Hindu Gods

The eastern/hindu culture tells, that you cannot have access to a Hindu God unless you have a Guru, who will initiate you into this path (sadhana).
Has anyone had experience with the Hindu pantheon? Why are they so difficult to invoke/evoke?


They arnt, sounds similar to the idea you need someone to initiate you into voudon.

I worked with shiva, ganesha and durga for years. No issues communing with them, More invocation than anything.


If you want a fun rabbit hole to explore in and out of ritual look into the connections between the hindu and norse gods.

If you want a more primal route add the Divs into the mix.

My work with each has shown a connection between odin,shiva and the div sovar. Another that came up was Thor, i
Indra and the div Andar

But learning this and working with each in ritual is vastly different experience.


That’s very interesting :slight_smile: my husband is a hindu and he is in the devotion path and has a guru. I am not quite sure about my path but he has told me several times that i cannot work with hindu gods nor gain any powers from them unless i have proper guidance from a guru. i told him if these gods are really gods then why do i need a middle man to communicate with them ?

how do you invoke them and how do you communicate with them? do you need a relationshio in order to work with them?

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Same as with any system,The way i did it was i dug into their symbolism and history for Prepatory emmersion, and i used the mantras and of each god to connect with them with japa meditations after i opened my ritual circle. Had along of change happen in those years.

Most extreme invocation with shiva i did i ca. Remember was when i ended up in a japa cycle of 108 x 10. Helped me learn alot about myself and rid myself of alot of toxins in my life. Both within and without.

If you follow the basic principles you can work in any system from what my experiences have shown.


There is strong a likelihood those who are rigid with “tradition” say “this is the only was this works” many people who work with these gods and the loa would say otherwise.


okay so basically you have the mantras and sat down and chanted them… have you communicated with these gods? Have you experienced them ? Have you ever asked for something? :slight_smile:

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i am a hindu … just want to share this …

5-6 yrs ago in my home temple of ganesha during ganesh chaturthi …we used to give daily offerings to ganesha which included a glass of water also.

in that time my father was not financially well

that day after giving offering of water … the water started to disappear from the glass …like someone invisible was drinking it.

i was so shocked and still remember those visuals.

and also after some months ny father’s salary also got increased .

thanks ganesha :heart:


wow that’s an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing this! I currently live in Berlin and we have a Ganesh temple as well

I am interested in the Goddess Kali and would feel honoured if i could work with her.


Okay soo :laughing: i am a walking example of BE CAREFUL What you ask for, Similar to how Asbjorn worked with odin. From shiva I asked for guidance and wisom, from Ganesh i asked for help learning how to remove obsticales myself both internal and external. From Durga I asked for to learn ways to pruify myself and my life.

The 2-3 years i worked with these gods was possibly some of the most chaotic times in my life. After which i came through the other end with everything i asked for and a much prosperous life before i started.

If you notice most of my requests are to learn how they do what they can do. And as a result things were manifested in my life that required me to learn how to do these things. Which as a result comes with the need for chaos, obstacles, corruption ect. In order to learn how to do a thing there must be a need to do it And im sure shiva isnt done with teaching me by a long shot. More than 5 years later i will still have moments where synchronicities and symbols tied to him will spring up in my current work. Which isnt surprising since it involves the more primordial aspects of these gods.


Oh she’s an amazing goddess to work with ! I would strongly encourage you to work with her ! It really is a beautiful experience. I always come back to her whenever i’m feeling especially down


I think I can link a YouTube video that has her mantra and some interesting visuals, you can use that as ritual music and meditate on the visuals too.

When she comes you just feel this profound sense of vastness, and a strong mother link presence, you might find that you start telling her all your life problems before you know it.

And she’s amazing to work with for protection. If she takes a liking to you, she’ll trample on those who try to oppose you, feast on their blood and add their skulls to her beautiful collection on her necklace


She is the slayer of devils she will not work with you

What do you mean by that?

@Pershana From experience? Personally, I doubt it given that she’s a favourite of Sinister groups. These Hindu Gods are A LOT darker than what Hindus assume. Remember, Kurtis Joseph says that the Divs (Zoroastrian Demons) are a TRUER REFLECTION of the nature of these entities.


Kali is the consort of Shiva who gives shelter to Asuras ( demons ). And in Hindu Mythology she has slain only Evil demons causing harm to people.


@Infinite_Dreamer and Shiva is the Div Sovar who IS a Demon.

@TheStorm yeah Sovar is another aspect of Shiva.

@Infinite_Dreamer I would argue that Shiva is a false mask of Sovar but that’s a whole other debate.

@TheStorm I read a post by Kurtis Joseph saying that Zoras kinda masked the Vedic gods into Divs.

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