The Power of Authority, Lessons of Faith, and Divinity from Jupiter

I have begun working recently with Jupiter/Jove/Luppiter in relation to some leads I have had and it has taken an interesting and very powerful turn. As King of the Gods he is a sense an embodiment of ultimate divine authority and the powers and components that go into that. With his knowledge and influence I have been exploring further the powers of the mind, will, and imagination in relation to the Divine and what goes into that in terms of faith and authority. Now perhaps none of this will seem new but just a rephrasing of previously mentioned benefits of related to belief and mental discipline but I feel the depth of it can only be understood in the actual practice of it so bear with me through this.

Jupiter’s power is akin to a bolt of burning white fire wound tight as lightning and always expanding out explosively. It is simply a will so powerful and focused that it is an energy and power all its own where normal will commands other power and energies the Divine will when cultivated is its own power. This relates deeply also to intent and imagination to guide that will. According to Jupiter this is done not by intent or imagination but simple action and reaction. You intend and imagine what you want to do but you do not apply it but simply just do it. This is according to him the secret of miracles, acts of effortless will in line with the universe and Divine Will which you become. This is not something accomplished over night but rather by long training and drive towards that power and mastery of the self.

“Take the elements and the planets put them as Gods of the Self and call upon them not as man but as the Source itself.” This was his initial instructions which I have found to be quite literal. You literally view each force and power as its own ultimate god and divine being. Let us take the fire element which I have been working with. I have gone through training the elements especially many times from scratch each time seeking to discover something new by applying my new knowledge to the beginnings through different methods. It is for me an act of reviewing the beginnings and discovering ever new layers to it which is a good reason to always remember and revisit the bare bones basics of your system to find the new insights that experience brings.

In this case I regard my own symbol of fire as a deity and the only true deity of fire. It is the purest manifestation of fire and the traits associated with it in addition it is my God of Fire as I use the methods of the alphabet of desire to come to the symbol that represents my own personal connection to the element so it is an extension of me and my relationship to it and its powers. This is where things get a bit odd. The whole process is similar to RHP concepts of worship and contemplation in the east and resembles the process of the creation of Tulpas such as described here:

Throughout the meditation on the element a feeling of absolute belief and faith is cultivated but no personality attached only the fire element as you understand it. Further more there is constant meditation on your own Divinity and connection to the universe which follows very closely Hermetic methods. Your will is exercises reinforcing these feelings and cultivating not only absolute faith and belief in the power of the element and its symbols but also in your own connection to the universe and the Source and thus your own Divine nature whereby all stem forces you use originally stem from you even if it brings an outside power.

After a week I was ready to test out the new powers gained by employing the element in a noticeable immediate fashion. So today I chose to not have the heater on in the house for a few hours bringing it to nice chilly I am going to guess as the thermostat is broken 60 degrees maybe lower. Then I started my meditation on the Fire element and got myself in full touch with it and pulled its symbol into myself to radiate out with my breathe waves of fire as its symbol expanded to fill the room and there was a noticeable increase in temperature throughout the day without the heater on compared to the rest of the house.

Now while this resembles and draws from many techniques that is nothing new the actual experience of building it up in your own universe as a godly force and utilizing the power of Faith which many of us has no doubt seen to be overpowering and unstoppable when used by some of the more potent practitioners of the ‘RHP’ or even religious figures fueled by the faith and belief of their followers in performing minor miracles of healing on their congregations. In this you through intense meditation, contemplation, and mental discipline build up that faith and energy in yourself and the powers you would use and combine it with strongly proven magical techniques.

Now while many of us have no doubt done similar mixes this is where it gets a bit new and likely tedious to some. Every day repeat your chosen act until there is no awkwardness or thought to it but it becomes effortless and perfectly natural this is when I am told you see true miracles when familiarity with your own concept of Divinity and the power of your will and faith you have cultivated by the intense meditations and contemplations reaches the critical mass to as pure reaction perform an act and have it carried out. It is the same concept as mastering a ritual through constant repetition while not holding back but giving it your best each time until it is perfected and fully natural and brings forth great power with its performance.
A physical example of this would be say a master in martial arts can generate far more speed and power than someone in the same physical condition but with virtually no effort and perfect precision because their repetition and training has made them so efficient that it is just a natural extension of their actions without strain or forcing it.

