Guide to meditation (made to help mostly beginners)

So I have been browsing on this website for a long time now and it seems that a lot of people (mostly beginners) face difficulties in meditating which is a really sad fact since meditation plays -for me at least- a leading role in one’s ascension. I see all these posts with the title “I can’t meditate” , “ I can’t seem to get into the theta gamma sync” etc. I get it , it is totally understandable, I’ve been there. And while there are many tutorials in this forum , I thought about bringing that topic up again. Hope you don’t mind…

First of all meditation is all about quieting your mind or rather “controlling it”. As E.A Koetting once said in one of his videos “we are slaves of our own mind”. It is always filled with thoughts and images and everyday shit and it just won’t shut up! That’s one of the reasons why many people struggle to get into Theta. The method I use is pretty simple and -well- anyone can do it.

*First ensure you are as far away as possible from distractions. Mute your phone, turn the tv off, close the windows if you live in a busy area.
*Find a place in your house that you feel comfortable in (could be your bedroom, your attic, your basement etc -and hey- if you have an altar it is damn preferable to meditate there, as it puts you “in the mood”)
If you thinking about meditating outside that’s fine, it works ,but I wouldn’t recommend it due to all those unnatural sounds (cars, bikes etc)
*Sit in a comfortable position (it doesn’t have to be fancy, you don’t need to cross your legs and go “ohmmmm” like a monk , you just have to be comfortable)
*Lower the lighting in your meditation spot (This might sound a bit silly but believe me it helps. A little bit of darkness helps you concentrate better).
If you want to meditate in the morning or struggle finding a place with low lighting I suggest you make a “DIY tent”(optional of course). I did this a lot when I first started meditation. Your tent could be as fancy as you want , but at the same time it could just be a cloth hanging from some strings (I prefer option 2 :slight_smile: )

*Plug your earbuds or put your headphones and start listening to some binaural beats. It can either be nature sounds or Theta waves. Don’t worry you can find a massive collection in youtube , but just for the sake of my lazy buddies out there (like myself) these had amazing results for me:

So now for the meditation:
-Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the position you have taken. Do this for a little while , while listening to the beautiful audio you have chosen.
-After a while visualize that a red light ball starts forming on your third eye.
-Now visualize that this light ball goes down to your throat and your heart and from there it branches off to your hands, belly and feet. Then visualize it getting absorbed by the ground, the earth.
-Then visualize an orange, then a yellow and finally a white light ball doing the exact same thing.
-Finally visualize a really bright blue light forming around you ,sucking you in it , draining your energy , relaxing you from all tension. When you are completely sucked in ,visualize yourself at the other side of this light which must not look like the place you were a minute ago. (It could be an old temple, a forest, a beach, the edge of a waterfall or even complete darkness.) What I usually visualize at this point looks very much like this:

This part is a little tricky and it might take a while before you find a place that really resonates with you ( it took me about… 6 sessions? I guess…)

-So now you are in your very own -what you wanna call it- place. From here you can practice your clairaudience/ clairvoyance or you can continue and enter the Theta Gamma Sync which is extremely useful for evocation , if that’s what you’re going for.

[For the sake of your time , if you are not interested in entering the theta gamma sync you can leave this post, thanks for being with my boring shelf up until here.]

Now from here you can enter the Theta state relatively easily.
-Visualize some stairs that begin from where you’re standing and go down to the deepest pits of this planet.

Again it doesn’t have to be that fancy.
-Visualize yourself getting up and staring at this beautiful staircase for a little while.
-Now visualize yourself acquiring a blueish aura.
-Then start going down- one stair at a time- and each time visualize yourself changing colour from blue to purple. When you’re at the last stair you must have a purple aura around you. Then in your mind say “I am now in Theta. I can stay here as long as I want”.

And that is pretty much it. This meditation method has done wonders for me and it has helped me a lot with my clairaudience and sigil magick. So why not share it here?
I hope it helps and I apologize for the length of it. If you have made it to the end props to you, you are amazing!

P.S.1 Feel free to ask anything or point out parts that aren’t fully understandable so I can edit and be more detailed.

P.S.2 Feel free to hijack this post with your own meditation methods. It would be nice to have different methods in a single topic. Makes people’s lives easier . Have a great day! <3

P.S.3 This is NOT an original meditation method. I have been inspired by lots of others and created a simple , yet effective method of my own. And the fact that it bears results for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will for you, too. If it doesn’t suit you, try searching for a method that resonates with you.

Of course, as I previously mentioned E.A has made a video of his own on meditation in which he teaches another method. I suggest you go watch it.


Wow cool!
Could someone use a candle just like in E.A’s “blue ray meditation” video?

Of course you can use a candle. You can modify any method according to your needs. There is no “one way” in the LHP.
Also , someone could use essence or say a mantra during meditation if that helps them.

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Thank you lots

One of my preferred methods is getting really stoned then using Konstantinos’s technique from the “nocturnicon”