HIndu Gods

I want to start work with the Hindu gods. I don’t really have any idea where to start. Can anyone help me with that?

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The search function is going to be your best friend, there are hundreds of posts to go through :slight_smile:


i did go through some of them before posting this. Is there any book I can read about ?

I dont think hindu gods have sigils (correct mr if im wrong) but they do have mantras as a buddhist we strongly believe in the hindu gods, and there are seperate temples for hindu gods in our main buddhist temple, you have to chant mantras to attract the energy or wish you have in mind


Hindu gods do not have sigils not unless you make one and ask them to empower it. Remember different cultures used different means of contact, but it’s not limited. I’d honestly just make a sigil then do a petition spell calling out whatever Hindu God you want and ask them to empower your sigil if you cannot project to them or know how to evoke them directly.

Hindu deities are easy to work with. Honestly speaking, deities arising from local cults (rather than brought by the Brahminical system) are must easier to work with: they are much less judgmental. Shiva, Ganesha, Kali, Durga, etc. - definitely easy to work with. But like most deities, they prefer having a relationship with their devotees rather than just summon and dismiss (like with demons and angels). Deities from the local cults tend to have a much stronger energy to them as well, so be aware of that.

You don’t need a guru, initiation, or any such other element to begin working with them. These are all holdouts from when the system was created to keep people in check, under the thumb of the elite. You have a direct connection with the deities.

And don’t go overboard with Vedic rites. A simple altar or place of devotion, with discussion with the deity, is all that’s needed. The altar could also be temporary; the deity can be represented aniconically (look up the different ways deities are represented).

Many Hindu deities are universal is reach, scope, and acceptance. Don’t let cultural elements get in the way. And they will work with you even if you involve and include other types of entities (demons, angels, deities from other pantheons), as long as they get their due respect and attention.


so is there any book or literature where i can learn from about it more?

Lord Shiva is Lucifer

He really isn’t.


Relax satán😆

Marcos, read some books by Baal Kadmon. He has quite a few on Hindu gods.

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Ganesh is a gatekeeper, very easy to access and work with, Bhagavad Gita is the Hindu scriptures like a bible, most goddess and goddesses are just reincarnation or avatars of other ones. If you are just starting some friendly god/Goddesses are Ganesh (the one with the elephant head)-hes a gatekeeper and can help you access more of them. Durga (the goddess riding the tiger) she’s like a loving, but protective mother goddess, Lakshmi (I think she is usually depicted seated, and is surrounded by symbols of flowers and wealth) she’s good to work with for love spells and for prosperity. Krishna (he is usually accompanied by his consort but they have all sorts of different imagery)…Hare Krishna’s believe all the Hindu deities are actually just faces of him.

If you are new and unfamiliar with the pantheon and the culture I would avoid working with Kali. She is a very dark goddess. She has very little patience. She is very easy to offend and anger. She can really really screw your life up if she gets pissed at you. I would also avoid Shiva at first. He’s not as dangerous, but I think he is more complicated to wrap your head around and learn to work with if you are new.

Get an image of the deity of choice:
Find a song for them on youtube, there are 100s.
Light a candle, meditate and have a conversation with them.
Sit quietly and listen for a response.
Keep trying until you can hear them responding.

No sigils or complicated stuff required.
You do not need to open doorways to access them or thier realm.
Show them respect, they expect it.
Do not ever try to control or order them around.
Set up a small alter for them with some images.
They do not need a lot of space and are not picky about where it is, but keep it clean and tidy.
It helps if you talk to them for a least a few minutes everyday. I suggest a few times a day if you are really serious about making a connection.
They prefer a space in your home where you can walk by and interact with them.
Talk to the alter as you walk by it.
Most Hindu deities do not want or accept blood offerings (remember cows are sacred).
Most like and appreciate fresh flowers on the alter.
They like a glass of water on the alter.
They like you to light incense and candles for them.


I agree it is not easy to draw parallels between gods of one culture, mythos to another and I think it is naive also.

People believe Lilith to be Kali but I don’t believe that to be the case, same with Shiva same as Lucifer. Even in the Satanic Bible, Lavey relates Shiva to Satan.

thank you for the suggestion


i will definitely try this.

My favorites are Kali Ma and Ganesha. I have statues of them on my eclectic spiritual altar. Baal Kadmon (as mentioned above) has some good books on them. I do the mantras at times.

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Igna, he s multitasking being a god of 2 faces

My two cents:
First off you can work with anyone you are drawn to be it Lord Shiva or Mother Goddess Kali. They are all there to help you realize your higher self. Yes, mother Kali is a fierce deity but she is very compassionate and loving, so is Lord Shiva who I consider to be my father.
With regards to sigils, from the other comment I read I understood that there are no sigils but I would humbly disagree with that comment.
Essentially the way to invoke is by using three essential methods,

  1. Mantra: Chanting holy sounds (Beeja mantras are what you should be researching “Om or Aum”, Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Kreem". If you are an absolute beginner just stick with Aum and Shreem. You can look them up on google and YouTube and understand the pronunciation and purpose.
  2. Yantra: Device(essentially, this translates to your sigil), there are many yantras, unfortunately with the western influence, not many people understand that Yantras are used in almost every single invocation/evocation) You can look up Yantras on google after you have mastered Mantras first.
  3. Tantra: Tantra essentially translates to practice. Unlike the western mindset, it isn’t just sexual act. Yes, there are sexual tantras but they are only a minor part of the whole practice.

I hope this helped, and for others who commented, I didn’t mean to offend you, just wanted to share my insight. Thank you for understanding.


no bro its wrong