How Hindu gods and goddesses are no different from any other pantheon!

This rant is to throw light on how Hindu pantheon is no different from any other religion, how the central tenant of upholding dharma (righteousness) by Hindu gods and goddesses is a big joke.

My landlord is a bloody unscrupulous guy known for not returning single penny of the deposit when a tenant leaves, his entire family except for one guy is totally unethical. They cheat every tenant and they have other real estate loaned as stores. They do the same with store owners. This guy worships Lord Ganesha everyday. I don’t respect this elephant god anymore.

I know countless of such cases like guys worshipping a Hindu god/goddess, doing Vedic sacrifices to get power and earn money quickly illegally.

These gods and goddesses are no different and they will bestow gifts if you please them and are no way concerned what kind of a person is at the receiving end!

If you are working with Hindu pantheon, you are not getting results, it is not because you are n’t being faithful but you aren’t doing enough to pamper these deities.


"God? Save Me From Your Followers!"
I remember this bumper sticker from about 28 years ago.
Point being, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There are some incredible teaching to be found among what we call Hinduism. Just because some of the followers of the particular faith are corrupt, evil, treacherous Capitalists does not make the practice any less credible.


That statement in of itself is false. There can be several reasons for failure. I.e. intent, energy, etc. It has nothing to do with pampering anything. It sounds like you’re shitting on the guys who aren’t responsible for someone else’s behavior.

Whatever the man chooses to do, isn’t the gods concern. Any sort of “righteousness” is of human concept.


I agree with you. Many people mix between the deities and the religious systems. Completely different. You can get results from any deity without following the religion or spiritual teachings they’re attached to. Those religions and teachings are totally man-made. Got nothing to do with those deities.


@Sabbatius The point I was making was these deities are not benovelent and let’s rip off the facade.

@Mephisto With all things considered, keeping other variables intact working with Hindu pantheon is same as working with deities who say give me something I will make you rich or get some ass. That is the point I made.


Exactly my point!


So, you’re making judgements of Gods and Goddesses based of the actions of their ritual worshippers? Hmmmm


This sums up my thoughts. And you did do that.

Is the religion man made? Yes. Would gods exist separate from human interaction? No. But is hating on a god because of the actions of its follower sensible? Not really. Does the guy sound like an ass? Based on your perception of the story, yeah. Is it Ganesh’s fault? No.


speaking from your title, this is already well understood

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@The_Wizard_Rudra I don’t understand how is ritual worship different from a magick ritual? Only modus operandi is different. It is clear that you didn’t get my point. I explained below.

@Mephisto I think you deserve a detailed explanation because you don’t see the fallacy you stated. You are saying it is not Ganesha’s fault, like saying it is not Ganesha’s fault he is a benovlent deity, he gives to anyone who comes to worship him. I ask how is Ganesha different from someone who works with a malevolent deity who can deliver more in exchange for something tangible or intangible? Even the malevolent deity wouldn’t give a damn whoever is coming to him/her as long the deal is honoured.

In the case of Ganesha it is the worshipper’s fault and in the case of malevolent deity it is the deity’s fault? You see where I’m getting at?

If a deity is morally righteous he should refrain from bestowing to people who missue the gifts.

Dude, It’s clear that you’re the one missing the point. You mentioned ‘vedic sacrifices’, which are a part of rituals.

What type of rituals mean what isn’t the dispute here. It’s your inability to understand that individual actions don’t reflect on the God/Goddess. If the person is an arse, then he’s an arse. It’s not the deity’s fault that he’s an arse.

It would be like me saying that whoever chthonicmagus worships must be an idiot, because chthonicmagus can’t fathom the point he is trying to make, and that is the deity’s fault, somehow.

Your title is accurate, but everything else you’re writing is ridiculous. If you can’t see that, you need help.

What is the actual point you are trying to make??

  1. Is it that you’ve worshipped the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and they didn’t do anything for you?
  2. Is it that you dislike the Hindu Gods because your landlord, who prays to Ganesha, took your security deposit?
  3. For some reason you want to make a statement about Hindu Gods being no different from any other pantheon? If it’s this one, we already know einstein. No need to mix multiple points.

