Sigil Magick For Love Matters?

I’ve been making sigils for quite some time with varying success but here’s what I want to know. My ex left me a week ago and I was wondering if sigils can be created to regain her attraction. For example, say my intention is (I am attractive to ………) or (……… is faithful to me only)

Could this be suitable?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Ir could work, but you might have better success phrasing as if it already happened rather than as a command, as it is possible her own subconscious could resist being told what to do, like “N is faithful only to me.”

Try something along the lines of a question phrased in the past tense, as outlined in this post:


I’ll give it a go, and I’ll keep you updated on results.

So something along the lines of “how is …… …… so in love with me”

And then charge and release.
Go about my daily life…

Yes, focus on the feeling of already having what you’re casting for.

So something like " How is N so gloriously in love with me?" or “How did N fall so wonderfully in love with me?”