy memes are the best right now.
When the post is done I will certainly link it here though might be late tonight or sometimes tomorrow. I tend to do a lot of exposition I guess.

Oh definitely! That would be too perfect.

I know how to make post. I know that when I highlight something it gives me a quote button. That is about all other than what the other buttons say lol. I clearly don’t use social media much either.

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Trying to edit grammar in the post and the software is being fucky. Oh well, substance above presentation. Glad this bunch doesn’t completely discount an entire idea over how “their” is spelled.


Thanks man. Needed to hear this.


Well as promised here is the post I was working on.


@Norski this is such a great post - thoughtful and fun too


As a fellow musician I agree. I always come up with amazing songs at work and then forget them when it gets busy and then I want to cry :sob:


Okay what is your method of using Chaos sigils? You are literally the first person who has written anywhere to get shit people want. This is better than most LOA books.


Εvery musician knows that the best ideas coming out of nowhere. To me they are always coming when im going to sleep,lol! So sometimes i have to go back which is a hard decision :stuck_out_tongue:,turn on my computer again and start creating my idea while im trying so hard to not fall asleep. :joy:
I will try your method and thank you for sharing it,i hope the best to you and to everyone who is reading this.


I target my statement using what I wrote above, delete the vowels and any letters that appear more than once so “How did I get this amazing motorcycle?” becomes
“w s zn ryl”

From there you draw the letters out, connecting them wherever, until you have a word tree of them. No wrong way to do this.

Then you redraw it again, changing the shapes of it all while asking yourself your statement of intent as though you’re experiencing it. As you redraw it you’re making a magickal looking symbol. Redraw, edit, omit or add as you like until you’re satisfied with a symbol that represents your statement.

Then you get into an altered state of conciousness and gaze at it during a peak moment to fire it off. Orgasm works great, though I’ve also set it as my phone background and let it sink in over time, I’ve posted it on whisper and let the “WTF mate?” reactions from people scrolling charge it, burn it and accept “so it is done”, or set it on your dashboard so the next time someone in a WRX does something idiotic and almost causes an accident you can look at it while your adrenaline is going and that will charge it.

Usually you can just jack it and look at the sigil right as you climax, that works remarkably well.

Put all of this together and you’ll pull some amazing stuff into your life


I know that people use these types of sigils for changes in the material world all the time, but what about for spiritual things? For instance, of you made one like “How did I become best friends with Lilith?” do you think that would have a similar effect, or would it just piss off the spirit named?


I’d keep it more vague. Something like “How could it be so easy to get on great terms with Lilith?”
More likely to bring about doorways for mutual benefit and give some momentum for what you’re aiming for


Hi Mate, this is amazing, I’m going to try this out. I have a few questions:

  1. Did you do a few of these at the same time? I’ve created four sigils this way. Will meditate on them at different times.
  2. How long did it take for you to notice results?
  3. Do you think this will work with things like raising IQ? Becoming taller? Regrowing hair?, etc.

I’ve created four sigils, placed them with Belial’s sigil, asked him for help on them, used a pendulum to enhance the energy of each one, then, placed them with a super 7 crystal.

I can feel energy emitting from the sigils when I hold them, so I’m hoping they work quickly.

Thanks again!

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  1. Yup, I’ve created a few at a time. I just fire them separately with as much attention as if they’re the only one in existence.

  2. It happens when it happens. It takes the quickest route possible and that’s easy to screw up if you’re constantly thinking about it, hence why it’s ideal to aim for stuff you aren’t preoccupied with yet you still want. Some stuff is still bubbling away over a year after because I’m literally obsessed with it. Most things will just happen out of nowhere when you least expect it. It’s all about detachment to outcome.

  3. If there’s a way to do so in the physical world then it could come your way. I’m obsessed with human augmentation and biochemistry so off the top of my head I could tell you Win Wegners method for raising IQ works, it’s hard to grow taller though one could stretch their spine to fill their vertebral discs with more fluid by hanging from a bar, and for regrowing hair I’d look no further than RU58841 applied topically.

Magick usually influences the physical through the astral but those are effective approaches. Anything else would stack the deck more in your favor.

Sounds awesome man, be sure to fire them and post back here on how it goes!