Please pick one of the above so we can know that you’re trying to say.


That is very true.
Those religion are made up to get followers and keep them in check.


Excuse me sir, but your UPG is not scripture and it’s merely an OPINION, in regards to your experiences with the Daevas. And morality is a human construct, don’t twist your head in circles applying morality to beings that exist beyond and above it, at least regarding morality like we have.


Lol, U found only one asshole Hindu God worshipper ? I know A BILLION !!!. Technically there are above 9 billion assholes out there but I will remain within my boundary.

It’s not that simple buddy. May be he is bearing the Burder of his brother’s family with that money, then in that sense it will make the act righteous, Swallowing one’s pride and doing acts like this for someone else !!!

I know Black magicians Who Killed 3 of his exes using magic doing more good to than world than many missionaries by killing over 40 pedos, SO this kind of thing, calling someone good and bad is a bit complicated.!!!


Hiya OP, that’s just energetic life! Gods give worshipers stuff to cement the energy exchange, what they give is a subconscious reminder to the human brain to worship them. Most deities are willing to put aside personal issues for the sake of profits, so if someone they don’t like is more use alive than dead, they’ll do what it takes to keep the arrangement that way. You can work with a deity, or for them- one configuration is servile and personal, while the other is professional and impersonal.

The universe doesn’t give a fuck what kind of person you are, or what you do! Only other people (kinda) do; Humanity is ‘shades of laziness’. So, if you want that connection interrupted and the person brought to his knees, your only recourse is to MAKE the universe care, aka doing it yourself!

Altruism is a critically endangered concept. You can try to knock on doors in that community, but since he’s Ganesh-backed you probably won’t get many responses. You could try cursing, but, unless you’re willing to butt heads with a god, I wouldn’t! And if you are, remember that it’s your life on the line we’re talking about; if you don’t go for the jugular and push through the skull, you’ll be on the receiving end! It’s quite a nasty situation. :slight_smile:


Hi chthonicmagus,
I know exactly where you’re coming from. Don’t listen to the negative comments here.
I’m (or was) Hindu myself and most of my life my parents, grandparents, the whole community would drill into you to OBEY all the Hindu gods, never anger them no matter how they treat you. If you don’t then you will burn in hell, you won’t get re-incarnated as a human being again and be born a toad or something over and over again - really? My mum used to show me this book or something illustrating hell or something where the devils/demons should burn, boil, dismember your soul if you went against the gods.

I’ve seen tons of people give these gods and goddesses money and riches. They put themselves through fasting or giving up vices, going back to the homeland to a holy place and ‘rolling’ themselves 20-30 miles up to the temple. I’m not kidding I’ve seen it myself!!! For what? To be more close to god, the be rich and successful, have a better life, forgiveness, righteousness. Not to be a frigging toad again - crazy stuff!
And the unbelievable thing is when you go to these temples the priests try and rip you off!

I’m Hinduism there are several religious and I was brought up believing in the Sawminarayan religion. This lot won’t have even heard of it.
This religion builds mind blowing temples around the world (google it) and with billions of followers they receive a vast sum of donations.
Not all of these devotees are saints I can tell you.
Many of them are just like your landlord. Business people who mistreat others but in the eyes of their god they aren’t doing anything wrong and like you’re landlord get rewarded.
Their time will come my friend!
I gave up with this religion, you can’t please the millions of gods and can’t live your life following all the crazy ‘rules’ don’t smoke take drugs, consume alcohol, tea, coffee, be celibate, be a vegan. Don’t eat onions and garlic, anything with E numbers, the list goes on and on and on.

Try and find a demon you can work with and cast a revenge spell on your landlord. That’s my advice.

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There are no negative comments, you’re just missing the point. OP and yourself are blaming entities for the actions of humans in their own ignorance. The things your family members have said to you have been their own ignorance. It has nothing to do with the Gods and Goddesses.

