How to attain Gnosis of a Spirit? A little Guide for starters

Hello everyone,

So lately I have been seeing in some post, that a lot of newcomers have issues to enter in contact with spirits and ask other people to do the communication for them instead. Because of this I decided to make a post about how I personally attain gnosis of spirit and communicate with him.

First of all for this it is not necessary to have clairvoyance and clairaudience. I mean, it helps, but if you can only sense the energy of the spirit, it is alright. And actually this practice will help you to develop all your senses. But what is important here is to have trust in yourself, because what you will surely need is raw claircognizance (or in other words intuition)

First and before the contact you may want to investigate about the entity. This can be helpful to build a rapport with the spirit, but if you want to attain your own gnosis you should read the minimal amount necessary. Maybe just the necessary information for the invocation… This could be the enn, chants, cardinal direction and possible offerings.

I would also recommend to do a banishing and clear the spiritual area to keep away impostor spirits.
I recommend too the seal of manifestation that was channeled by @Micah:

To attain gnosis I make a banishing and then I do the Void Meditation and I start to focus on my own energy. After that I use some words of power to create a magickal ambient. When I feel enough energy was built up. I start saying the pray or chanting of the spirit, and I open its sigil.

Now comes the interesting part. Relax dont make any effort, just let any image to come into your mind and go with it. You can also give some input by start imaginig something that reminds you of the spirit (the sigil, a place, a situation,etc.) at first you will have to give some input, but then it will take life by its own. While in this state you can ask the spirit what you wish to know.

To feel some of their characteristics it is similar as when you have a first impression of someone. You just see them, and your mind automatically associates some trait to it. Actually you dont need to see them, you just have to feel their energy.

Now if you want to channel a sigil or chant for the spirit, first invoke it. To do this I recommend the invoking chants of V.K. Jehannum, or you can use the following fill in chant:

If it is not a demon, just by saying the name of the spirit with intent can work.

While doing this feel the energy of the spirit building up, and feel them get inside of you. Visualize how you get outside of your body and see yourself. See how you body changes and assimilates the form of the spirit. Now start chanting in glossolalia and pay attention to the sensations you get. You will notice which words resonate and will start making a sentence. And voila, you got your chant. For a sigil just let the spirit show it to you while meditating. It will appear just like that or sometimes, while encountering the spirit through the visualization he will draw it for you.

Some Tips:

If you dont have any name or sigil, meditate on the feeling of the energy and let the sigil and name pop out of your mind the same way I described above.

While invoking a spirit, start listening music, until you find a song that makes “click”. That means the songs resonates with the spirit (or in other words the spirit likes it). With this you can use the song for invocation through listening, singing or dancing to it. (Fun fact: This way I made a playlist for my succubus companion, and it seems she likes Aerosmith and The Smashing Pumpkins)

If you are not quite sure, you can use a pendulum, and a pendulum ouija (just look for it in google images and you will find a lot of designs you can draw on paper) I would recommend to enchant the pendulum to block trickery and to block your own subconscious influence.

If you are more a Tarot card guy like myself you can use this spread while invoking:
First Card: Personality of spirit
Second Card: How can the spirit help you
Third Card: How can you help yourself
Fourth Card: How can you recognizance/honor the spirit
Fifth Card: Which weakness should be developed in the physical plane
Sixth Card: What are your spiritual gifts
Seventh Card: How is our spiritual relation
Eight Card: What should I keep in mind
Nineth Card: What advice do you give for my ascension
Tenth Card: Last words

Hope to be helpful,

Best Regards,

Glenn the Ghoul


Thats a really good guide!


Bookmarking this to share to those who are new that ask how to make connect and learn from spirits for the first time. Awesome post

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Thanks. To be honest I wasn´t sure if I posted something useful or just some BS. But It seems it really is helpful


I will share it on the Forums beginner tutorials, since I think that this is a really good post :slight_smile:


Actually, this may help me with Pazuzu. I’ve worked with him on a number of different spells and petitions but he never really sticks around long enough for a chat so the tarot idea may help bridge that communication.

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Fantastic guide, thank you.

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This shit made me laugh harder than it should have.
I drew the Lenormand card of the man.
My patron actually refers to himself as my spiritual gift :joy:


What banishment do I use?

You can use any banishment you want. The classical banishment is the lesser pentagram banishing. But you can make your own banishing ritual. You can also search for banishing rituals here in the forum or in internet

@Glenn_the_ghoul Good post! But please explain how one can “enchant” a pendulum. I sometimes use a pendulum so I am interested to learn how to “enchant” it.

Hello, you can check in evoking eternity the method to consecrate the tools. I would say that in general enchanting has two steps. Cleaning and Charging.

First you must remove the previous energies of the object. The most easy way to do this would be through energy manipulation, but you can also ask to an entity to clear it for you or use water with salt or invoke the element, etc.
The charging consist in focusing your energy (or energy of spirit) into the object. This is just energy working. By doing this you can charge the energy with intent (program it with a specific function) and direct it into the object.

Another more improvised way to temporary enchant it, is to vampirize the energy of the object and then just focus your aura into blocking trickery and subconscious interference. This is ideal when you dont have your own pendulum and are using an improvised version.


Thank you @Glenn_the_ghoul. That was is very helpful!

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This is great, thanks!

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