List of rituals for spiritual ascension

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So I came up with a idea a couple days ago. Basically, I wanted to create different threads for lists of rituals for specific goals. For example, this thread would be about well spiritual ascension, members on the forum could post instructions to rites exactly for that purpose, or perhaps make another thread, but link it here.

I asked @Lady_Eva about this idea, and she said it’ll really help beginners and just overall members on the forum. Hope you guys can contribute. I’ll make the other threads later.

This exact thread would only contain different practices for spiritual ascension, so for example: removing blockages, spiritual empowerment, maybe alchemy etc.

Thank you all!!


Wow that is an awesome idea!! And it will help lots of people. I made a topic on meditation/ achieving the TGS . Do you think it fits the criteria of this thread?


Yeah go ahead, link it. @Mystic-Void

[Guide to meditation (made to help mostly beginners) - #5 by 4hmagm]

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I like the idea . I have some pretty useful stuff in my bookmarked.


I like to use affirmations as shortcuts to help with ascending.

When you get in the theta gamma sinc simply state "this is my magickal state I can get here simply by choosing to do so any time I want. "

When doing energy work say " every time I do energy work I will feel, see, hear, taste, smell the energy more and it will move more easily for me every time I do it. "

That’s all I have to share right now.

Thanks for reading and as always stay positive.


My general list of rituals to cultivate is as follows:
lesser invoking ritual of the hexagram when you wake up, before pentagram~, after about 3-6 months switch to greater ritual, for the greater hexagram, use the 12 zodiac signs each for their appropriate times for 3 full years, then switch to planetary signs each for appropriate times
lesser invoking ritual of the pentagram when you wake up, after about 3-6 months, switch to using greater ritual.
liber resh vel helios at its 4 stations(dawn, noon, dusk, midnight)
middle pillar ritual after each of the 4 stations of resh~
bornless ritual 6 times daily, 1 time before hexagram ritual at wake up, once at each of the four stations of resh after middle pillar, 1 time right before bed as the second to last thing you do (meditating as the last thing)
lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram before bed, switching to greater ritual after 3-6 months
lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram before bed, switching to greater ritual after 3-6 months (same influence scheme as invoking mentioned previously)
meditate minimum 30 minutes first and last thing of the day, working your way to 1+ hour long sessions
yoga or qigong are also advisable daily, minimum 30 minutes, working your way to 1+hour long sessions
Practice visualization exercises daily minimum 30 minutes, working your way to 1+ hour long sessions
The point in this regimen is stabilizing the aspects of self, and harmonizing them to a general end, this is based on the practices of the Dragon Gate sect of Taoism, with a western spin (Golden Dawn/OTO).


Uhh… OK.

Alright a little bump with some links.

Keep in mind, tools are not compulsory, you don’t need a whole storage of things to work magick.

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Another one:

All from Mr. Kendall.


This one below is from VK jehannum, to initate yourself into demon magick. For those who dont know how to do VK’s rituals. Nothing is needed except for intent, intents the most important thing in magick. Have strong intent while chanting VK’s words of powers and chants.