When and how did they give money and riches to the gods? If you mean giving to temples and churches, then again these ignorant fools gave to other human beings, not to the entities. What the hell would an entity do with money?

This is where you need to rise above the ignorance of humanity.

I do a lot of work with Belial. I consider him a God. Anything I do are my actions alone. They in no way reflect back on or is the responsibility of Belial. This is what everyone is trying to explain to you and OP.

The various religions are man made, wrapped around various entities. Whatever humans do, is their own actions. These entities do not overtake us our free will and begin to live our lives.

People do these things for their own development or to achieve something in life. Various forms of sacrifices create enormous amounts of energy. For example, I love my coffee. Whenever I’m planning a magickal rite, I’ll give up coffee for a number of days, go be vegetarian and or fast. The whole idea here is to raise my vibration, focus, establish discipline, etc.

For many of these entities, you are not giving them your sacrifices, you are showing them that you are worthy of their effort in whatever you are seeking for them to do for you.

The priests, churches, temples are a multi billion dollar business the world over. It has nothing to do with deities. Again, religion is man made.

Don’t underestimate the people here. You’ll find that many people here have scanned the globe to know and learn from all the practices humanity and entities have untaken from the beginning of time.

This is the blind leading the blind, and you fell for their ignorance. Don’t continue the ignorance.


Hi, I’m not interested in arguing endlessly here with people who go to bed with great gods kissing them goodnight but I would like to make my point to you.

All I’m saying there is nothing noble or benevolent about Hindu pantheon and the gods and goddesses are no different from malevolent spirits. If you keep religion aside most of them can’t stand on their own except handful of mythic / tribal deities who were incoporated into hinduism.

Wow! I was thinking about making a thread about Hinduism for sometime and its bullshit and you make this thread.

I’m a former Hindu who knows that Hinduism is full of fluff-bunny bullshit and most people will never accept the reality of it.

This is wrong, not all Hindu Gods and Goddesses are like that. Although, this is very very true for many Hindu entities.

There are a few Hindu entities that really do care about who’s on the receiving end and what kind of person they actually are but the vast majority of Hindu entities (especially entities of tamsik nature) do not give a crap about all that.

Many Hindu entities are hungry for devotion and they don’t even pretend that they are not.
People can lick their feet for ages and treat them like their own parents (which is taught to Hindus from a young age) and still not get their prayers answered. But I’m not blaming the deities here.

This is the exact type of shit that I’m tired of hearing from both RHP and LHP practitioners.

Comes back after approx 14 hours later to complete my answer…

I felt this on a spiritual level, seriously, the amount of bullshit that Hindus, especially spiritual enlightened ones throw on others is fucking ridiculous (and I’m not blaming Hindu deities here for it), they worship Gods like Krishna, that have no problem breaking someone’s wife’s chastity (read the story of Tulsi) and is the biggest trickster and self-righteous guy in the ancient texts, but he’s so amazing, right? Goddess Kali can brutally kill someone’s entire family, even if they love her as their own mother, but she’s such a sweet and loving mother, right?
The hypocrisy in Hinduism is utterly disgusting! But the truth is bitter most of the times.

Okay, but they do all that for their own benefit. And keeping the fluff-bunny bullshit aside, Hinduism is a goldmine of knowledge and powers and its knowledge can take someone’s ascent beyond imaginations.

Nope, that does not make his act righteous in any way, in my opinion.
If someone kidnaps you and then take your one kidney to give it to a 5 year old girl who urgently needs a kidney transplant then would that act be righteous?
I’m fucking sure that that landlord doesn’t even pay his taxes, and even if he wins a 20 million dollar lottery, he would still take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities because scumbags like him hardly changes, unless someone/something really screws them up.

Hmmmm, I somehow agree to it, but if we look it from another perspective, if you work very hard for something and did everything right, let’s say a siddhi from Shiv, then it would be morally wrong of Shiv if he doesn’t give you the siddhi that you worked for.

Everyone, if you think I was wrong anywhere on this post, feel free to correct me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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