Sigil Magick

Hey guys! So I just performed my first sigil magick ritual 2 days ago, just want to know if I did it right… So I’m an actor, trying desperately to make it, especially now that I have an important casting call with A24 productions.
So I wrote down on a piece of paper “I am a wealthy famous actor” after that I then crossed out all vowel letters, then crossed out any repeating letters. The letters I was left with I then used to design my sigil, came out pretty cool. After I saw I was suppose to charge it either my energy, either concentrate on my goal and workout then dab the sigil with sweat, or perform sex magick. I felt like sex magick would be more potent for some reason so I went with that. After I charged it , I took it to a meadow I have in my back yard and buried it. Does this sound about right to any of you ? Please let me know ! And I would love any tips anyone may have thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hey, you did quite good. The only thing left to do is to let go of the desire and let the sigil do the rest.
About charging the sigil, sexual magick is good, but I personally like to open the sigils through meditation and gazing. You should try to experiment other methods to charge it (that is the fun about it).

Also you should check this thread. It gives cool tips for sigil magick.

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Glenn the Ghoul

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Omg I LOVED that thread !! Thank you so much for sharing that, gave me a ton of insight , seriously is helped a lot !!

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