Now we come to explaining a few things like Faith and the power it has. Simply put Faith is absolute belief in something beyond all doubt and the power it grants comes from when it is applied with a strong and trained will and imagination to direct it. The power is built up as a thoughtform in a sense that is completely untouchable because it is a part of your own universal mind and consciousness or higher self if you prefer.

This power can be brought to effect in many ways and can be seen presented in different fashions the most common being letting go of a desire during a ritual and in a sense having faith it will be carried out. Sigils that whether you forget them or not can be seen as relying on faith in the belief they will be carried out and powered by the energy and techniques used to create and deploy them. Virtually all magick starts with belief and works up to some level of faith that your will is going to be accomplished. So often we seek to master the techniques and the powers and control ever more energy in ever more intricate ways but how often do we also focus on cultivating our own faith and turning that alone into its own power?

One example that I feel is perfect:

Phrasing something as though it has occurred with the emotional charge is alone similar to an act of faith and full belief that this will happen and all that is happening is already the past that has been set to the destiny you choose. Though your mind might have different explanations or such that is my view on it.

By worship of your own conception of the Divine and taking it into yourself you become Divine and all things you make and place in such a frame become extensions of yourself. That is the basic premise. Now the most basic and undeniable proof comes with experiencing it for yourself. So I would like to present a challenge to any willing to take it on and report back their experiences. I will give a number of exercises and instructions and with full fervor and belief you are to practice them for the alloted time if capable and then tell your tale of what occurs. Now a few things to note this can get very out of hand if you have not already trained your mind a bit and your control and made good progress on what can be called soul mirror work. I also recommend you already started somewhat on your alphabet of desire.
This kind of explains the preliminary work I have done.

Connecting to the Divine:
This first short ritual is used to provide you insight into the future activities and I will keep it fairly bare bones as it is essential you can get your mind and will behind it.

  • Make yourself aware of many different gods from many cultures. I recommend neutral ones that are seen as divine but not necessarily demonic or angelic. The very relateable Greek and Roman gods or those of the Norse Pantheon are my personal recommendations but choose as you feel fitting. Study a few of them and then as you go to sleep and in meditation ask yourself which god would serve as your initial guide to the powers and concepts of Faith and Divinity as discussed above. Just let the answer come to you and go with it.

  • Next call upon that god to introduce and guide you to the concepts of Faith and Divinity and your own connection and power in the universe and invoke their power into you. Now fair warning if you are a beginner do it slowly and take in only little bits of their power at a time or even at first use only your imagination until you build your way up through practice. You should still receive the insights and benefits.

  • Let the insights and knowledge flow and just see what lessons or homework you might get.

  • Find or develop your own meditation to connect to the universe and the Source. An easy example in Hermetics is the ball of light representing your universal consciousness that hovers above your head and beams its unity down into you. This should be very easy to look up if you choose that but choose or make something with the meaning and power of connecting you to the Source and exploring your connection and power in the universe as both the source and agent of the power.

Continue the above exercise until you form a good connection with your guiding god and the meditation perform at least once a day for ten minutes without distraction from any other thought. Work your way up to it if you have to and once you can manage ten minutes easily see how long you can go without distraction. This helps build your will and focus.

Your Own Personal Jesus:
Song puns aside this is the next important step in developing the proper mind set for further exercises.

  • Turn to your meditation as normal but imagine out of your connection to the universe. Let us assume you are using the globe of light meditation and just adapt it to whatever you have chosen. In the case of the globe of light see a Divine figure descending out of it. Your own perfect conception of the universe and Divine power made manifest in a being.

  • Continue to meditate upon them and their power until you can see them clearly and accurately describe them as a perfect manifestation of the Divine. Do not proceed until their form and power is solid and real in your mind even if it seems like just a fantasy when you exit the meditation it must seem real while in the moment.

  • Once they are fully manifested realize they are an extension of your and the personification of your own connection to the Divine and proceed to contemplate them just as is described in forming or Tulpa or Yidam except now when the meditation is over become one with them. Both of you pulled into each other and absorbing the other into one being and with each repeat of the meditation they are drawn from both the light and within yourself as you grow closer to this.

  • For now on when you perform magick you do not do so but rather this Divine conception of yourself performs the magick for you. You imagine and become them as they are you. In this sense you become your own manifestation of the Divine. In this practice and imagination are key along with your will and concentration to fully believe and have faith in the Divine power of this aspect of yourself.

Keep performing the above everyday adding it onto your last meditation or keeping it separate and once again start at first trying to achieve ten minutes of contemplation on this aspect before merging with it.

Powers and Instruments of the Divine:
In this you will prepare for performing your first miracle type acts with this new state of belief and power. Choose one power and its symbol to work with such as how I first chose Fire but you could easily choose life or healing. Keep it a positive or neutral power first there is no need to do something like death or disease and that can obvious be very dangerous as similar to the last meditations you are elevating it in your mind to god like levels of power and taking it into yourself.

  • Pick your power and its symbol and after fusing with your image of the Divine call forth the symbol and its associated power and contemplate this following much the same format as before in regards to your Divine image.

  • Have this symbol seem to hover before you emitting its power as befitting of the force chosen and build it in your mind and your absolute belief and faith in its potency and omnipotent qualities in its own nature and as an extension of yourself.

  • Take its energy into yourself and the symbol itself and experience it merging with yourself and then when done separate again and see it shrinking to nonexistence knowing its power was always inside you and will always be there. This helps you externalize the power or take it into yourself on command and doesn’t let it linger too long creating an imbalance.

  • Once you can do this in meditation with your eyes closed start projecting it into the air in front of you until you can achieve the same overwhelming power from it with your contemplation.

I recommend doing the above for a minimum of one week before trying to fully manifest it as in the next step.

This is probably the easiest and hardest of the steps. This particular path and exploration into this methodology relies so much on your own mind, beliefs, and what you truly have faith in working that you are on your own in choosing symbols, visualizations, meditations etc beyond the simple guidelines to aid you. In this case you will manifest your first chosen power with absolute Faith and conviction of its power and success, with the full force of your will and focus behind it. You read the description of what I did with the fire element go off that and come up with something that seems natural and you can truly get behind.

  • The only step here is choose how you wish to manifest the power and then do so.

After your first manifestation you might notice that it wasn’t as strong as you wanted or felt awkward or unnatural however you did it. In this you will refine and through practice perfect it.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee

  • As in the quote that is what you are going to do. Maybe not 10,000 times unless you want or need too but certainly a lot. Every day you can and even multiple times a day work on manifesting your power. Perform the manifestation in your imagination and mental temples, perform it physically, and astrally. Do so until it is completely natural and you can put your full being behind it without thinking or contemplation but only by just doing.

  • Continue this everyday and record it all. When a week has passed compare what you can do to what your first manifestation was. As you progress it becomes quicker and easier for each new power until you it might be entirely possible that once you have mastered the power within yourself you can in just a week or two bring forth manifestations that others might deem miracles.

That is all you have to do along with anything else you feel might help or if your guide into the world of being a god gives you extra insights or homework to play with.

A few cautions. If you ever feel you are getting in over your head don’t be afraid to slow down or stop entirely until you feel back in control.

Working with this seems to amplify even further how your thoughts, emotions, and mind set affect reality so if you lack self control and mental discipline this can be very bad if you dwell too much on something negative you could very easily manifest it once things get moving.

Your personal beliefs and conception of reality while a key core of this work will likely not go unchallenged and this can be very disturbing on a deep personal level and depending on how they get challenged might end up having a legit physical or energetic danger as something you thought impossible just breaks reality. These instances are usually not as dangerous as they seem if you keep a calm head. You can easily ride these things out and assert control but again knowing yourself and having control over your own mind and emotions is the key to all of this.

I propose anyone that wants to give this a try start first for a week or two and then if feeling good go for a full month. While I am just starting on this particular iteration of these techniques even before this new approach to them they were quite powerful and effective in their more traditional forms so I doubt you will be disappointed. While my previous work has largely been the power behind the techniques and energy this is exploring the powers of the mental realms and consciousness fully realized on a universal level.